Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sweet 16 for Rich Z

My friend Pastor Rich Zawadzki is pretty well known among us on the APBA Facebook Group, he is one of the group's admin, while also hosting his first APBA Tournament (back in March) - The Greater Michigan APBA Baseball Tournament (Jackson, MI).

By the way, you can get with him on the 2nd Annual GMABT here.

Doug, Rich & I at the Chicago World Series in Winter 2013.
I had the privilege to finally meet Rich in person during November 2013. I traveled on bus from Traverse City, Michigan through Grand Rapids and down to Kalamazoo, in which he was more than happy to pick me up from the hotel in K-Zoo on our way to Woodstock, IL for the 2013 Chicago APBA World Series (Winter edition) hosted by our friend Doug Schuyler. Even though his beloved Boston Red Sox ripped the hearts out of many Detroit Tigers fans (such as myself), we still had much more to talk about in family, faith & our love for APBA Baseball. APBA is a great bonding experience for many of us that have played the game, through this game I got to meet many new friends -- APBA is the ONLY reason that I still have a Facebook account actually.

Anyways, many of us like to do our own solo projects, and Rich Z is no stranger to doing a solo tournament of his own. He has done a good handful of tournaments in the past, and his tournaments are definitely popular to follow. He is currently doing a 100-Win, 94-team Double Elimination Grand Tournament -- all 94 teams in MLB history to have reached the century mark in wins, all go at it, to see who can finish up the absolute best of the bunch.

Here is the latest news from Rich...

By the way, please forgive my friend for using that Patriots logo for his Facebook Profile, it's only in his nature as a New Englander -- We all have flaws, hahaha! Should be an excellent finish to the tournament though.

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