APBA Collection

My collection is not nearly as big as many out there, but I'm starting to get aggressive to add to the collection, I hope to have quite the collection some day.


1901 APBA Baseball Cards
1909 APBA Baseball Cards (majority of set)
1976 APBA Baseball Cards (majority of set)
1979 APBA Baseball Cards
1981 APBA Baseball Cards
1991 APBA Baseball Cards (plus XB's)
1992 APBA Baseball Cards (plus XB's)
1993 APBA Baseball Cards (plus XB's)
1995 APBA Baseball Cards (plus XB's)
1997 APBA Baseball Cards (plus XB's)
2007 APBA Baseball Cards (Complete Set)
2008 APBA Baseball Cards (Complete Set)
2009 APBA Baseball Cards (Complete Set)
2010 APBA Baseball Cards (Complete Set)
2011 APBA Baseball Cards (Complete Set)
2014 APBA Baseball Cards (Complete Set)
2019 APBA Baseball Cards (plus XB's)

The 2007 World Champion - Boston Red Sox

Baseball's All-Time Superstars (BATS)
Best of the 26 Original Franchises
(produced in 1998)

2016 Hall of Fame APBA Baseball Card Set


Volume 1

1904 New York Giants (N)
1917 Chicago White Sox (A)
1927 New York Yankees (A)
1929 Chicago Cubs (N)
1931 Philadelphia Athletics (A)
1934 St.Louis Cardinals (N)
1946 Boston Red Sox (A)
1953 Brooklyn Dodgers (N)
1953 New York Yankees (A)
1960 Pittsburgh Pirates (N)
1969 Baltimore Orioles (A)
1975 Cincinnati Reds (N)
1977 Philadelphia Phillies (N)
1980 Kansas City Royals (A)

Bless You Boys - The Detroit Tigers of 84'.

1984 Detroit Tigers (A)
1986 New York Mets (N)
1993 San Francisco Giants (N)
1995 Cleveland Indians (A)
1998 Atlanta Braves (N)
2001 Seattle Mariners (A)

George Brett won 3 Batting Titles in 3 different decades.
1906 Chicago Cubs
Volume 2

1906 Chicago Cubs (N)
1912 New York Giants (N)
1912 Boston Red Sox (A)
1914 Boston Braves (N)
1925 Washington Senators (A)
1937 New York Yankees (A)
1940 Cincinnati Reds (N)
1942 St. Louis Cardinals (N)
1954 Cleveland Indians (A)
1962 Los Angeles Dodgers (N)
1968 Detroit Tigers (A)
1969 New York Mets (N)
1971 Oakland Athletics (A)
1971 Pittsburgh Pirates (N)
1983 Baltimore Orioles (A)
1985 Toronto Blue Jays (A)
1993 Philadelphia Phillies (N)
1998 New York Yankees (A)
1998 San Diego Padres (N)
2002 Oakland Athletics (A)

No.21 - Roberto Clemente

Other Individual "Greatest Teams"

1906 Chicago White Sox (A)
1909 Detroit Tigers (A)
1909 Pittsburgh Pirates (N)
1911 Philadelphia Athletics (A)
1919 Cincinnati Reds (N)
1937 New York Giants (N)
1944 St. Louis Browns (A)
1948 Boston Braves (N)
1948 Cleveland Indians (A)
1957 Milwaukee Braves (N)
1962 San Francisco Giants (N)
1963 Los Angeles Dodgers (N)
1969 Atlanta Braves (N)
1971 San Francisco Giants (N)

Satchel Paige of the Monarchs.


1910 Chicago Leland Giants
1913 New York Lincoln Giants
1916 Indianapolis ABCs
1917 Chicago American Giants
1921 Chicago American Giants
1924 Kansas City Monarchs
1925 Hilldale Daisies
1926 Atlantic City Bacharach Giants
1927 Chicago American Giants
1929 Baltimore Black Sox
1930 St. Louis Stars
1931 Homestead Grays
1933 Chicago American Giants
1935 Pittsburgh Crawfords
1938 Homestead Grays
1942 Kansas City Monarchs
1943 Birmingham Black Barons
1945 Cleveland Buckeyes
1946 Newark Eagles
1948 Birmingham Black Barons

The Montreal Expos selected for the 1982 All-Star Game.
INDIVIDUAL APBA Teams (Italics - Part of Season Set)

