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Fantasies Do Come True! (Chicago Tournament News - Part I)

There is not enough I can say about Doug Schuyler, not only is he a good friend of mine, but he always throws one heck of a tournament -- So when Doug announced (back in November?) a new spin to his tournament.... that people could select a team & then pick any player, one player, as long as that player is from that same franchise, people signed up...

... and people signed up quickly!
Doug in full concentration mode, managing 2015 Royals.

24 people signed up within the first 24 hours, so quick that Doug had to make a cap of 32 & make a separate, secret Facebook page -- He knew this was a special tournament and truly wanted to be around a special group of guys, we long have wanted to meet some of these guys for some time.... and when I saw some of the names that would be making tournament debuts, who I have known in the APBA Facebook Group for quite some time, I knew that this was a "Can't Miss" Tournament event.

I personally don't think you could have surrounded yourself with a better set of 32 guys, of course.. there was some notable faces that did not make it to Chicago & we all missed those guys, and would have loved to have them there.

There was many upon many reasons for me wanting to go to this event, I had not met some of these guys before... Joel & Matthew Pike, Dan Velderrain, Howie & Reese Mooney, Bradd Romant, Craig Christian, Mike Miller & others; At the time, when I signed up for this event I had not met Rob Spatz in person, but would have the privilege to do so in Jackson, Michigan, this past march.

Some of the fun prior to Saturday -- Some of the gang in Milwaukee before seeing the Brewers.
I flirted with having Denny McLain on the 1987 Detroit Tigers, it turned out for the better when McLain could not be selected due to the 1968 Detroit Tigers being retired from the tournament... So I selected the "card that never fails" for me in Magglio Ordonez's 2007 season in which he won the American League Batting Title (.363) & led the league with 54 doubles, while collecting 28 homers, 139 RBI & 216 hits for the Tigers.

There was so many talented players selected for talented teams, this is how the divisions appeared... (The eventual division champs in gold)

Sandy Koufax Division
1930 St. Louis Cardinals + Mark McGwire (Thomas Nelshoppen)
1933 New York Giants + Orlando Cepeda (Larry Eichman)
1939 New York Yankees + Lou Gehrig (Gary Lindley)
1941 Brooklyn Dodgers + Sandy Koufax (Mike Miller)

Gary Lindley (39' Yankees/Koufax Div) vs Bob Eller (2015 Cubs/DiMaggio Div) during Round 1 of playoffs
Joe DiMaggio Division
2006 Minnesota Twins + Rod Carew (Eric Berg)
2009 New York Yankees + Joe DiMaggio (Dave Rueck)
2015 Chicago Cubs + Hack Wilson (Bob Eller)
2015 Kansas City Royals + George Brett (Doug Schuyler)

Don Drysdale Division
1953 Brooklyn Dodgers + Don Drysdale (Don Smith)
1961 Detroit Tigers + Alan Trammell (Bill Lilley)
1961 New York Yankees + Ron Guidry (Shawn Witt)
2005 Chicago White Sox + Albert Belle (Bob Spatz)

L to R: Romant, Mooney, Berg, D.Smith & Velderrain -- during 1st Round battle between 92' Jays & 53' Dodgers.
Cal Ripken Division
1970 Baltimore Orioles + Cal Ripken, Jr. (Kevin Burghardt)
1970 Cincinnati Reds + Dolf Luque (Joel Pike)
1981 Los Angeles Dodgers + Mike Piazza (Dan Velderrain)
1992 Toronto Blue Jays + Jose Bautista (Howie Mooney)

(Opposite Side of the bracket)

Ernie Banks Division
1972 Detroit Tigers + Mark Fidrych (Kurt Bergland)
1977 Philadelphia Phillies + Roy Halladay (Andy Bartel)
1979 Milwaukee Brewers + Ryan Braun (Craig Christian)
1984 Chicago Cubs + Ernie Banks (Scott Fennessey)

1st Round  - Craig Christian (79' Brewers) vs Matthew Pike (a.k.a. "Yankee Boy" with 98' Yanks).
Babe Ruth Division
1977 Los Angeles Dodgers + Duke Snider (James Welch)
1987 Detroit Tigers + Magglio Ordonez (Shawn Baier)
1998 New York Yankees + Babe Ruth (Matthew Pike)
2001 Seattle Mariners + Felix Hernandez (Reese Mooney)

