Sunday, June 30, 2013

For the Love of the Game

I can't speak enough of how much I love the game of baseball, especially when it comes down to my Detroit Tigers and Atlanta Braves.

For those that don't know, I work for a family that owns all six Burger Kings in Traverse City, I work overnight maintnance and make pretty good money (especially in this town) for a man with no college degree. I was just starting an eight-day-in-a-row stretch at work, due to the fact the other guy Mark (who does both crew & maintenance) needed some time off. 

So I was starting my long stretch Tuesday night, when about 11:30 p.m. at work, I got a call from my brother Jared (Jared also works as a maintenance man for the same company), we usually have the same nights off (Weds & Thurs). We were on the phone, and he mentioned that he tried to get hold of me for a day or so, and that he had tickets for Thurday's 1 p.m. game between the Tigers and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. He didn't realize that I had traded days with Mark, and that my Thursday was now a work day for this week at least. After a minute or so, I told him, "You know what, I'll sleep all of tomorrow before going into work Wednesday, and we'll head down state after my shift Weds night/Thurs morning"; It's the Tigers and I was just talking to my wife Becky, on how I really wanted to go to the Tigers this summer, maybe next year. Of course, she was 100% behind my passion and got the green light to sleep the day away (on a day that she had the day off) and the plan was on.

Wednesday, I didn't get as much sleep as I planned, and was off to work for a night that was also a "truck night", I had to execute this night perfectly, on a truck night -- you have to sacrifice an hour & half to the truck process, so to do that you have to do everything still, but not as effective & you have to get ahead early -- which I executed to a T, I was on like Verlander during one of his no-no's, and on top of it, my brother wanted me to try to get out a half-hour early. The night couldn't have been more perfect, got off work, I went straight home for a quick rinse, he got some Mickey D's & we were on the road by 6:45 a.m.

We left early, due to possible road construction on I-75, cruise along listening to new music from The Wallflowers and Queens of the Stone Age (which by the way, excellent first listen), Tom Petty (how can you not have a road trip without Petty!), and a band that my brother and I absolutely love, the under-appreciated (but absolutely loved by recent generations) Oasis.

We had to stop a few times, due to the fact we are in our later 30's and our bladders are not what they once were. At one of the pit-stops, we stopped at a gas station to use the restroom, and while I was there, I realized I probably should get some sunblock since I looked as pale as Edward Scissor-hands (okay, maybe not that pale) LOL! I asked the lady behind the counter, if they sold any sunscreen and she said no, but they do (across the parking lot) at the "grocery store" -- Food Castle. If you think the name Food Castle is funny, wait to you hear about this place... so we head over to the "grocery store" and we step inside and it's huge, a big space -- but this is the catch, where's the food? I looked along the wall to my left, and the wall was easily 30 feet high and about 60 feet long, with every type of bottled fifths and liters of alcohol imaginable! Looked at the middle of the store, where there was millions of bottles of wine, the right wall had like 30 doors of coolers full of cold beer, maybe two for soda and Gatorade (I say, maybe), and in the back they had tons of cases of warm beer. There was only two roles of groceries, in the sort of way, you would find groceries at your local Shell Gas Station! Jared was the one that walked in before me, and he quickly looked back at me (with a smirk on his face) and I just said "I know!" -- Talk about the wrong name for your business, it should have been called "Alcohol Castle" It was one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen, so this will be fun for conversations, and for future trips as well, I plan to show my wife this place for a future trip to a ballgame, LOL!

Anyways, we get down there pretty easy actually, we made excellent time, I want to say we got down to the stadium easily by 11:30 or 11:45. The temperature was 82 degrees and sunny at game time, and my brother and I are in the bleachers in right field, rows back exactly behind either Torii Hunter or Josh Hamilton (whoever was fielding at the time), it felt a lot warmer actually, and I kept reapplying the sunscreen between the innings, just to be safe. Doug Fister started the game for our Tigers, against Jered Weaver (who is having an off-year), Fister quickly had over 60 pitches the first three innings (not good) and we were surprised to see him actually pitch the 7th inning. The game cruised along, and stayed knotted up 1-1 through 7 full innings, the area and the state of Michigan for that matter have had rain in the forecast for well over a week, so we knew that there was potential, the clouds slightly came in during the 7th and by the 9th & 10th (yes, this one went extras), the sky got darker. The Tigers lost 3-1, and Mike Trout had four hits -- It was really excellent to get to see this kid play, I highly encourage you to go see him play if you get the chance! This was my first game at Comerica Park since 2008, and it was a blast.

My brother and I have made numerous trips up and downstate between our current home of Traverse City, and our old home of the Detroit Metro area (We are from Waterford), and so with the game ending around 4:45 -- I didn't have to work until 10:30 p.m. -- no sweat! 

Or so one would think... what would happen the next four hours would boggle our minds of complete disbelief. Comerica Park's parking is built perfectly to a point where you can literally leave the parking and be on the highway in minutes, but there happened to be some sort of accident, and we got rerouted to go up Woodward and then turn onto Mack Avenue to get onto Interstate 75 (I-75) -- still no problem, we have had to go this route before, but everything was a mess bumper to bumper, people leaving the game in droves also slowed things down, we would not get onto the highway until 5:30 p.m. -- still we weren't panicking, we have got upstate in a matter of three hours plenty of times. We get on to I-75, and it's bumper to bumper.

Did I mention just minutes after walking out of the stadium, it started to sprinkle, and by the time we got to the car it started to lightly rain.

Now let me say, I planned on a traffic jam of sorts, we are getting out of a game that ended during a weekday at 4:45 p.m., and we knew we would have to deal with the getting-out of work crowd, but we knew we would still be golden if we got out of the Detroit Metro area at least by 6 to 6:30 p.m. -- the highway would be more clear by the time we got up near Saginaw, and it would definitely be less than what we had to deal with in the morning in which we stopped 3 times, and still got to the stadium in 3 1/2 hours from T.C. -- so it should be easier... you would think!