1905 Chicago White Sox (A)
1922 New York Giants (N)
1933 New York Giants (N)
1940 Detroit Tigers (A)
1949 Detroit Tigers (A)
1955 Chicago White Sox (A)
1966 Baltimore Orioles (A)
1976 Los Angeles Dodgers (N)
1979 Baltimore Orioles (A)
1979 California Angels (A)
1979 Montreal Expos (N)
1979 Pittsburgh Pirates (N)
1981 Montreal Expos (N)
1982 Atlanta Braves (N)
1982 St. Louis Cardinals (N)
1984 Chicago Cubs (N)
1985 California Angels (A)
1985 Kansas City Royals (A)
1985 Los Angeles Dodgers (N)
1985 New York Mets (N)
1985 Toronto Blue Jays (A)
1986 Houston Astros (N)
1987 Detroit Tigers (A)
1987 San Francisco Giants (N)
1993 Toronto Blue Jays (A)
1997 Cleveland Indians (A)
1997 Florida Marlins (N)
1997 Seattle Mariners (A)
1998 Boston Red Sox (A)
1999 Texas Rangers (A)
2004 Texas Rangers (A)
2006 Detroit Tigers (A)
2007 Boston Red Sox (A)
2007 Colorado Rockies (N)
2008 Philadelphia Phillies (N)
2008 Tampa Bay Rays (A)
2009 New York Yankees (A)
2009 Philadelphia Phillies (N)
2010 San Francisco Giants (N)
2010 Texas Rangers (A)
2011 Detroit Tigers (A)
2011 St. Louis Cardinals (N)
2011 Texas Rangers (A)
2012 Detroit Tigers (A)
2012 Los Angeles Angels (A)
2012 San Francisco Giants (N)
2012 Washington Nationals (N)
2013 Baltimore Orioles (A)
2013 Boston Red Sox (A)
2013 Los Angeles Dodgers (N)
2013 St. Louis Cardinals (N)
2014 Kansas City Royals (A)
2014 San Francisco Giants (N)
2015 Chicago Cubs (N)
2015 Kansas City Royals (A)
2015 New York Mets (N)
2015 Toronto Blue Jays (A)

Yogi Berra: Played on 13 World Champions (and 21 World Series).


1953 New York Yankees (A)
1981 California Angels (A)
1981 Montreal Expos (N)
1993 Chicago White Sox (A)
1993 Philadelphia Phillies (N) 
1993 San Francisco Giants (N)

APBA Baseball for Windows (BBW)
APBA Baseball for Windows (Version 5.75, Upgrade 12)
1908 Season
1921 Season
1961 Season
1981 Season
1988 - 1990 Seasons
1993 Season
2008 Season
2010 - 2017 Seasons
Baseball's All-Time Superstars 2 (BATS 2)
Every World Series team (1901 - 2010)

The "Big Six" Christy Mathewson of the Giants.

Teams that I used for APBA Tournaments

1912 New York Giants (N)  - 2013 Chicagoland APBA (Winter) World Series Tournament
(Finished 3-3 / 3rd in opening bracket)

1917 Chicago White Sox (A)  - 2015 Greater Michigan APBA Baseball Tournament
(Finished 2-4 / 4th in opening bracket)

1993 Atlanta Braves (N) - 2016 Greater Michigan APBA Baseball Tournament II
(Finished 8-2 / 1st in opening bracket / 3-0 in playoffs including Tournament Championship)

1987 Detroit Tigers + 2007 Magglio Ordonez - 
2016 Chicagoland APBA (Summer) World Series Tournament 
(Finished 2-5 / 3rd Place in opening bracket)

1901 Pittsburgh Pirates - 2017 Greater Michigan APBA Baseball Tournament III
(Finished 4-4 / tied for 2nd with two teams in opening bracket)


  1. Awesome collection. Very impressive.

    1. Thank you very much! I plan on adding a little more soon, plan on purchasing the Greatest Teams of the Past III (Cards). Just added 1993 APBA BBW for my Alternate 1993 Project; A project where the Expansion teams: Florida, Colorado, Arizona & Tampa Bay don't exist, no inter-league play, with the four original divisions in place, with Houston & Milwaukee in the original leagues.

  2. Shawn, looking back at the Michigan tournmanet, I think you should have run your 17 Sox more.

    1. I agree - I probably should have, plus I kept altering my lineup more than I would have liked. I'm really looking forward to playing the 1993 Braves in March.

  3. The collection is growing little by little as the dollars allow. Keep at it.


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