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Shawn Baier
Age: 41
Resident of Traverse City, MI
Favorite Sports Teams: Detroit Tigers, Detroit Pistons, Dallas Cowboys & Atlanta Braves.

APBA Baseball Experience: Actively playing the APBA Basic Board Game since 1991 (introduced as early as 1986) & actively playing APBA Baseball for Windows (BBW) since 1997.

APBA Merchandise that I own: My APBA Collection.

APBA Accolades: Greater Michigan APBA Baseball Tournament Champion (2016) / GMABT II.

I am also involved with Out of the Park Baseball.

Current Projects: 
  • Administrator / Writer of the Boys of Summer Baseball Blog.
  • APBA Chicagoland Tournament participant (2013/Winter Edition) & (2016/Summer Edition) & Greater Michigan APBA Baseball Tournament participant (2015-2017).
  • Crazy 48's League: A solitaire mode of 48 teams, in two leagues of four divisions with 6 teams each. Some of the greatest teams among other interesting teams playing a 48-game season. The term "Crazy 48's" was due to the fact that there is 48 teams & a shout out to Kill Bill's Crazy 88's.
  • Founder & Former Commissioner of the Boys of Summer APBA Online League (BoS). We are always taking applicants for the new league, we just concluded our 5th season (2015 BoS APBA Baseball Season). Owner/Manager of the Traverse City Panthers.
  • Owner/Manager in the Mid-West Baseball League for the Traverse City Crusaders (2014 - 2016); 3 Seasons.
  • Owner/Manager in the Mid-West Winter League for the Traverse City Tigers (2014 - 2016); 3 Seasons, one division title.
  • Owner/Manager of the Detroit Tigers in the NXPL (No Expansion Professional League) (2015 [1981-1983] - 2017); 3 Seasons, 1982 American League Champions.
  • Owner/Manager in the Ultimate APBA League (UAL) for the Traverse City Fighting Tigers (2018-current).
  • A member of the APBA Facebook Group Administration.
Winning the 2nd Annual GMABT Final (March 2016).


  1. Shawn, congrats to your '93 Braves for winning the GMABT-II!

    - Jim (

  2. Shawn, what do you use to keep stats for the board game when you play?

  3. What is the status this league? Please email me @


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