Friday, June 7, 2019

These 6 Day Weeks are Killing Me

We have been short-handed at work, so it has meant 6 days a week at work for me, which means I am getting 8 hours of overtime each week. The body aches, and sometimes I just don't have the energy for much else.

As you may have noticed that has contributed to slower activity on The Boys of Summer Blog, but don't you all worry, there is plenty to come.

  • Reuniting with an old military buddy at a ballgame.
  • More on the 'Brothers in Dice: 1978 Replay'
  • The UAL off-season and what that means for my Traverse City Fighting Tigers.
  • The latest on the Boys of Summer APBA Baseball League (BoS).
  • Plus a few pieces coming up about Major League Baseball on players, fans' perspectives, and scouting talent.
  • Also a future series (in the further future) on how I fell into APBA, my APBA life, and the friends that I have met along the way, while focusing on the current state of the game.
Thanks for all the readers who continue to read this blog, I hope all is well for all of you, and that you enjoy this summer, while you get a chance.

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