Frank Thomas Division
1919 Chicago White Sox + Frank Thomas (Rob Spatz)
1927 Pittsburgh Pirates + John Candelaria (Curt Bartel)
1932 Brooklyn Dodgers + Bill Singer (Craig Eichman)
1954 New York Giants + Barry Bonds (Ken Schulz)

"Big Hurt" Division Action - L to R -- C.Bartel, K.Schulz, R.Spatz (clowning around) & C.Eichman.
Hank Greenberg Division
1927 New York Yankees + Derek Jeter (John Roels)
1984 Detroit Tigers + Hank Greenberg (Dick Butler)
2003 Chicago Cubs + Gabby Hartnett (Chris Witt)
2003 New York Yankees + Mickey Mantle (Bradd Romant)

Greenberg Division in play: L to R - Roels (with NYY hat), Romant, Butler & C.Witt.

The Division Champs were the only ones to move onto the playoffs, which was absolutely fine, not to mention some divisions ran long as they did  -- plus in a field of 32 teams, 8 division winners/playoff
teams is all you really need, adding more teams would have complicated things.

Grayslake action on Saturday.
During lunch break, everyone departed for some of the restaurant choices at Grayslake, some went to Twisted Burger, while others went to Amos. I had the privilege of having lunch with Bradd Romant (while eating at Amos) in which we got to discuss our love for APBA and reflecting back on our childhoods that brought us into this game. Bradd spoke of the first time, he saw his first APBA set in a cardboard box hanging from the mailbox, and the joy he felt; I spoke about my father's APBA keepers league among friends, and how his three best friends in the league were like uncles to me, while growing up.

Reese Mooney (in Expos uniform) having grand time at All-Star Game & Tournament.
While everyone started filing back in the Grayslake Historical Society building, the All-Star Game was being put together; which is a two-inning affair, which both teams get to put in two separate lineups 1-9, in which all 9 get to bat. Each attendee gets to pick an All-Star to represent, and gets to roll for that player... I picked Magglio Ordonez at the time, but should have had Matt Nokes represent instead. It was a lot of fun, National League won 5-3, Rick Monday for Dan Velderrain's 1981 Dodgers was the game's MVP with a two-run homer. 

Dan Velderrain takes picture of Rick Monday's card & dice after his All-Star heroics.

My team didn't fare well overall, we went 2-5 over the afternoon; James Welch (1977 Dodgers) and I, decided to not play our last 2 games & finish 2-5 at the bottom; The division play took some time to play & we wanted to socialize more. 

The Tigers didn't do as bad as I first thought, once I was tallying up the stats last night. Even though we only batted .235, but our suspect pitching actually held it's own, only getting rocked for 6 runs in Game #5 against the 1998 New York Yankees -- finishing with a 3.55 ERA, a team with no A pitchers on entire staff, no bullpen & a B-B-B-C rotation... They over-achieved, so big props to them. My offense also had my best OPS (.753 OPS) of any of my 4 tournament teams, even better than my 1993 Atlanta Braves that went on to win the Greater Michigan APBA Baseball Tournament II in Jackson (this past March). Our scoring differential was -1, which reflects that our 2-5 record could have been better, and with my team losing 4 games by 2 runs or less... we could have done better, if I was rolling a little better. 

That's how it goes though, whoever is rolling the hot dice...

Joel Pike and Dan Velderrain playing a game, with Matthew Pike explaining his playoff potential.

Matthew Pike didn't get the memo, when I mentioned both online and at the hotel the night before to take it easy on my 1987 Detroit Tigers... I would lose two really close games, 4-2 & 4-3 in extras (10 innings), then he completed the three-game sweep by defeating me in the 5th game (6-3). My pitching kept his 1921 Babe Ruth in check for most part, 1-for-8 with a HR & RBI, while he walked 5 times... unfortunately, Shane Spencer killed me off the bench with 3 HR's (2 key HR's in 2nd game that pretty much decided that game). Pike's series with me, put his team back in the running for the division after a 1-2 start against the 77' Dodgers.

The Mooneys (Howie & Reese) with myself on right.
The Babe Ruth Division came down between Reese Mooney & Matthew Pike. Mooney entered with 5-1 record, Pike at 4-2 -- Reese wins first game, only needing another victory to advance, but blows late lead in 2nd game,  Pike wins that game & pulls off the finale as well, to move on.

