Friday, July 22, 2016

Chicago Warm-Ups

Dan Velderrain, Howie Mooney & Doug Schuyler on the greens.

There is already plenty of action going on in the Chicago area, as everyone warms up for the Chicago Fantasy World Series (Saturday, July 23rd)... and speaking of warming up, Mother Nature has the temperature on high....

As Glenn Frye said "The Heat is On!"
The thunderstorms carried on into Thursday night, and due to that, it has delayed my flight today, I was originally supposed to fly out 10:54 am this morning (pretty much the time I'm typing up this line) -- I am shooting for a stand-by flight out at 3:10 pm (it's currently booked) & have a rescheduled flight for 8:25 pm.

I have been in contact with John Roels via phone, depending how my flights link up, I may be rolling into the Hampton with him... which will be kind of cool, noting that we are the two tournament champions of the last two Greater Michigan APBA Baseball Tournaments.

John Roels (left) with my brother, (GMABT I Runner-up) Chris Baier.
The phone conversation was great, about 20 minutes long, in which of course we had to talk about APBA and the fun at these tournaments -- It was also the longest conversation we got to have despite being at two tournaments together, so it's really been a privilege to talk to him, regardless if I hook up with him for a ride or not. Chances are... we are definitely rolling some bones tonight... I mean why not?! Right?

Meanwhile, there has been plenty of stuff going down in the Chicago area... here is some pictures that have been shared on Facebook...

A meeting of the minds, between Mike Miller and Joel Pike.

An APBA selfie of Doug & Dan V.

Reese Mooney goes yard at Old Commiskey.

I continuously preach about the fun at these tournaments and cannot accurately describe the magnitude of the amount of fun you will have at these events, especially meeting these APBA brothers face-to-face for the first time. If you have yet to experience one of these tournaments, you are indeed missing out.

I have been looking forward to this event for months, when I heard who all was making it to this event, including Mike Miller and Dan Velderrain -- all the way from California! It was definitely a "don't miss event"... I told the wife it's like an APBA All-Star Game or in this case, a All-Fan event.

It's amazing to see this great game unite everyone from all different backgrounds from all different areas... it's truly a family reunion of sorts, because we are one, we are brothers,

The tournament itself, I will be bringing the 1987 Detroit Tigers + 2007 Magglio Ordonez. Our team OPS is off-the-charts (I believe 4th best among all competition), but our team has no 'A' pitchers with a B-B-B-C 4-man rotation... the bats will have to be a swingin'!

Holding up the card that does not miss - 2007 Magglio Ordonez.

One thing is for sure, everyone will have a blast, and someone will be walking away with the beautiful trophy below...

Good luck to those who have made the trip, and to all of you sitting back for results, we'll have all that to you, soon enough, stay hydrated my friends!

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