We were on the highway for about a half-hour and it's raining and now the sky is starting to get a tint of green, and the clouds ahead of us are starting to look pretty strange, we were definitely looking for funnels. The traffic was barely moving, and we inched mile to mile. It was quickly 6 p.m., then it was 6:30 and we realized that we are still seeing signs for the 12 Mile Exit -- by the time we got to Troy, MI (still in the Detroit Metro Area) it was 7 p.m. -- it was the strangest thing, all the locals who were getting off their jobs, who also usually take the side streets and back roads all seem to have decided to take I-75 as well, so anytime we got to a huge area with off-ramps, everything bogged down, for a good 45 minute period my brother would never go over 25 mph, and every time it seems we were finally moving, we would go a mile up the road, turn the corner and bumper to bumper again! We ended up passing the Palace of Auburn Hills by 7:30 p.m., and my fears of actually showing up to work late are starting to go through my head.

I luckily planned ahead, and brought my work clothes and work shoes for work -- just in case the absolute worst happened, and apparently that was happening. Now I pride myself on being at work on time, and I have not called into work for almost two years, so my coworkers know I'm dependable -- so it wouldn't be the end of the world, if I was late, but at this point -- How late? It certainly didn't look good.

Finally, the traffic broke right before the Pontiac exits, and soon we were cruising. The only thing is that we had to fill the tank (a 1/4 tank left) and I was going to need to get some burgers in me, since I'm heading to work. We get off the Waterford exit, our old stomping grounds, and there was a gas station to the right almost right away, but my brother wanted me to eat to, but while we were driving, I'm thinking, man... we are now driving a good ten minutes out of the way (and time is now of the essence), we finally find a McDonald's and we pull in, get out of the car, and we pulled on the doors they were locked. The doors say the lobby is open until 10 p.m. and it was only 8 p.m. We head back to the car where a couple with their two young rugrats are all wearing Tiger gear, and they were surprised that they were closed as well, I mention to the guy "Crazy traffic jam, eh?!" and he was like "Unreal, I never seen anything like it" -- We were not sure if there was a power outage at McD's, due to the lightning and storm in the area, a few of the other businesses in the are also look like they have no lighting, so we are guessing it might be that. We say screw it on the food, and we would pulled into the same gas station just off the exit (so that was 20 minutes down the drain) and while using the restroom, this guy comes in wearing Tiger gear (and he was actually a local) and he said he never seen a traffic jam like that, and couldn't quite explain it himself.

It was now 8 p.m. in Waterford, and we had to get upstate by 10:30 pm., it was not happening. I called one of my managers from my brother's phone and told her the situation, and about the ungodly, traffic jam that was a span of 40 miles and somehow took 3 hours and 15 minutes long! She was cool about it, and I told her we will get there by midnight -- the manager I talked to always gets her people out in good time, and I know that she would be getting out around 12:15, and there is no key to the  door (or not for me at least) -- so we had to get there by midnight.

We would not have to deal with anymore traffic jams, but the traffic was still pretty active up to Saginaw which was not helping us with catching up on the time scale, after Saginaw, my brother encouraged me to get some shut-eye. Around Clare, we would deal with a downright, downpour of rain (hydro-planing weather) and in this area, you have to deal with deer and not much lighting from the streets; my brother who handled the whole experience marvelously, just shook his head and said "It's like everything is trying to work against us this evening". The amazing thing, we would make great time from Waterford, and I would get to my work by 11:30 actually -- of course I was going to get through that shift on a Frappe which the ladies had ready for me, and by the time I got off work (not counting maybe the hour of snoozing, I might have gotten on the way back) I was on 33 hours straight of no sleep -- I was on a second wind, when I got out, took the wife to breakfast and crashed a couple hours later, and slept for a good ten hours Friday!

So was I crazy to go on 32-hours of practically no sleep? Sure.
Did I have any regrets? No.
Would I do it again?
Most definitely!

Anything for the love of the game.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mets Finding New Ways to Lose, O's Beat Braves.

(Game #12)

Gwynn: Big Play at Both Ends, Padres Win!

Gwynn delivers big play at the plate.
                             R   H   E
1998 Padres         4    6    0
1986 Mets            3    9    1     F / 10 Inn

San Diego (6-6) / New York (3-9)
Padres and Mets split series, 2-2

WP- D.Wall (1-0)
LP- R.McDowell (0-2)
SV- T.Hoffman (6)

The Mets seemed to have this one under control, 6 hits & 3 runs during the first four innings, while the Padres didn't record their first hit until the 6th inning. Jim Leyritz's pinch-hit two-run double got things rolling for the Friars, while Veras tied the game up 3-3 with a RBI double on the next play.

The game would go into the top of the 10th, when Tony Gwynn (hitless in his first four at-bats) hit a solo home run off of Roger McDowell. The Mets' Darryl Strawberry would lead off the bottom of the 10th with a triple off of Trevor Hoffman, Ray Knight would strikeout, and Gary Carter's fly to right field should be deep enough for Strawberry to tag up, he tags up, Gwynn throws a bullet down to Carlos Hernandez -- OUT!

Usually, it works the other way, make a big play, and then come up to the plate with a big hit. The New York Mets continue to create new ways to lose ballgames.

The Padres are happy to be at .500, despite the team only batting .185 -- with Tony Gwynn and Greg Vaughn leading the team with a .250 average & only a .275 on-base percentage.

                         R   H   E
1983 Orioles    2    4    0
1998 Yankees  5    7    1     F

Baltimore (5-7) / New York (10-2)
Yankees win series, 3-1

WP- Mendoza (1-1)
LP- Tp.Martinez (2-1)
SV- M.Rivera (5)

The Baltimore Orioles owned a 2-1 lead, entering the 8th. Up to this point of the season, when Tippy Martinez enters the game, lights out, but not this time as he gets tattooed for four runs during the 8th Inning, including a three-run homer by Bernie Williams.

                            R   H   E
1985 Blue Jays   4    7    0
1975 Reds           5    7    1    F

Toronto (5-7) / Cincinnati (7-5)
Reds win series, 3-1

WP- Gullett (1-1)
LP- Clancy (0-2)
SV- Eastwick (2)

The Reds' bullpen nearly let the Jays comeback, after the Jays couldn't scrounge up a run in the first seven innings. Tony Perez hit his 5th HR of the season, with a double & 2 RBI.

                             R   H   E
1917 White Sox   5   11   0
1954 Indians        1    2    0    F

Chicago (7-5) / Cleveland (4-8)
White Sox sweep Indians, 4-0

WP- Danforth (2-1)
LP- Houtteman (1-2)

"Shoeless" Joe Jackson went 4-for-5 with a solo HR & 2 runs, while Happy Felsch added three singles. The Cleveland Indians are struggling at the plate with a lousy team average of .144 through 12 games!