Ken Schulz (left, Sox cap) is all smiles with 1954 Giants + Barry Bonds.

Bob Eller is channeling Joe Maddon as his 2015 Cubs keep rolling.

Another view of the action.
Playoff action
  • 2015 Chicago Cubs + Hack Wilson defeat 1939 New York Yankees + Lou Gehrig.
  • 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers + Don Drysdale defeat 1992 Toronto Blue Jays + Jose Bautista.
  • 1979 Milwaukee Brewers + Ryan Braun defeat 1998 New York Yankees + Babe Ruth.
  • 1927 New York Yankees + Derek Jeter defeat 1954 New York Giants + Barry Bonds.
Bob Eller (left) and Don Smith (right) in quarter-final championship.

  • 2015 Chicago Cubs + Hack Wilson defeat 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers + Don Drysdale.
  • 1979 Milwaukee Brewers + Ryan Braun defeat 1927 New York Yankees + Derek Jeter.
The APBA Chicago World Series Championship Trophy.

The 2016 APBA Chicago Fantasy World Series is underway, between Bob Eller (Cubs) & Craig Christian (Brewers).

CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN! Bob Eller leads 2015 Cubs to glory!
Afterwards, a group of had a celebration dinner at the Tavern of Libertyville -- an amazing place, that makes you feel like you are one of the Rat Pack. 

Once again, congrats to Bob Eller & his 2015 Chicago Cubs + Hack Wilson 
as 2016's APBA Chicago Fantasy World Series Champion!

* * * Still more to come, more coverage of this tournament * * * 

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Meanwhile.. Some Milestones for Site

As I am putting together a multi-post blog piece on the amazing Chicago Fantasy World Series APBA Tournament that took place this past weekend...

Here is a short post to keep you busy about this site's recent milestones...

  • A few weeks back (last month, I believe), The Boys of Summer hit 50,000 lifetime views... which I feel is pretty solid for just being over 3 years; June 2013 marked the first time, the site had a 1,000 views for a month, which now hits that regularly.
  • This month, with a few days to go, plus waiting on the Chicago tournament piece (which usually generates tons of hits), my site already set it's month record (currently at the time of typing... 2,593 hits) breaking old record of 2,526 set in November 2015. The buzz had a lot to do with the Pittsburgh tournament weeks back & people getting together in Chicago early, before the tournament (Golfing, ballgames, etc).
  • My most popular visited post "APBA Replays" has just hit the 1,000 mark on its own; This post has 4 times the amount of visits than any other post on this entire site -- out of 586 published posts. Personally, it's a good post at best, but I enjoyed my pieces on the Hall of Fame debates, which you can find on the right side -- under the Roberto Clemente picture, in the 'Labels' section -- Check those out, my debates why players such as Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker, Tim Raines, Ted Simmons, Jeff Bagwell, Albert Belle, Edgar Martinez, Harold Baines & Jack Morris deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.
Of course, this all would not be possible without the amazing support I get from my readers. I also want to thank Thomas Nelshoppen, Kenneth Heard & Doug Przymierski for inspiring me in my writing for this blog... your support has been reamarkable!

Also big love to the wife, Becky, who is the true writer & blogger in the house!

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Chicago Warm-Ups

Dan Velderrain, Howie Mooney & Doug Schuyler on the greens.

There is already plenty of action going on in the Chicago area, as everyone warms up for the Chicago Fantasy World Series (Saturday, July 23rd)... and speaking of warming up, Mother Nature has the temperature on high....

As Glenn Frye said "The Heat is On!"
The thunderstorms carried on into Thursday night, and due to that, it has delayed my flight today, I was originally supposed to fly out 10:54 am this morning (pretty much the time I'm typing up this line) -- I am shooting for a stand-by flight out at 3:10 pm (it's currently booked) & have a rescheduled flight for 8:25 pm.

I have been in contact with John Roels via phone, depending how my flights link up, I may be rolling into the Hampton with him... which will be kind of cool, noting that we are the two tournament champions of the last two Greater Michigan APBA Baseball Tournaments.

John Roels (left) with my brother, (GMABT I Runner-up) Chris Baier.
The phone conversation was great, about 20 minutes long, in which of course we had to talk about APBA and the fun at these tournaments -- It was also the longest conversation we got to have despite being at two tournaments together, so it's really been a privilege to talk to him, regardless if I hook up with him for a ride or not. Chances are... we are definitely rolling some bones tonight... I mean why not?! Right?

