Wednesday, June 17, 2015

APBA Pittsburgh Tourney: Video & Pics

Group photo of everyone that participated at the Pittsburgh Tournament.
Here are some pictures taken from numerous people at the 2015 Linda B. Schulz - Pittsburgh APBA Baseball Tournament (hosted by Ken Schulz), that took place on June 13th at Penn Brewery in Pittsburgh, PA.

First here, is the video if you have not checked it out (you can also find it on youtube) ....

Now here are some of the pictures taken at Penn Brewery, video footage provided by Ron Emch, who also provided video footage at the Greater Michigan APBA Baseball Tournament. Emch, will also be hosting his own APBA Baseball Tournament - The Glass City APBA Baseball Tournament in the Toledo, Ohio area in late August -- more details to come provided by Boys of Summer.

A look of the lay-out, 1960 World Series (projected) playing on back wall -- Nice touch!
Plenty of long tables, and elbow space to roll those 66's.

Another shot of the layout at Penn Brewery. 
The smile on Ken Schulz's face (Pirates Uniform) says it all. 
Plenty of Pirates logos naturally flashed around the scene.
A couple of APBA players writing down game results.
One of the greatest things: The older vets teaching the young rollers of the future.
Greg Wells was all smiles, winning the inaugural championship Saturday.

Looks like a blast, I love watching these tournaments succeed, watching everyone have fun, I plan to make it to the Steel City for at least one of these tournaments someday -- May have to go through Ontario, through New York, swing by Cooperstown along the way, and then a great day with my APBA brothers -- to play the game that we love.

To many more successful APBA Tournaments in Pittsburgh & beyond!


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