                             R   H   E
1944 Browns        4   11   1
1929 Cubs            9   16   0    F

St. Louis (5-7) / Chicago (9-3)
Cubs win series, 3-1

WP- S.Blake (2-0)
LP- Jakucki (1-1)

Woody English hit a rare homer for the Cubs, while Rogers Hornsby added 3 hits & 3 ribbies, as Sheriff Blake kept the Browns in line; Don Gutteridge of the Browns, had his best performance of the season, going 3-for-4, single, double, triple & sac fly for 3 RBI's.

                           R   H   E
1998 Braves      2    7    0
1969 Orioles      6   11   0    F

Atlanta (8-4) / Baltimore (7-5)
Orioles win series, 3-1

WP- Phoebus (1-0)
LP- Smoltz (2-1)

Frank Robinson hit two home runs (making his total 7 HRs, 3 HR's in last two games), placing himself among the league leaders. Two guys who have been struggling in Davey Johnson & Boog Powell might be finally breaking out of the droughts; a two-run HR by Johnson, while Powell went 3-for-4 with 2 doubles. Brooks Robinson's woes continue, he's now 1-for-36, this season.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Josh Gibson: First Cycle in League History.

(Game #12's)

Gibson Hits for the Cycle, Crawfords Keep Setting Marks!

                            R   H   E
1940 Reds           7   15   1
1935 Crawfords  14  16   0    F

Cincinnati (3-9) / Pittsburgh (11-1)
Crawfords sweep Reds, 4-0

WP- Kincannon (1-1)
LP- J.Turner (0-2)

Josh Gibson became the first player in "Crazy 48's" History to hit for the cycle: double (first inning), triple (fifth), single (7th), and home run (8th) -- got walked in the third inning; finishing the game with 4 RBI. Popeye Harris tied the record for two triples in the same game with Mule Haas (1931 A's) & Lloyd Moseby (1985 Blue Jays). The Crawfords would get triples from Cool Papa Bell & Jimmy Crutchfield as well. Mike McCormick of the Reds had four hits in a losing cause.

                         R   H   E
1993 Giants      5    7    1
1984 Tigers      1    8    0    F

San Francisco (6-6) / Detroit (7-5)
Giants win series, 3-1

WP- Deshaies (1-1)
LP- Berenguer (2-1)

After back-to-back games of 2 HR's by Will Clark, it was Barry Bond's turn as he hit 2 HR's, going 2-for-3, BB & 4 RBI against the sliding Detroit Tigers. The Detroit Tigers started the season off 5-0, and have now lost 5 of their last 7 games; the road doesn't get easier for the Tigers who have to play the 1904 New York Giants next.

                        R   H   E
1960 Pirates    1    5    0
1906 Cubs       4   10   0     F

Pittsburgh (4-8) / Chicago (9-3)
Cubs sweep Pirates, 4-0

WP- Reulbach (2-0)
LP- Face (0-1)
SV- Lundgren (3)

The Pirates tied the 1971 Giants' mark of seven consecutive losses, losing to Ed Reulbach and the Cubs. Reulbach pitched eight strong innings allowing only 5 hits & a run, as Frank Chance of the Cubbies added two RBI doubles.

                          R   H   E
1971 Giants      4    5    1
1999 Rangers   3    8    3    F

San Francisco (5-7) / Texas (6-6)
Giants and Rangers split 2-2

WP- Bryant (1-2)
LP- Fassero (0-2)
SV- S.Hamilton (1)

The Giants surrendered a 3-0 lead, as Lee Steven's two-run HR in the third knotted the game up at 3-3; Willie Mays would deliver an RBI double in the top of the seventh for the Giants to come up on top.

                          R   H   E
1914 Braves      1    5    3
1953 Dodgers    7    9    1    F

Boston (6-6) / Brooklyn (6-6)
Dodgers win series, 3-1

WP- Roe (2-0)
LP- L.Tyler (1-2)

Two different pinch-hitters added clutch runs for the Dodgers in Bobby Morgan's two-run double during the bottom of the fifth (making it 4-1 Dodgers' lead) and a two-run HR by Wayne Bellardi (7th Inning).

                          R   H   E
1976 Dodgers   5    8    0
1995 Indians     3    5    3    F

Los Angeles (5-7) / Cleveland (5-7)
Dodgers and Indians split 2-2

WP- John (1-2)
LP- Nagy (0-3)
SV- Hough (5)

Tommy John cruised through his first seven innings until giving up a three-run HR to Albert Belle, which would be Belle's league-leading 8th homer. The Dodgers bullpen closed things out, as the Dodgers take the last two games of the series. Lee Lacy went 2-for-4 with 2 RBI for the Dodgers.

