Saturday, February 25, 2017

One Week!

The excitement is building for the 3rd Annual Greater Michigan APBA Baseball Tournament! I have not been able to practice with my 1901 Pittsburgh Pirates team of late, I know that they have split 2-2 in two games each against the 1909 Detroit Tigers & 1911 Philadelphia Athletics.

This morning I did wake-up to snow, which I am hoping won't be an issue when going down state a week from now... sometimes it's for reasons like this that I wish the tourney was more mid-March, because one of these years I believe we will all be smacked -- Mother Nature does not seem to be a fan of Michigan.

So while I looked out my window and my spirits was momentarily dampened, they were quickly brightened with my friend, Pastor Rich Zawadzki's Facebook posting...

He was posting this with his excitement for the upcoming tourney from the... Chiropractor's office? Hope everything is okay, my friend! I do know I should be considering the same thing these days with my own back... I'm not getting any younger.

I think I have a good strategy going into the tournament, it definitely will come down to who's rolling hot on March 4th. Many teams will have close to all-A rotations, and there will be plenty of hit & running going on... so there will also be some luck involved.

One thing is for sure, everyone will have fun & someone will walk-away victorious.

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