Meanwhile, there has been plenty of stuff going down in the Chicago area... here is some pictures that have been shared on Facebook...

A meeting of the minds, between Mike Miller and Joel Pike.

An APBA selfie of Doug & Dan V.

Reese Mooney goes yard at Old Commiskey.

I continuously preach about the fun at these tournaments and cannot accurately describe the magnitude of the amount of fun you will have at these events, especially meeting these APBA brothers face-to-face for the first time. If you have yet to experience one of these tournaments, you are indeed missing out.

I have been looking forward to this event for months, when I heard who all was making it to this event, including Mike Miller and Dan Velderrain -- all the way from California! It was definitely a "don't miss event"... I told the wife it's like an APBA All-Star Game or in this case, a All-Fan event.

It's amazing to see this great game unite everyone from all different backgrounds from all different areas... it's truly a family reunion of sorts, because we are one, we are brothers,

The tournament itself, I will be bringing the 1987 Detroit Tigers + 2007 Magglio Ordonez. Our team OPS is off-the-charts (I believe 4th best among all competition), but our team has no 'A' pitchers with a B-B-B-C 4-man rotation... the bats will have to be a swingin'!

Holding up the card that does not miss - 2007 Magglio Ordonez.

One thing is for sure, everyone will have a blast, and someone will be walking away with the beautiful trophy below...

Good luck to those who have made the trip, and to all of you sitting back for results, we'll have all that to you, soon enough, stay hydrated my friends!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It's Always Sunny in APBAland, PA Hosts Two! (Part I)

On Saturday (July 9th), there was not only one tournament going on in Pennsylvania, but two!

There was the Linda B. Schulz Memorial APBA Baseball Tournament in Pittsburgh, hosted by Ken Schulz & there was the Robert Henry Memorial APBA Baseball Tournament (Bridesburg Boys & Girls Club) in Bensalem, PA (Philadelphia area) -- So it only feels fitting that tournaments take place from a state that is featured on APBA Baseball's birth certificate (Lancaster, PA -- Birth Place).

First here are some pics of from the Pittsburgh venue...

View of the new location venue.

Some recognizable APBA faces at this table.

Youth Movement in APBA Baseball, always a welcoming sight.

Deja Vu? Greg Wells pulls off back-to-back titles -- He won with the 1909 Pirates this time.

Plenty of great feedback on the new spacious location, we had plenty of recognizable faces at the venue in Bill "The Traveling Man" Lilley, Ron Emch, Doug Schuyler, Doug Przymierski, Greg Wells, plus Darren Schulz (who did an excellent write-up by the way on the event), Tucker McBride, plus a handful of Pittsburgh returnees.

All Eyes on the out-going Bill Lilley, sporting an excellent Clemente jersey.
Schuyler brought his secret weapon, his son T.J. to roll the 1977 Pittsburgh Pirates for him -- it worked for the most part, as the 77' team reached the playoffs as a division winner.

Schulz checking in on some division action.
The Final Eight teams featured:
  • 1994 Montreal Expos (Gilles Thibault) - #1 Seed [Hurdle Division Champ]
  • 1919 Chicago White Sox (Jeff Heagy) - #2 Seed [Murtaugh Division Champ]
  • 1909 Pittsburgh Pirates (Greg Wells) - #3 Seed [Clarke Division Champ]
  • 1902 Pittsburgh Pirates (Brian Murphy) - #4 Seed [Virdon Division Champ]
  • 1977 Pittsburgh Pirates (T.J. Schuyler) - #5 Seed [Tanner Division Champ]
  • 2001 Seattle Mariners (Darren Schulz) - #6 Seed [Wild Card #1]
  • 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates (Bill Lilley) - #7 Seed [Wild Card #2]
  • 1912 New York Giants (Doug Phillips) - #8 Seed [Wild Card #3]
Here is a snippet (below) of what Darren wrote, you can check out entire article (by clicking on it to left, as featured on The APBA Blog).

Greg Wells pulled off the incredible repeat with a walk-off single by Honus Wagner, as the 1909 Pirates defeated Brian Murphy's the 1902 Pittsburgh Pirates in 13 innings! During the existence of the LBS APBA Baseball Tournament, both championship games have now gone to extras.