Crazy 48's Standings

STARS I   (Ruth Division) W L PCT GB Streak Rdiff
1935 Crawfords 10 1 0.909 0 Won 7 18
1929 Cubs 8 3 0.727 2 Lost 1 17
1912 Giants 7 4 0.636 3 Won 1 11
1931 Athletics 6 5 0.545 4 Lost 3 10
1934 Cardinals 4 7 0.364 6 Lost 2 -19
1927 Yankees 4 7 0.364 6 Won 1 -12
STARS II   (Musial Division) W L PCT GB Streak Rdiff
1942 Cardinals 6 5 0.545 0 Won 3 2
1937 Yankees 5 6 0.455 1 Lost 1 3
1944 Browns 5 6 0.455 1 Won 1 -2
1937 Giants 4 7 0.364 2 Lost 1 -12
1946 Red Sox 4 7 0.364 2 Won 2 -5
1940 Reds 3 8 0.273 3 Lost 5 -10
STARS III  (Clemente Division) W L PCT GB Streak Rdiff
1975 Reds 6 5 0.545 0 Won 1 13
1969 Orioles 6 5 0.545 0 Won 1 10
1971 Pirates 5 6 0.455 1 Lost 1 -8
1968 Tigers 4 7 0.364 2 Lost 3 -12
1971 Giants 4 7 0.364 2 Won 1 -8
1962 Dodgers 4 7 0.364 2 Won 1 -3
STARS IV   (Bobby Cox Division) W L PCT GB Streak Rdiff
2001 Mariners 8 3 0.727 0 Won 3 11
1998 Braves 8 3 0.727 0 Lost 1 10
1981 Expos 6 5 0.545 2 Lost 1 7
1999 Rangers 6 5 0.545 2 Lost 1 -12
1985 Blue Jays 5 6 0.455 3 Lost 1 5
1993 Phillies 4 7 0.364 4 Won 1 -5
STRIPES I   (Mathewson Division) W L PCT GB Streak Rdiff
1904 Giants 9 2 0.818 0 Won 7 25
1906 Cubs 8 3 0.727 1 Won 4 18
1912 Red Sox 8 3 0.727 1 Won 2 2
1917 White Sox 6 5 0.545 3 Won 3 11
1914 Braves 6 5 0.545 3 Lost 1 3
1925 Senators 4 7 0.364 5 Lost 1 -16
STRIPES II   (Robinson Division) W L PCT GB Streak Rdiff
1953 Yankees 6 5 0.545 0 Won 1 -1
1953 Dodgers 5 6 0.455 1 Won 1 8
1954 Indians 4 7 0.364 2 Lost 3 -6
1960 Pirates 4 7 0.364 2 Lost 6 -12
1969 Mets 4 7 0.364 2 Lost 4 -19
1971 Athletics 2 9 0.182 4 Lost 2 -21
STRIPES III   (Ripken Division) W L PCT GB Streak Rdiff
1977 Phillies 9 2 0.818 0 Won 1 15
1984 Tigers 7 4 0.636 2 Lost 2 23
1980 Royals 5 6 0.455 4 Lost 1 -18
1983 Orioles 5 6 0.455 4 Lost 1 -19
1976 Dodgers 4 7 0.364 5 Won 1 -6
1986 Mets 3 8 0.273 6 Won 1 -18
STRIPES IV    (Jeter Division) W L PCT GB Streak Rdiff
1998 Yankees 9 2 0.818 0 Won 1 28
1993 Giants 5 6 0.455 4 Won 2 9
2007 Red Sox 5 6 0.455 4 Lost 1 1
1995 Indians 5 6 0.455 4 Lost 1 -8
1998 Padres 5 6 0.455 4 Lost 1 -8
2002 Athletics 4 7 0.364 5 Won 1 2

Monday, June 24, 2013

Seattle: 7-1 (Last Eight Games), Oakland catches K.C!

(Game #11's)

K.C. Endure Royal Pains, as Oakland Rallies Back!
Justice delivers big HR off D.Q.

                            R   H   E
1980 Royals        4   10   2
2002 Athletics     7    9    1    F

Kansas City (5-6) / Oakland (4-7)

WP- Bradford (2-0)
LP- R.Martin (0-1)
SV- Koch (2)

The Royals had this game pretty much wrapped up entering the 8th, up to that point, the Royals had a 4-1 lead, while Oakland only had 5 hits. Rennie Martin had been lights out through 7 1/3 innings of relief with no runs allowed, but his luck ran out, loading the bases up against Miguel Tejada, who would hit a two-run single to trail only by one run, Eric Chavez followed with an RBI double off Dan Quisenberry (who has been off as of late). Dave Justice sealed the deal in the six-run 8th with a two-run HR off of D.Q.

                            R   H   E
1934 Cardinals    1    6    0
1946 Red Sox      3   10   2    F

St. Louis (4-7) / Boston (4-7)

WP- M.Harris (2-0)
LP- Carleton (0-3)
SV- Klinger (2)

Bobby Doerr's two-run double in the third & Dom DiMaggio's three hits were enough to pull out the win.

                            R   H   E
1968 Tigers         1    3    0
2001 Mariners    2    6    0    F / 10 Inn

Detroit (4-7) / Seattle (8-3)

WP- Rhodes (2-0)
LP- Hiller (1-2)

Three home runs contributed to all the runs in this one, Bill Freehan hit his 5th during the first to take a 1-0 lead, as Seattle's Edgar Martinez tied it up in the bottom of the fourth with his 2nd. The game would go to extras, as John Hiller gives up a walk-off homer to Mike Cameron, as Safeco Field erupts.

                            R   H   E
1993 Phillies       5    9    1
1971 Pirates       1    5    2     F

Philadelphia (4-7) / Pittsburgh (5-6)

WP- Greene (2-1)
LP- Bo.Johnson (0-3)

Milt Thompson got a rare start and it paid dividends for the Phils, as Thompson went 2-for-4 with a two-run HR & single. Lenny Dykstra added a two-run double, as Tommy Greene pitched six strong innings to stop the Bucs, 5-1.

                            R   H   E
1969 Mets           0    2    1
1904 Giants         3    9    0     F

N.Y. Mets (4-7) / N.Y. Giants (9-2)

WP- D.Taylor (2-0) /CG (1) /SHO (1)
LP- Gentry (1-1)

Dan McGann fell a home run short of the cycle, going 3-for-4 with a run & ribbie, as Dummy Taylor shuts down the Mets, who are on the verge of being swept. Art Devlin also had three hits, 2 RBI & steal.

                             R   H   E
1971 Athletics      2    9    1
1912 Red Sox       3    5    0    F

Oakland (2-9) / Boston (8-3)

WP- Bedient (3-0)
LP- C.Dobson (0-2)
SV- C.Hall (2)

The Red Sox' Harry Hooper's RBI double & Steve Yerkes sac fly that would eventually score in Hooper would be the shift the Sox needed in the sixth, as the Athletics once again find themselves on the losing end. Sal Bando had both of Oakland's two RBI's, as Tommy Davis went 4-for-4 for Oakland -- but will likely find himself resting a few days.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Plenty of Innings, Plenty of Injuries.

New York Giants' Polo Grounds (483 feet to center-field)

(Game #11's)

                           R   H   E
1998 Braves       1    8    1
1969 Orioles      10  17   0    F

Atlanta (8-3) / Baltimore (6-5)

WP- J.Palmer (2-0)
LP- Neagle (0-1)

Denny Neagle (for the second time this season) got ejected during the second inning, not making Manager Bobby Cox very happy as he had to use his bullpen more than he would have liked.

The Orioles pretty much dominated the Braves in this one, as four Birds hit one into the stands, including Paul Blair who has been on fire since moving to the third slot, going 3-for-5, 3 RBI, 2 runs & two steals. Merv Rettenmund got a rare start and took advantage of it with a 3-for-5 performance of his own, that also including a HR (plus 2 RBI & steal).

Jim Palmer pitched 6 scoreless innings with 7 strikeouts.

