Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Plenty of Shaking Going On

The 2007 Detroit Tigers have had plenty to celebrate.
The latest on all the projects of late...

2007 Detroit Tigers Season Replay
The 2007 Detroit Tigers Season Replay ended with a ridiculous run by my Tigers to not only make the playoffs by reaching win #94, but eliminating the Cleveland Indians in the process, as the Tigers won the A.L. Central.

Next: The Tigers will have to play a best-of-five with the Los Angeles Angels. L.A. has home-field advantage by winning 5 of 8 in the season series against each other. The Boston Red Sox, the #1 seed in the American League will host A.L. Wild Card New York Yankees in Games 1 & 2 (and Game 5, if necessary).

Nothing was effected through my interleague match-ups which means everything that did happen in the National League Playoffs will play out the same exact way, meaning the Colorado Rockies will be waiting for someone in the World Series.

Hail to the King: Kershaw has been dominant for the Kings.
The Boys of Summer APBA Baseball League
The BoS has just got through the midway point of the season, the All-Star Game will be delayed for after the season for plenty of reasons. The National League's Portland Microbrewers currently have the best overall record in the BoS at 63-35 (.643 winning pct) is on pace for 100+ wins for a third consecutive season, they are also trying to reach their third consecutive World Series -- hopefully with better luck, as the American League has won both World Series and All-Star Games up to this point.

The American League's best team is currently the Chicago Nine at 60-39, while their division rival Fairgrove Tigers, the defending World Champions have fell to third place at 48-51. The South Side Spartans, new to the BoS scene, are leading the A.L. East at 54-45, after a seven-game sweep of tough N.L. opponent Holland.

With the Holland Hitchhikers being swept by the Spartans recently, the Traverse City Panthers (57-42) currently sit alone on top of the N.L. East with a 4-game lead over Holland & a 5-game lead over the surprising Urbana Locomotives. Holland and Urbana are the two teams, now fighting for that N.L. Wild Card spot.

This season has been the year of the bullpen with numerous relievers on pace for 50+ Saves, including Holland's Greg Holland, Chicago's Dellin Betances & Traverse City's Wade Davis.

For the National League one starting pitcher stands out, as he is in the hunt for the pitching's version of the Triple Crown --- Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw is tied in wins (15) with T.C's Corey Kluber, while leading the league in ERA (1.46) and strikeouts (190) in 148.1 innings of work; Kershaw has been the one shining light coming out of down-and-out King Road.

Another team that is down-and-out is the league's inaugural World Champions -- the South Shore Fighting Imps; The Imps got long in the tooth with vets such as Joe Mauer, David Wright, Curtis Granderson and A.J. Pierzynski -- and are in definite need for an injection of youth, they are in the sweepstakes to bring in one of the big headling prospects in either Kris Bryant, Carlos Correa, Kyle Schwarber, Noah Syndergaard, Addison Russell or plenty of others...

The league didn't have as much parity as expected, nor did it offensively. Possibly the worst season in offense in this league's brief history, has only 4 qualified batting title contenders, batting over .300 in both leagues combined. Traverse City's Josh Harrison leads the bunch with a .316 batting average, followed by Jose Abreu (who leads A.L.) with .313; Holland's Eric Hosmer (.303) and Swatara's Victor Martinez (.302) are the others.

Making it look easy: Abreu seeking the crown.
Meanwhile, rookie Jose Abreu (of the Corktown Tamales) is competing for the A.L. Triple Crown, A.L. Rookie-of-the-Year Award and A.L. Most Valuable Player of the Year Award. Abreu leads the A.L. in all three of the Triple Crown categories -- Batting .313 batting average (as mentioned above), while leading the league with 28 home runs and 63 RBI.

Christy Mathewson
The league in which 48 great teams (for most part) are divided up into two leagues, eight divisions (four divisions per league; The league is at its All-Star Break after 28 games per team, 20 games (all division matchups) remain for the teams.

The All-Star Rosters will be announced soon.

