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First GMABT Exhibitions (Double Header)

Wagner & Cobb meeting in 09' World Series.
My 1901 Pittsburgh Pirates have just taken their first cracks in a double-header exhibition against the 1909 Detroit Tigers at Bennett Park (in Detroit); They are getting prepared for Jackson, Michigan for this year's Greater Michigan APBA Baseball Tournament III (March 4th).


The Bucs' Deacon Phillipe (Grade A-Z) takes the mound against George Mullin (Grade A-Y).

The game would start off with a one-out solo HR by Ginger Beaumont for the Pirates off of Detroit's Mullin in the 1st Inning. The Pirates' Kitty Bransfield leads off the 2nd with a walk, would steal second & then advance to third on a fly out by Lefty Davis; Bransfield would score off Claude Ritchey's sac fly. Pittsburgh would pad their lead in the 4th with Honus Wagner scoring off a Chief Zimmer sac fly.

Just when the Tigers appeared to have no answers, the Tigers would answer the call with 2 runs during the bottom of the 4th Inning, with a sac fly RBI from Jim Delahanty & RBI double from Tom Jones -- trimming the Pirates' lead to one run, 3-2.

Bottom of the 6th -- Sam Crawford leads off with single, which is followed up by Ty Cobb's single, advancing Crawford to third base; Cobb would steal second base, runners on 2nd & 3rd with no outs. George Moriarty hits a fly to center that does not advance the runners, while Jim Delahanty hits a infield fly, with no success as well. With two outs, Deacon Phillipe makes the mistake & balks, advancing Crawford to score, while Cobb advances to third -- tying the ballgame at 3-3. Tom Jones fails to get Cobb in for the go-ahead run.

Ginger Beaumont would collect a lead-off single in the 8th, only to be caught stealing, during Tommy Leach's at-bat; Leach would fly out. Honus Wagner would give Pittsburgh a brief, 4-3 lead with a solo home run... too bad, Ginger had to get thrown out at second. Two homers for the Pirates in their first exhibition game, I am thrilled by this.

The unfortunate thing in this game, no one could quite the 3rd, 4th & 5th hitters of the Tigers' lineup in Sam Crawford (2-for-3, BB & 2 runs), Ty Cobb (3-for-4, 2 runs & 2 steals) & George Moriarty (2-for-4); It was Moriarty's RBI single & Tom Jones' sac fly during the bottom of the 8th, that would give the Tigers the lead for good.

Tigers 5, Pirates 4 
W - G.Mullin (1-0) / CG
L- Phillipe (0-1) / CG


Same lineups, different catchers & pitchers for both teams; The Pirates will feature Jesse Tannehill (Grade A-Z) on the mound, with George Yeager (instead of Chief Zimmer) behind the plate -- while the Tigers go with pitcher Ed Summers (Grade A-Z) and backstop Oscar Stanage (instead of Boss Schmidt).

This game started off, in the same way it left off -- both Sam Crawford & Ty Cobb still collecting hits. After a one-out, single & stolen base by Donie Bush during the bottom of the 1st... Crawford smacked a triple to deep center, driving in Bush; Cobb would follow with RBI single & a stolen base of his own. Tigers lead 2-0 after one.

Top of the 3rd, with two outs, Bucs' pitcher Jesse Tannehill would reach first on an error by Davy Jones (playing CF)... Okay... I need to do a quick shout-out to my APBA blogging friend Shay Simmons, if this was her post, I am pretty confident she would have used pictures of musicians Davy Jones & Tom Jones already... so here you go, huge shout-out to Fireblossom!

Davy & Tom Jones putting together few hits for the 1909 Tigers.

Well, back to the action, folks!

Tannehill just reached base on a error by the 'daydream believer', which setup a RBI double by Fred Clarke, cutting the lead in half, 2-1.

Once again, Sam Crawford & Ty Cobb countered again during the bottom of the 3rd, with a two-out single by Crawford -- Cobb would smack him in on a RBI triple, giving the Bengals a 3-1 lead...

That lead would be short-lived though, as Honus Wagner & Kitty Bransfield would hit back-to-back triples in the 4th; Bransfield would score on a ground out by Lefty Davis.

The game would remain gridlocked at 3-3, until the top of the 9th, when Lefty Davis would come through again, with an RBI one-out single to score in Honus Wagner from second (after a single & steal) to take final 4-3 score.. It was not easy to close out the Tigers though, after two quick outs, it was Sam Crawford & Ty Cobb (again!) -- Crawford hit a single to right, while the Bucs did not want to take any chances on Cobb & for good reason, he was 6-for-8 during the double-header -- including a triple, two runs, 4 steals & 2 RBI! So intentional walk it is, leaving everything up to George Moriarty, who would ground out to third for final out.

Pirates 4, Tigers 3
W - Tannehill (1-0) / CG
L- E.Summers (0-1) / CG

I decided to check if anyone is bringing the 1909 Detroit Tigers to the GMABT III, and there is... My friend Ron Emch (who runs the Glass City APBA Baseball Tournament in Toledo area); Emch and I, have had the privilege of playing each other at the previous two tournaments, with my teams holding a 3-1 edge. With the way, both Cobb & Crawford (5-for-7) played... please don't hold it against me, Ron if I hope I don't have to cross paths with those two players.

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