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JULY 9, 2016
2nd Annual Linda B. Schulz Memorial APBA Baseball Tournament (Pittsburgh)

The Tournament hosted by Ken Schulz will take place tomorrow morning, the divisions were announced recently...

Divisions Announced for the 2016 LBS APBA Baseball Championship (created through a randomizer). Please remember to bring your team with you to the tournament. Each team will play its division opponent 2 games (1H/1A) with the top team from each division moving on into the championship single elimination bracket. The next two best records beyond the 6 division winners will also move on to that championship round.

Fred Clarke Division
Ron Emch 1963 Los Angeles Dodgers
Greg Wells 1909 Pittsburgh Pirates
Ken Schulz 2011 Texas Rangers
John Schoeb 1959 Milwaukee Braves

Clint Hurdle Division
Tim Rounds 1930 Philadelphia Athletics
Doug Phillips 1912 New York Giants
Mel Maricic 1964 Baltimore Orioles
Brian Silvis 2015 Toronto Blue Jays

Jim Leyland Division
Randy Kromer 1966 Pittsburgh Pirates
Shawn Firster 1995 Cleveland Indians
Jeff Wiedemer 1976 Cincinnati Reds
Gilles Thibault 1994 Montreal Expos

Danny Murtaugh Division
Ken Lynch 1998 New York Yankees
Jeff Heagy 1919 Chicago White Sox
Tom Croyle 2015 Los Angeles Dodgers
Darren Schulz 2001 Seattle Mariners

Chuck Tanner Division
John Cress 1990 Oakland Athletics
Bill Lilley 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates
Doug Schuyler 1977 Pittsburgh Pirates
Tucker Mcbride 2007 Boston Red Sox

Bill Virdon Division
Jerry Shinsky 2014 Pittsburgh Pirates
Mark Mcdonel 1971 Pittsburgh Pirates
Brian Murphy 1902 Pittsburgh Pirates
Kate/Phillip Silvis 2015 Pittsburgh Pirates

Tomorrow a champ will rise from 24 contenders -- who will it be? We will find out soon; Last year's winner Greg Wells is bringing the 1909 Pittsburgh Pirates.

JULY 23, 2016
Chicago Summer Fantasy World Series
Grayslake, IL

Tournament takes place in two weeks, I will be going to the event with the 1987 Detroit Tigers + 2007 Magglio Ordonez. The premise of the tournament is that you can select a player from the same franchise nickname that you are taking. I believe there will be 32 teams in this tournament, tournament is booked.
There is plenty of excitement building up for the event that is hosted by Doug Schuyler.
It has been almost three years since I played a tournament in the Chicago area, looking forward to returning.

AUGUST 29, 2016
Toledo Glass City APBA Baseball Tournament II
Maumee-Bowling Green Elks Lodge #1850
137 W Wayne Street 
Maumee, OH  43537
$15.00 entry

Please contact my friend, Ron Emch (part of the APBA Baseball Facebook Group) for further details on the tournament that he is hosting. There are still plenty of openings, you will not regret going to any of these tournaments, so contact Ron.

Host Ron Emch handing off trophy to champion Randy Egan.
OCTOBER 1, 2016
Neil Ess Memorial Twin Cities APBA Baseball Tournament VI
Private Residence / Facebook Contact: Craig Christian

The Twin Cities tournament hosts two tournaments a year - One in the spring & another in the fall, each one has been getting bigger, I believe they had over 30 at the last event.

The following teams have now been retired from tournament play:

1927 New York Yankees (TCABT I / Kevin Cluff)
1954 New York Giants (TCABT II / Leroy Arnoldi)
1902 Pittsburgh Pirates (TCABT III / Andy Bartel)
1937 New York Yankees (TCABT IV / Leroy Arnoldi)
2011 Texas Rangers (TCABT V / Kevin Cluff)

Kevin Cluff won the last tournament, becoming a two-time champion at this tournament, joining Leroy Arnoldi

MARCH 4, 2017
3rd Annual Greater Michigan APBA Baseball Tournament 

Located at Gene Davis and Sons Steaks Eatery
4243 Oak Lane Road
Jackson, Michigan

The event is hosted by my good friend, Pastor Rich Zawadzki. I had the privilege of getting to know Rich better, when we both traveled to the Chicago APBA Baseball World Series (Winter 2013) together -- We had such a great time, hanging out with our new friends through APBA.
Doug Schuyler (Chicago Tourney), Rich Zawadzki (Greater Michigan) & Shawn Baier (myself).
This will now be the third tournament hosted by Rich, and I will be returning to the event next year, defending my title with the 1901 Pittsburgh Pirates; March 2017's tourney's theme is dead-ball teams from 1901-1919. I won the 2016 tournament with the 1993 Atlanta Braves.

JULY 22-27th, 2020 (not definite date)
The Cherry APBA Baseball Roll-Away by the Bay 
Traverse City, Michigan
"The Cherry Capital of the World" and host of the National Cherry Festival.

The tournament event that will be a week-long event, loaded with tourist stuff in the beautiful Grand Traverse Area + Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park Lakeshore, plus canoeing, hiking & camping -- all capped off with big tournament at the end of the week.

The tournament itself, will take place on the last day of the event -- It's a one-time deal, there will only be one of these tournaments. The goal is to make it the summer-camp experience of APBA fun, while getting a chance for everyone to take in this beautiful area that was once voted as the most beautiful place in America (Good Morning America). A chance where the families can enjoy, a relaxed event where you don't have to rush-in or rush-out of town...
The sandbar that you canoe out of onto Lake Michigan via the Platte River.
Canoes, hiking, swimming, camping & APBA.... What's not to like?

More details to come... let me know at if interested or if you have any questions.

*** This concludes article, Pittsburgh Tourney results posted soon ***


  1. I found you! Wow, '87 Tigers plus Magglio....they will score a million runs!

  2. Glad to hear, Fireblossom! Looking forward to the tournament, tough competition, but I get to finally meet some long-time APBA friends face-to-face. You should try to make the one in Jackson, Michigan in March -- Tournaments are so much fun!


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