                          R   H   E
1962 Dodgers   5    9    2
1981 Expos       3    8    0     F / 10 Inn

Los Angeles (4-7) / Montreal (6-5)

WP- L.Sherry (1-1)
LP- Reardon (0-1)
SV- Perranoski (2)

Jeff Reardon in to close in the 9th, would give Frank Howard a lead-off, game-tying HR in the 9th. The Expos would not answer in the 9th, forcing extras. Top of the 10th, Reardon still in in, gives up a two-run blast to Tommy Davis. Ron Perranoski comes in and closes the game out for the Dodgers.

Scott Sanderson pitched another good game for Montreal, pitching six, allowing only four hits & one run -- while driving in two runs on two singles with the bat.

                       R   H   E
1937 Giants   5    8    0
1912 Giants  10  15   1   F

37' Giants (4-7) / 12' Giants (7-4)

WP- Tesreau (2-1)
LP- Schumacher (1-2)

Heinie Groh really got things going for the 1912 Giants, when he hit a ball to deep right center over Jo-Jo Moore's head at the Polo Grounds, Groh dug around the bases and got an inside the park two-run homer*, to take a 5-0 lead.

*- [Groh in reality had no HR's in 48 at-bats, but rolled a 66-3 with a man on second, for the Home Run (to deep right field) result -- cool thing is he plays at the Polo Grounds, plus we all know how far out the center-field wall is.]

Beals Becker (12' Giants) tied the single-game record with three other players for three stolen bases. Jo-Jo Moore of the 37's, went 3-for-4, with 2 doubles, a triple & RBI.

                        R   H   E
1925 Senators  0   7   1
1953 Yankees  2  10  1   F / 10 Inn

Washington (4-7) / New York (6-5)

WP- Kuzava (2-0)
LP- Ruether (0-3) /CG (1)

INJURIES: 1B- Bollweg (53' NYY) - 22 Games.

Both teams appeared anemic of home plate until the bottom of the 10th, as Yogi Berra smacked a walk-off two-run homer off of Dan Ruether. The Yankees now have sole possession of first place in their division (Stripes II).

                          R   H   E
1977 Phillies     6   12   2
2007 Red Sox   4   10   0   F / 11 Inn

Philadelphia (9-2) / Boston (5-6)

WP- Brusstar (1-0)
LP- Delcarmen (0-1)
SV- Garber (4)

Manny Ramirez & "Big Papi" each homered and got Boston off to a 4-0 lead, which lasted until the 7th inning, as the Phillies grinded their way back with two run, plus two more in the 8th with a game-tying two-run home run from Greg Luzinski. The game would go into the 11th, in which Bob Boone hit his 2nd double of the day, a two-run double that would seal the win. Phillies are now two games up on the 1984 Tigers.

                            R   H   E
1931 Athletics     2    4    0
1942 Cardinals   5     9    0   F

Philadelphia (6-5) / St. Louis (6-5)

WP- Gumbert (2-0)
LP- Walberg (2-1)
SV- E.White (1)

INJURIES: C-Palmisamo (31' PHI-A) - 30 games & C-Cochrane (31' PHI-A) - 5 games.

A weird game in which the Cardinals' pitcher up at-bat fouled a ball off of catcher Mickey Cochrane's right shoulder blade, his replacement Joe Palmisamo comes in and Gumbert once again fouls the ball, this time injuring Palmisamo -- so you could understand that his replacement Joe Heving might be just a bit nervous to replace him. Ray Sanders of the Cardinals, ties the league record held by teammate Marty Marion & 2007 Red Sox' Jason Varitek with 3 doubles in a single game. The 7-9 slots of the Cards produced 6 of their 9 hits, as Slaughter & Musial went hitless. Al Simmons finally made a bit of noise for the Athletics, by hitting his first HR of the season (Simmons is only batting .195).

Friday, June 21, 2013

Two See-Saw Battles between Mammoth Lineups.

(Game #11's)

27' Bombers Win with Walk-off Double by Lazzeri.

27' Yankees Infield: Gehrig, Lazzeri, Koenig & Dugan.
                             R   H   E
1937 Yankees      8    8    1
1927 Yankees      9   14   1    F

37' Yankees (5-6) / 27' Yankees (4-7)

WP- Wi.Moore (1-0)
LP- Chandler (0-3)

Back & forth, it was a battle between two New York titans. The Yankees Mark Koening would tie the game at 8-8, in the bottom of the ninth with a solo blast off of 37's Chandler, Ruth would fly out, Gehrig singles, and Tony Lazzeri would knock in Gehrig with a walk-off double!

Lou Gehrig (of the 37 team) would go 2-for-3, HR, 3 RBI & 3 runs -- with Joe DiMaggio going 2-for-4 with HR, 2B & 4 RBI. The 27' Yankees were also led by Lou Gehrig, who went 4-for-4, HR, 2B, 2 RBI & 3 runs (including a BB) -- while Babe Ruth homered & double, 2 RBI with 2 runs scored. Koenig also had 3 RBI for the night.

                             R   H   E
1983 Orioles        1    7    1
1998 Yankees     5    9    0     F

Baltimore (5-6) / New York (9-2)

WP- Pettitte (2-0) /CG (1)
LP- Boddicker (0-2)

Paul O'Neil's three-run HR in the 5th & Scott Brosius's solo HR in the 6th, helped Andy Pettitte on his way to a complete game victory. Cal Ripken's solo HR was Baltimore's only run.

                            R   H   E
1985 Blue Jays   10   9   0
1975 Reds           11  11  1   F

Toronto (5-6) / Cincinnati (6-5)

WP- C.Kirby (1-0)
LP- Caudill (0-1)
SV- McEnaney (3)

A see-saw battle between two powerful lineups. The Blue Jays led 5-0 after two innings, in which the Reds answered back with four runs (pinch-hit RBI double by Doug Flynn & two-run HR by Joe Morgan) in the bottom of the third; the Reds knotted the game 5-5 after four innings. 6-5 lead for Toronto after top of fifth, 7-6 Reds lead after five -- The Jays bounced back with four runs in top of sixth, in which the Reds answered the call again, and scored four runs of their own; the Cincy bullpen would keep it that way from the 7th Inning on, as Will McEnaney finished the game with a rare, three-inning save.

Rance Mulliniks hit his 3rd HR of the season, as Joe Morgan, Tony Perez (three-run HR), and George Foster (two-run HR) each homered for Cincy.