The Championship Game.

        *** To be continued with Part II having "The Bridesburg" Tournament in Philly. ***

Friday, July 15, 2016

2001 'WHAT IF' WORLD SERIES: Arizona to A's "Not So Fast!"

The 2001 "WHAT IF" WORLD SERIES between the Oakland Athletics & Arizona Diamondbacks: I'm not sure if Oakland was already starting to daydream about their victory parade, but the Arizona Diamondbacks quickly eclipsed those thoughts.

The D-Backs sent Miguel Batista out to the mound for GAME 3, with Erubiel Durazo playing DH & David Dellucci playing rightfield (Finley started Games 1 & 2 in center, Sanders moves from right to center).

The shake-up pays off, the D-Backs jump all over Oakland in the first by loading up the bases, Mark Grace's sac fly would score the first run -- Durazo, batting 6th would hit a three-run homer off of Barry Zito; Oakland gets two runs back in bottom-half of inning, but that would be the trend of the game... D-Backs would score, and Oakland would cut lead in half, but just couldn't keep up.

The closest Oakland got was in the bottom of the 5th, with 2 outs, Arizona decided to intentionally walk Jason Giambi to face Eric Chavez instead... the gamble pays off with Chavez striking out.

Mark Grace and David Dellucci (3-for-5, a triple short of cycle) would each homer, later on... Batista was far from perfect (4 ER's in 6 innings of work with 7 hits & 3 walks allowed) would earn the win; Zito on the other hand, stunk it up (3.2 IP, 6 H, 6 R (5 ER) with 5 K's & 3 walks). Final score: D-BACKS 8, A's 4

GAME 4 -- A rematch between Game 1 starters, Randy Johnson (ARI) and Tim Hudson (OAK).

Luis Gonzalez hits his 3rd HR of the series with a solo shot in the 1st Inning; Matt Williams would add a solo HR of his own in the 2nd Inning (1st hit of the series & moved to the 7th slot prior to game, move pays off).

The "Big Unit" was in complete control, silencing Oakland's bats, allowing only 1 hit, with 9 K's & 4 walks in a complete game shutout; Tim Hudson would get the loss with 7 innings of work, allowing 3 earned runs & 5 hits, 3 K's.

Luis Gonzalez would hit HR #4 of the series off of reliever Jim Mecir later; Jason Giambi on the other side has been silent this series (for most part): 2-for-12 with HR & double.

SERIES TIED 2-2; Now Arizona has a huge decision to make, instead of saving Schilling & R.Johnson for Games 6 & 7, or do they pitch Schilling with 3 days rest for Game 5, now that they have momentum? If they do, it will be Schilling, Batista & R.Johnson for that last three starts.. if not, they pitch Brian Anderson for Game 5 & save the big two for last.

Decisions, decisions...

Friday, July 8, 2016

APBA Tournaments NEWS

News on all the APBA Tournament's latest...

JULY 9, 2016
2nd Annual Linda B. Schulz Memorial APBA Baseball Tournament (Pittsburgh)

The Tournament hosted by Ken Schulz will take place tomorrow morning, the divisions were announced recently...

Divisions Announced for the 2016 LBS APBA Baseball Championship (created through a randomizer). Please remember to bring your team with you to the tournament. Each team will play its division opponent 2 games (1H/1A) with the top team from each division moving on into the championship single elimination bracket. The next two best records beyond the 6 division winners will also move on to that championship round.

Fred Clarke Division
Ron Emch 1963 Los Angeles Dodgers
Greg Wells 1909 Pittsburgh Pirates
Ken Schulz 2011 Texas Rangers
John Schoeb 1959 Milwaukee Braves

Clint Hurdle Division
Tim Rounds 1930 Philadelphia Athletics
Doug Phillips 1912 New York Giants
Mel Maricic 1964 Baltimore Orioles
Brian Silvis 2015 Toronto Blue Jays

Jim Leyland Division
Randy Kromer 1966 Pittsburgh Pirates
Shawn Firster 1995 Cleveland Indians
Jeff Wiedemer 1976 Cincinnati Reds
Gilles Thibault 1994 Montreal Expos

Danny Murtaugh Division
Ken Lynch 1998 New York Yankees
Jeff Heagy 1919 Chicago White Sox
Tom Croyle 2015 Los Angeles Dodgers
Darren Schulz 2001 Seattle Mariners

