All-Time Franchise League

ALL-TIME Franchise League
The Original 26 Franchises duke it out!

The All-Time Franchise League contained the original 26 franchises (BATS) and contained the best players for that individual franchise, no duplicated players and usually where they spent the most part or significant, important part of their careers with that franchise. The best according to APBA Baseball in 1998, I know there has been an updated set with the other 4 more recent expansion teams since. For example, Mickey Cochrane played for the Athletics All-Franchise team (with Philadelphia), even though he also helped the 1935 Detroit Tigers win a World Series over the Chicago Cubs. Most people probably think of Reggie Jackson and his 3 HR's in a World Series game for the New York Yankees, but you won't find Mr.October with the "Bombers", he's with the Athletics. He's teammates with Cochrane, Jimmie Foxx and Jose Canseco. Where's Mark McGwire? Well in the place where he made his history, his 70 HR season of 1998 with the St. Louis Cardinals. There is a few surprises, Gary Sheffield is not with the Padres, in fact he's not with anybody (he's with the Marlins in the updated Franchise set) -- but the Padres do have Dave Roberts and Ed Spiezio at third base instead (Remember Sheff was playing 3B then). Plus I noticed they toned down some cards, Vida Blue is an A-XZ for the respective season they said he was representing, when I also happened to have the Greatest Teams of the Past Volume APBA sets, he was a A&C-XZ. Also noted the hitters columns slightly different to batters' actual cards for those represented seasons. I believe they did things like this to even things out, and make certain all-time franchises much better than the more recent teams of Toronto and Seattle. The oldest and more successful franchises of course (for the most part) were the better teams.

Plus it's the best players from the franchise's history, that means all things Braves involves it's period in Boston, Milwaukee & Atlanta. The Athletics' history in Philly, KC & Oakland. The Minnesota Twins and the first Washington Senators team's best as well; while the second Senators became the Texas Rangers. The St. Louis Browns relocated and became the Baltimore Orioles -- Imagine George Sisler, Satchel Paige and Cal Ripken,Jr. all on the same team!

The All-Star Teams:
I set the leagues and divisions up in the same manner that we all remember them from the 1980's, and the playoff format in the same manner of the division winners going to their respective League Championship Series. A 64-game season that I believe I started in 2004 and finally ended sometime in 2008, I had spurts where I played a lot, to not touching that season for months. The league really got cruising with my marriage to my wife in 2006, she let's me be myself, and loves that I have passions such as APBA.

How did they wrap up and finished?

A.L. East                        W - L        GB
DETROIT*                   43 - 22        ---
NEW YORK (A)           42 - 23         1
CLEVELAND               38 - 26       4.5
BOSTON                       37 - 27       5.5
BALTIMORE               34 - 30       8.5
MILWAUKEE              30 - 34      12.5
TORONTO                   24 - 40      18.5

A.L. West                       W - L        GB
OAKLAND*                 39 - 25        ---
MINNESOTA               34 - 30        5
CHICAGO (A)              31 - 33         8
KANSAS CITY             31 - 33         8
TEXAS                           28 - 36       11
SEATTLE                      20 - 44       19
CALIFORNIA               18 - 46       21

N.L. East                         W - L       GB
CHICAGO (N)*             37 - 27      ---
PHILADELPHIA           34 - 30       3
ST.LOUIS                       34 - 30       3
PITTSBURGH               29 - 35       8
NEW YORK (N)            25 - 39      12
MONTREAL                 22 - 42      15

N.L. West                        W - L       GB
SAN FRANCISCO*      42 - 22       ---
CINCINNATI                39 - 25        3
ATLANTA                      34 - 30        8
LOS ANGELES             30 - 34       12
SAN DIEGO                  30 - 34       12
HOUSTON                     28 - 36       14

The Detroit Tigers played a one-game playoff and defeated the New York Yankees, before sweeping the Oakland Athletics in the ALCS (Alan Trammell was the ALCS MVP). Dave Kingman came up big for the Chicago Cubs, as the Cubs won in 7 games over the San Francisco Giants franchise.

The Detroit Tigers ran out of gas, as the Chicago Cubs swept the Tigers to win the World Title!


  1. How cool is this? I'm geeked that Tram did so well,and that my Tigs won the one game playoff and the league flag.

  2. Did you dice roll all of this yourself? Did you have some friends to help you out? Anyway, it looks like a lot of fun was experienced by you. Thanks for letting us read the results.

    1. Rolled all the games myself, sorry for the late response.


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