                            R   H   E
1917 White Sox  4   10   2
1954 Indians       3    3    0    F

Chicago (6-5) / Cleveland (4-7)

WP- L.Williams (1-1)
LP- M.Garcia (1-1)
SV- Re.Russell (1)

Chick Gandil was responsible for all four runs for the Whitesox, knocking in three of them, while also scoring on a wild pitch from third; His two-run triple in the fifth was the spark Chicago was looking for, as the Sox win their third straight game & looking to finish with a sweep of the Tribe.

                         R   H   E
1944 Browns    3    4    0
1929 Cubs        2    3    1    F

St. Louis (5-6) / Chicago (8-3)

WP- Muncrief (2-1)
LP- P.Malone (0-1)
SV- Caster (4)

Frank Mancuso's sac fly RBI in the top of the ninth, was the difference in a solid pitcher's duel. Riggs Stephenson hit a two-run HR for the Cubbies.

                         R   H   E
1998 Padres     3    8    0
1986 Mets        5    8    0    F

San Diego (5-6) / New York (3-8)

WP- Ojeda (2-1)
LP- J.Hamilton (1-2)
SV- Orosco (3)

Greg Vaughn (who was quiet the last few games) went 2-for-4 with a solo HR (his 6th) & an RBI double, as it was not enough to defeat the Mets. Gary Carter & Howard Johnson each added solo HR's, while Darryl Strawberry had a two-run double.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

If There's a Will, There's a Way!

(Game #11's)

Giving San Fran plenty of thrills as of late.

Will Clark Stomps Tigers (Again)!

                         R   H   E
1993 Giants     10  14   0

1984 Tigers      4    5    0    F

San Francisco (5-6) / Detroit (7-4)

WP- Sanderson (2-0)
LP- Wilcox (1-2)

Will Clark has been on absolute fire! He became the first player in league history to have back-to-back games with at least 2 Home Runs, and tied the league record of 7 RBI's in a game (tying Darren Daulton of the 93' Phillies); his stats the last two games: 5-for-8 (.625), 4 HR, 2B & 12 RBI. His season numbers have also jumped, he now has 6 HR & possibly the league lead in RBI with a total of 18 ribbies.

The Tigers' four runs came off of Darrell Evan's Grand Slam during the bottom of the first, Milt Wilcox was once again terrible for Detroit.

                        R   H   E
1960 Pirates    3    3    1
1906 Cubs       4    6    2    F

Pittsburgh (4-7) / Chicago (8-3)

WP- Pfiester (1-0) /CG (1)
LP- Mizell (1-2)

Jack Pfeister, finally got himself a victory after the bullpen blown his other two possible decisions. Pfiester has a 1.08 ERA & 19 K's in 25 IP, this season. Frank Schulte had an RBI triple during the bottom of the first, where the Cubs did most of their damage with 3 runs & 3 hits. Don Hoak hit a solo HR for the Bucs.

                        R   H   E
1971 Giants    14  16   0
1999 Rangers  7   10   0   F

San Francisco (4-7) / Texas (6-5)

WP- Cumberland (2-0)
LP- Burkett (1-2)

The Giants jumped all over John Burkett and the Rangers, as San Francisco snaps a league-record seven game losing-streak. Willie Mays went 4-for-5, 2 HR's, 2B, 2 RBI & tied the league record of 4 runs in a single-game. Dave Kingman flirted with the cycle, hitting a HR in the first, a triple in the second, and a double in the seventh, he would ground out to Royce Clayton to finish his night; Kingman went 3-for-5 with 5 RBI. Bobby Bonds also added a two-run HR for the Giants, while Juan Gonzalez hit a Grand Salami for the Rangers of Arlington.

Rangers have a winning record, despite their awful 6.70 ERA!

                           R   H   E
1940 Reds          2    5   0
1935 Crawfords  3   8   0    F

Cincinnati (3-8) / Pittsburgh (10-1)

WP- Ro.Davis (2-0)
LP- Hutchings (1-1)
SV- Paige (2)

The Crawfords tied the 1998 Atlanta Braves' league record of seven consecutive victories in a row, as the lineup squeaks a couple runs off the Reds' bullpen during the bottom of the seventh. The Reds' bullpen, now has a record of 1-4. The Crawfords' Roosevelt Davis (a APBA D-Y starting pitcher), once again went above and beyond with another excellent outing -- 8 Innings of 4 hit ball, allowing only two runs while striking out five batters; He now has 2-0 record, 2.19 ERA, 16 K's & a shutout in 24 2/3 innings!

                           R   H   E
1914 Braves       3   13   3
1953 Dodgers    10  10   1   F

Boston (6-5) / Brooklyn (5-6)

WP- Loes (1-1)
LP- Crutcher (0-2)

After a 16-Inning marathon, the Dodgers made sure to take it to Dick Crutcher early; Jackie Robinson shined in his best outing of the season with a 3-for-5 performance, that included a three-run Home Run. Pee Wee Reese & Billy Cox each added solo HR's as well. Butch Schmidt, who went 2-for-4 for Boston, got plunked by a pitch for a league-leading five times now in only eleven games (that's a lot of bruises)!

                          R   H   E
1976 Dodgers   4    9    1
1995 Indians     3    4    3     F

Los Angeles (4-7) / Cleveland (5-6)

WP- Hooton (2-1)
LP- K.Hill (1-2)
SV- Hough (4)

Burt Hooton helped the Dodgers end a five-game skid, pitching a great game that allowed only two hits and one earned run in seven innings. Steve Yeager hit a solo HR, for only his 3rd hit in 30 at-bats. Carlos Baerga   & Jim Thome each hit solo HR's in a losing effort for the Tribe.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Braves & Dodgers in Extras, as Orioles Nip Yankees.

(Game #10's)
Boston's Possum Whitted.

Braves Escape Brooklyn in Extras!

                              R   H   E
1953 Dodgers       7    9    3
1914 Braves         8   14   3     F / 16 Inn

Brooklyn (4-6) / Boston (6-4)

WP- Strand (1-0)
LP- Labine (0-2)

After Joe Connolly's two-run triple in the bottom of the second, the score was 6-1 Braves, the game looked like it was going to get out of hand for Brooklyn, instead the Dodgers had other plans. Even though Gil Hodges' two-run HR in the fourth, cut the lead down to 6-3.