Chuck Tanner Division
John Cress 1990 Oakland Athletics
Bill Lilley 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates
Doug Schuyler 1977 Pittsburgh Pirates
Tucker Mcbride 2007 Boston Red Sox

Bill Virdon Division
Jerry Shinsky 2014 Pittsburgh Pirates
Mark Mcdonel 1971 Pittsburgh Pirates
Brian Murphy 1902 Pittsburgh Pirates
Kate/Phillip Silvis 2015 Pittsburgh Pirates

Tomorrow a champ will rise from 24 contenders -- who will it be? We will find out soon; Last year's winner Greg Wells is bringing the 1909 Pittsburgh Pirates.

JULY 23, 2016
Chicago Summer Fantasy World Series
Grayslake, IL

Tournament takes place in two weeks, I will be going to the event with the 1987 Detroit Tigers + 2007 Magglio Ordonez. The premise of the tournament is that you can select a player from the same franchise nickname that you are taking. I believe there will be 32 teams in this tournament, tournament is booked.
There is plenty of excitement building up for the event that is hosted by Doug Schuyler.
It has been almost three years since I played a tournament in the Chicago area, looking forward to returning.

AUGUST 29, 2016
Toledo Glass City APBA Baseball Tournament II
Maumee-Bowling Green Elks Lodge #1850
137 W Wayne Street 
Maumee, OH  43537
$15.00 entry

Please contact my friend, Ron Emch (part of the APBA Baseball Facebook Group) for further details on the tournament that he is hosting. There are still plenty of openings, you will not regret going to any of these tournaments, so contact Ron.

Host Ron Emch handing off trophy to champion Randy Egan.
OCTOBER 1, 2016
Neil Ess Memorial Twin Cities APBA Baseball Tournament VI
Private Residence / Facebook Contact: Craig Christian

The Twin Cities tournament hosts two tournaments a year - One in the spring & another in the fall, each one has been getting bigger, I believe they had over 30 at the last event.

The following teams have now been retired from tournament play:

1927 New York Yankees (TCABT I / Kevin Cluff)
1954 New York Giants (TCABT II / Leroy Arnoldi)
1902 Pittsburgh Pirates (TCABT III / Andy Bartel)
1937 New York Yankees (TCABT IV / Leroy Arnoldi)
2011 Texas Rangers (TCABT V / Kevin Cluff)

Kevin Cluff won the last tournament, becoming a two-time champion at this tournament, joining Leroy Arnoldi

MARCH 4, 2017
3rd Annual Greater Michigan APBA Baseball Tournament 

Located at Gene Davis and Sons Steaks Eatery
4243 Oak Lane Road
Jackson, Michigan

The event is hosted by my good friend, Pastor Rich Zawadzki. I had the privilege of getting to know Rich better, when we both traveled to the Chicago APBA Baseball World Series (Winter 2013) together -- We had such a great time, hanging out with our new friends through APBA.
Doug Schuyler (Chicago Tourney), Rich Zawadzki (Greater Michigan) & Shawn Baier (myself).
This will now be the third tournament hosted by Rich, and I will be returning to the event next year, defending my title with the 1901 Pittsburgh Pirates; March 2017's tourney's theme is dead-ball teams from 1901-1919. I won the 2016 tournament with the 1993 Atlanta Braves.

JULY 22-27th, 2020 (not definite date)
The Cherry APBA Baseball Roll-Away by the Bay 
Traverse City, Michigan
"The Cherry Capital of the World" and host of the National Cherry Festival.

The tournament event that will be a week-long event, loaded with tourist stuff in the beautiful Grand Traverse Area + Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park Lakeshore, plus canoeing, hiking & camping -- all capped off with big tournament at the end of the week.

The tournament itself, will take place on the last day of the event -- It's a one-time deal, there will only be one of these tournaments. The goal is to make it the summer-camp experience of APBA fun, while getting a chance for everyone to take in this beautiful area that was once voted as the most beautiful place in America (Good Morning America). A chance where the families can enjoy, a relaxed event where you don't have to rush-in or rush-out of town...
The sandbar that you canoe out of onto Lake Michigan via the Platte River.
Canoes, hiking, swimming, camping & APBA.... What's not to like?

More details to come... let me know at if interested or if you have any questions.

*** This concludes article, Pittsburgh Tourney results posted soon ***
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