Saturday, April 9, 2016

Twin Thumbs Up for Twin Cities!

Group photo of the APBA gang for TCABT V.
Twin Cities was one again a huge success with their biggest lineup yet, 30 participants to make their biggest tournament yet! It has a remarkable setting, and my goodness I am wicked jealous of Darrell Skogen's Baseball bookshelf (you'll see it in the pics to come) -- They had games being played everywhere, the basement, kitchen & living room! It was a total APBA paradise...

Let's take a look at all the pics...

You can check out more in depth TCABT-V Tournament action via Jim's APBA Barn.

Ron Emch did another wonderful video of the tournament action, he's put together quite a few videos over the years at plenty of these tournaments -- it's good to get these things documented, so thank you so much, Ron!

You can click here to check out the video!

Meeting of the Minds: Jim Fraash and Jeff Boeding tally up the tournament results.
Beau Lofgren, the Bartels and Darrell Skogen.
The amazing bookshelf I mentioned earlier (I also heard about Darrell's card collection).
TCABT Championship Series between Darrell Skogen's 2004 Cardinals & Kevin Cluff's 2011 Rangers.

Kevin Cluff would become the tournament's second-time winner with Leroy Arnoldi; Cluff won the very first tournament with the 1927 New York Yankees over the 1973 Cincinnati Reds. 

The following teams have now been retired from tournament play:

1927 New York Yankees (TCABT I / Kevin Cluff)
1954 New York Giants (TCABT II / Leroy Arnoldi)
1902 Pittsburgh Pirates (TCABT III / Andy Bartel)
1937 New York Yankees (TCABT IV / Leroy Arnoldi)
2011 Texas Rangers (TCABT V / Kevin Cluff)

Kevin Cluff with the TCABT Championship Trophy.

Who will win the TCABT VI? Coming back on October 1st (Saturday) -- We'll have to wait and see...

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  1. Shawn, I appreciate the awesome post about our TCABT-V. A quick correction - the note about "Jim's card collection" ... it is actually Darrell Skogen's card collection, which he makes available for the attendees to browse thru if they wish. It is Darrell Skogen's home where the tournament is hosted. He is a saint! Thanks again! - Jim


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