Bill James seemed to have control of this one, he would allow a lead-off HR to Carl Furillo, who already had two doubles. The Braves would go to the bullpen, Tom Hughes would allow an immediate walk, which Manager George Stallings decides to bring in Lefty Tyler (who normally starts the 3rd games of series), meaning his start would be pushed back to the fourth game. Tyler walks the first two batters, loading the bases for Junior Gilliam, who rockets a single past Johnny Evers that drives in two runs. Dodgers had men at 2nd & 3rd with no outs, as Pee Wee Reese, Duke Snider & Jackie Robinson couldn't get the Dodgers to take the lead.

Both teams would score in the 13th, keeping the game tied 7-7. The game would get settled in the bottom of the 16th, with Red Smith on 2nd (after a single & stolen base), with two outs; Possum Whitted (who came in as a replacement) would deliver a walk-off double to win the ballgame!

Clem Labine (Brooklyn) will have to sit out next game [league rule of reliever exceeding 3 innings], and Dick Crutcher (Boston) will now start the 3rd game for the Braves, as Tyler was bumped to the fourth game.

                              R   H   E
1998 Yankees       1    4    0
1983 Orioles         2    3    0     F

New York (8-2) / Baltimore (5-5)

WP- Tp.Martinez (2-0)
LP- M.Rivera (0-1)

Both teams remained scoreless through 8 innings in a matchup between David "Boomer" Wells & Storm Davis. Bernie Williams led off the 9th with a triple, while Tino Martinez followed with an RBI single off of Tippy Martinez. The Yankees brought in closer Mariano Rivera, luck wasn't on Mo's side as the Orioles led off with back-to-back doubles by Al Bumbry & Dan Ford (who were both hitless up to that point); Ford's double tied the game. Ripken's ground out moved Ford to third, as Eddie Murray hits a walk-off sac fly to win the ball game. The 1998 Yankees have now only lost to the 1976 Dodgers & 1983 Orioles, and the loss snapped a four game winning-streak.

                             R   H   E
1975 Reds            1    4    1
1985 Blue Jays    4    8    0     F

Cincinnati (5-5) / Toronto (5-5)

WP- D.Alexander (1-0)
LP- Billingham (1-1)
SV- Henke (1)

Doyle Alexander only allowed 3 hits in 7 innings, as George Bell had two RBI singles, with Jesse Barfield hitting his first HR of the season. Dan Driessen's solo HR was the only run for the quiet, not-so-big Red Machine.

                             R   H   E
1999 Rangers      10  15   0
1971 Giants          6   11   2     F

Texas (6-4) / San Francisco (3-7)

WP- Sele (1-1)
LP- Marichal (1-1)

Rusty Greer until about three to four games ago, was struggling so bad that the Rangers switched Ivan Rodriguez & Greer in the lineup, moving Pudge to the #3 slot from his natural #2 1999 slot -- the move has paid dividends, as Greer went from batting under .100 to .273 in a matter of games.

Greer was star in this one with all three of his hits, driving in runs -- 3-for-4, 2 2B's, 3 RBI's & 2 BB's. Rafael Palmeiro hit his 7th HR, tying him with the league's lead with 95' Cleveland's Albert Belle. Willie Mays hit HR #3 for the struggling Giants, who now have lost their seventh straight.

                             R   H   E
1971 Pirates         5    9   0
1993 Phillies         4    8   1

Pittsburgh (5-5) / Philadelphia (3-7)

WP- Ellis (2-1)
LP- Mulholland (1-2)
SV- Giusti (3)

Wes Chamberlain got things rolling for the Phillies early with a three-run triple in the bottom of the first, but it was Willie Stargell that turned the tide with a two-run HR in the sixth.

                            R   H   E
1954 Indians       0    3    1
1917 White Sox  5   10   0    F

Cleveland (4-6) / Chicago (5-5)

WP- Faber (2-1)/ CG (1)/ SHO (1)
LP- Wynn (0-3)

The small-ball White Sox' Fader was once again in control -- he has been the most consistent of the White Sox starters, while the other three have under-achieved up to this point; the last outing by Eddie Cicotte is encouraging though.

The Chisox' Happy Felsch & Fred McMullin each had three hits & a ribbie.

                             R   H   E
1912 Red Sox      3    9    0
1971 Athletics     1    4    0     F

Boston (7-3) / Oakland (2-8)

WP- B.O'Brien (3-0)/ CG(3)
LP- C.Hunter (0-2)

Buck O'Brien: three starts, three complete games. O'Brien, now has a 3-0 record, 0.67 ERA & 15 K's. Harry Hooper hit a rare HR in the top of the eighth to give O'Brien & the Red Sox more insurance & breathing room, as Oakland continues to struggle at the plate. Dave Duncan got his first hit of the season, a solo HR in the seventh.

                             R   H   E
1946 Red Sox      4    8    0
1934 Cardinals    1    7    1    F

Boston (3-7) / St. Louis (4-6)

WP- Hughson (1-1)
LP- P. Dean (0-2)
SV- Klinger (1)

Tex Hughson pitched seven strong innings with 7 K's & only one earned run allowed, as the Cardinals couldn't find any answers. Bob Klinger entered the game with a 21.00 ERA, two blown saves & two losses -- but found his groove in this one with 1 1/3 innings, not allowing a hit or run, for his first save of the season.

(STANDINGS -- Below)

