Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wolverine Watch #2: Off and Running!

So before I entered my first game against my first opponent, I realized that we have no DH's, and the pitchers bat, so now I wish I didn't have Ruben Sierra wasting away on  my bench, we'll see if I can fit him in there somewhere.

The owner of my first opponent (Moving on with Power IV) has a career record of 12,852 wins and 10,759 losses, a winning percentage of .544 with 9 League Championships! He is classified as a Hall of Famer.

Game #1 @ home

Oh by the way, my home ballpark is Comerica Park. I've built my team with defense and key hitting with Cobb and Gwynn being a one-two punch of a combined 20 batting titles!

Verlander would go head to head with HOF'er Addie Joss of the Indians, to get rocked allowing 6 runs, 4 walks while striking out 4 in 5 innings! We lost 10-6, it was a pretty uneventful day on the most part.

Game #2

Vladimir Guerrero of Moving continues to be a nuisance, while going 3-for-5, HR & 3 RBI (giving him 7 ribbies in the first two games.

My team would be down 6-1 after 5 innings, yet they would come back and score 2 runs in the bottom of the 8th, 2 runs in the 9th, allowing for Ty Cobb to deliver the walk-off winner with a single to left field -- scoring in Gary DiSarcina!

Usually in this situation in which a player gets a walk-off win, the hero gets mobbed by his players. But in this case, it brings a bit of curiosity when it comes to Cobb's everyday demeanor. Do you dare mob the always-serious Ty Cobb with celebration, even if he is your teammate?

Chances are Cobb would shout at his teammates - "Get the hell of me, you (frickin') fools!"

Cobb would go 13-for-17 during his first 3 games, scoring 8 times, driving in 5 runs, while stealing 6 bases!

Wolverine Watch #1: Creating a Roster

Cobb here with Cleveland's "Shoeless" Joe Jackson!
So I joined a SIM Baseball League, the SBL for, in which I will be going head to head with 23 other managers. My team's name is the Detroit Wolverines, hence the name Wolverine Watch.

You get a salary cap of $80 million, in which you can pick anyone during the history of baseball, I first had 1908 Ty Cobb and 1994 Tony Gwynn, but had to downgrade to fit more potential on my roster to Cobb 12' and Gwynn 97'.

At catcher, I originally had Brian Harper from 1989 in which he batted like .310 and had good glove, but decided to go with A.J. Pierzynski, I think I even had Darrell Porter from 1977 on the rough draft of a roster once.

I think I had Adam LaRoche from 2007 down at one point, but went with Derrek Lee, good bat, and definitely good glove.

Placido Polanco of 2000 for the Cardinals with Bobby Avila of the 1950 Indians are platooning at second base, I think I never changed this once actually. I always loved "Polly" when he played for Detroit, but couldn't go with his 2007 season -- too expensive, got to make a budget.

I initially had Pee Wee Reese of the Brooklyn Dodgers at short, but once again money came into the equation when I was spending almost $25 million combined on Cobb, Gwynn & Justin Verlander (my ace) 2011 edition. So I went with the California Angels shortstop in the 1990's of Gary DiSarcina.

At one point I had an outfielder on my roster to fill-in for Torii Hunter (due to Hunter's limited 425 at-bats in I believe 2005), in the name of the Dodgers' Reggie Smith in 1980 who had an OPS of .890 in 300 at-bats. But then I decided to go with a full-time 86' edition of Ruben Sierra, and at the last second I went with a part-time Sierra of 93' (of the Oakland A's), while I added Craig Paquette who can backup my starting 3B (Brandon Inge of 2010), play a little 2B, mainly OF when Hunter, Gwynn, and Cobb get tired. He even can play 1B, but I won't need him there.

My rotation is Verlander, Tom Glavine 02' edition (had to downgrade from 95' and 99' editions), Carl Pavano of 2011, and my fourth starter being 1988 Shane Rawley of Philly. I took Jesse Tannehill of the Chicago 1907 and will make him my long reliever. At one point I had three different versions of Aurelio Lopez (77', 83' & 84' Tigers) -- none would stick, had to cut back and go with Cla Meredith from 2007, after signing up 1986 Mets' Jesse Orosco as my closer, with LHP Tim Burke 87' Expos as my set-up man, I had LHP Reliever Gary Lavelle of the 1982 Giants, I also had 1985 Ricky Horton who played a key role in the bullpen for the mid 80's Cardinals. At one point, I believe I also had Bob McClure of the 82' Brewers on there. Kent Tekulve may had been in the mix as well.

I took my night off, adjusting the roster, about a good six hours, and then signed on. I got to see my competition but not their rosters just yet, one guy has won 22 championships and had the player rating of HF for Hall of Famer, this will be a very interesting experience.
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