"Crazy 48's" League Standings

STARS I W L PCT GB Streak Rdiff
1935 Crawfords 9 1 0.900 0 Won 6 17
1929 Cubs 8 2 0.800 1 Won 2 18
1931 Athletics 6 4 0.600 3 Lost 2 13
1912 Giants 6 4 0.600 3 Lost 1 6
1934 Cardinals 4 6 0.400 5 Lost 1 -17
1927 Yankees 3 7 0.300 6 Lost 1 -13
STARS II W L PCT GB Streak Rdiff
1937 Yankees 5 5 0.500 0 Won 1 4
1942 Cardinals 5 5 0.500 0 Won 2 -1
1944 Browns 4 6 0.400 1 Lost 3 -3
1937 Giants 4 6 0.400 1 Won 1 -7
1940 Reds 3 7 0.300 2 Lost 4 -9
1946 Red Sox 3 7 0.300 2 Won 1 -7
1975 Reds 5 5 0.500 0 Lost 1 12
1969 Orioles 5 5 0.500 0 Lost 1 1
1971 Pirates 5 5 0.500 0 Won 3 -4
1968 Tigers 4 6 0.400 1 Lost 2 -11
1971 Giants 3 7 0.300 2 Lost 7 -15
1962 Dodgers 3 7 0.300 2 Lost 1 -5
STARS IV W L PCT GB Streak Rdiff
1998 Braves 8 2 0.800 0 Won 1 19
2001 Mariners 7 3 0.700 1 Won 2 10
1981 Expos 6 4 0.600 2 Won 1 9
1999 Rangers 6 4 0.600 2 Won 3 -5
1985 Blue Jays 5 5 0.500 3 Won 1 6
1993 Phillies 3 7 0.300 5 Lost 3 -9
STRIPES I  W L PCT GB Streak Rdiff
1904 Giants 8 2 0.800 0 Won 6 22
1906 Cubs 7 3 0.700 1 Won 3 17
1912 Red Sox 7 3 0.700 1 Won 1 1
1914 Braves 6 4 0.600 2 Won 1 10
1917 White Sox 5 5 0.500 3 Won 2 10
1925 Senators 4 6 0.400 4 Won 1 -14
1953 Yankees 5 5 0.500 0 Lost 1 -3
1954 Indians 4 6 0.400 1 Lost 2 3
1953 Dodgers 4 6 0.400 1 Lost 1 1
1960 Pirates 4 6 0.400 1 Lost 5 -11
1969 Mets 4 6 0.400 1 Lost 3 -16
1971 Athletics 2 8 0.200 3 Lost 1 -20
1977 Phillies 8 2 0.800 0 Lost 1 13
1984 Tigers 7 3 0.700 1 Lost 1 29
1980 Royals 5 5 0.500 3 Won 1 -15
1983 Orioles 5 5 0.500 3 Won 1 -15
1976 Dodgers 3 7 0.300 5 Lost 5 -7
1986 Mets 2 8 0.200 6 Lost 2 -20
1998 Yankees 8 2 0.800 0 Lost 1 24
2007 Red Sox 5 5 0.500 3 Won 1 3
1995 Indians 5 5 0.500 3 Won 2 -7
1998 Padres 5 5 0.500 3 Won 1 -6
1993 Giants 4 6 0.400 4 Won 1 3
2002 Athletics 3 7 0.300 5 Lost 1 -1

Sunday, June 16, 2013

1904 Giants & 1929 Cubs Improve to 8-2

(Game #10's)

McGinnity, Giants Roll Over Mets 9-1!
Big game for Giants' Bresnahan.

                           R   H   E
1904 Giants       9    17   2
1969 Mets         1     3    0     F

N.Y. Giants (8-2) / N.Y. Mets (4-6)

WP- McGinnity (3-0) / CG (2)
LP- Koosman (0-2)

Joe McGinnity held the Mets in check, as the Giants' hitters were spot on with 17 hits. Roger Bresnahan went 3-for-6, HR, 4 RBI & a steal, Sam Mertes had 3 hits (double, triple & RBI), and Dan McGann added four hits, an RBI & steal.

                               R   H   E
1953 Yankees        2    3    1
1925 Senators        3    9    1     F

New York (5-5) / Washington (4-6)

WP- W.Johnson (3-0)
LP- Raschi (0-3)
SV- Marberry (4)

Joe Harris of the Senators, hit a two-run double to take the lead in the bottom of the 5th, as Firpo Marberry comes in for his 4th save to seal the victory.

                               R   H   E
1995 Indians          5    8    1
1976 Dodgers        4    4    0     F

Cleveland (5-5) / Los Angeles (3-7)

WP- De.Martinez (2-1)
LP- Rau (0-3)
SV- Mesa (2)

Albert Belle has quietly been climbing the HR ranks, as he takes the league lead with 7 HR's. Jose Mesa hangs onto to close things out as the Dodgers score two off of the closer in the 9th (including a solo HR by Steve Garvey). Omar Vizquel hit a solo HR earlier in the game as well, as Cleveland reaches .500 for the first time this season.

                             R   H   E
1929 Cubs            6   10   1
1944 Browns        0    4    1    F

Chicago (8-2) / St. Louis (4-6)

WP- Bush (2-0) / CG (1)/ SHO (1)
LP- Potter (1-2)

The Cubs rolled, Rogers Hornsby hit 2 HR's with 3 RBI, Hack Wilson -- a HR, triple & two RBI, as Guy Bush cruised for the shutout against the Browns.

                            R   H   E
2002 Athletics     0    4    1
1980 Royals        1    5    0     F / 10 Inn

Oakland (3-7) / Kansas City (5-5)

WP- De.Leonard (1-1) / CG (1)/ SHO (1)
LP- T.Hudson (0-3)

Dennis Leonard (first day back from the Disabled List) pitched a complete game shutout in a pitcher's duel with Tim Hudson. Frank White would go on to win the game with a walk-off solo HR off of Hudson in the bottom of the 10th.

                          R   H   E
1981 Expos       4    4    1
1962 Dodgers   3    8    0     F

Montreal (6-4) / Los Angeles (3-7)

WP- Fryman (1-0)
LP- L.Sherry (0-1)
SV- Reardon (4)

Larry Parrish's solo HR in the top of the ninth, put the Expos on top for good as Jeff Reardon comes in for his 4th save of the season. Willie Davis of the Dodgers, was 2-for-3, HR, RBI, SB & BB.

                          R   H   E
1984 Tigers       3    6    0
1993 Giants       8   10   2    F

Detroit (7-3) / San Francisco (4-6)

WP- Burkett (2-1)
LP- Petry (1-2)

The Giants kicked things off in the bottom of the first, scoring 5 runs off of Dan Petry -- including a three-run HR by Will Clark and a two-run blast by backup catcher Jeff Reed. Will "The Thrill" continued his excellent game with a two-run blast off of Tigers' reliever Aurelio Lopez in the bottom of the 7th. Willie McGee also added 3 hits, as the Giants snap a 6 game losing streak.

                             R   H   E
1942 Cardinals    3    11   1
1931 Athletics     1     6    0    F / 12 Inn

St. Louis (5-5) / Philadelphia (6-4)

WP- E.White (1-1)
LP- Mahaffey (1-1)

Key RBI's in the top of  the 12th by the Cards' Slaughter & Musial put St.Louis in the win column; Mickey Cochrane of the A's, went 2-for-5 with a HR. Stan Musial (Cardinals) was 3-for-5, 2B & RBI.  

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