You can check out the League Leaders for each league below...


Some of the transactions that will reshape the 2015 race.

For those that don't know, I also have a annual league in which I update the trades in real-life to the previous APBA Season released (in which 2015 updates will be done to the 2014 APBA file), basically a replay with a twist.

I have plenty to catch-up on in that league. Last year, the Boston Red Sox defeated the St. Louis Cardinals (2014 Transaction League with 2013 results).

The Pirates teams were fun to play in the World Series Replays.


Currently playing the 1904 World Series -- Yes, I am aware that the 1904 World Series never happened, but what if it did?

Here are the results from the previous seasons in a section I call the Replay Booth

There is more news on other things not reported yet, but this will do for now.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Game #162 (2007 Detroit Tigers Replay Update)

Where we left off, the Detroit Tigers had to win out the rest of the schedule to force a one-game playoff against the New York Yankees.

During Game #156, the Tigers suffered their last loss, a 2-0 victory by Jorge de la Rosa of the Kansas City Royals -- that game put the Tigers in the win out the remainder of the season situation. The Tigers followed up that performance with a three-game sweep of the Minnesota Twins, who have been a nuisance to say at the very least.

Now the Tigers had to go to Chicago for the final series of the season, in Chicago. The Tigers won the first two games, edging the White Sox in both, by the scores of 5-3 & 4-2.

Now it comes down to this....

GAME #162

The Detroit Tigers send Chad Durbin (15-7, 4.73 ERA / Grade C) to face Jose Contreras (a Grade D pitcher).

Jermaine Dye and the White Sox strike early, taking a 2-0 lead with a two-run single in the bottom of the first inning.

Top of the 3rd - The Tigers cut the lead in half, when Brandon Inge scores from 2nd, on a dropped fly (error) by Jermaine Dye in right.

Top of the 4th - The Tigers tie the game up at 2-2, with an RBI single, driving in Placido Polanco from third base; Brandon Inge would hit into a double play to end the inning.

Top of the 5th - Curtis Granderson hits his 26th home run of the season off of Contreras, a one-out solo shot to right, to give the Tigers a 3-2 lead. Ryan Raburn followed with a single, but the Tigers could not do any more damage.

Jermaine Dye: Tigers in Dye or go home situation.
Top of the 6th - Tigers start gaining momentum as Jose Contreras gets sloppy, he would end up plunking Placido Polanco for the second time in the game. Polanco has but hit by a pitch, a team-leading 14 times with Brandon Inge. Carlos Guillen followed with his 2nd hit of the game; Guillen has underachieved for most part of season, but has been hitting well in September; Runners on 1st & 2nd. Sean Casey hits into a team-leading 24th double play, Polanco now on 3rd, with two outs. Brandon Inge (batting .189) hits a clutch-single to left, to score in Polanco; Inge is thrown out at 2nd trying to stretch play into a double for final out in the top-half of the inning. Tigers lead 4-2

Bottom of 6th - After striking out Jim Thome to lead off the inning, the Tigers were thinking strategy, and chose to go with Fernando Rodney to face Paul Konerko and Dye; Dye , had a two-run single in the first; Chad Durbin leaves, allowing 5 hits, 2 earned runs, three walks in 5.1 innings. Konerko would reach first safely on a infield grounder that Brandon Inge fielded well, but would end up throwing to first, forcing first baseman Sean Casey off the bag (throwing error). One out, one on -- Jermaine Dye strikes again, two-run homer that would tie the game, 4-4. Scott Podsednik follows up with a double -- forcing Tigers to go to the bullpen again. Tigers call on Zach Miner, Miner retires both Juan Uribe and Danny Richar to end inning. Game tied though, 4-4

Top of the 7th - With one out, White Sox reliever Ryan Bukvich would allow back-to-back singles to Curtis Granderson and Ryan Raburn; The hit would be Granderson's 240th hit of the season (709 AB's). With runners on 1st & 3rd, former White Sock Magglio Ordonez (batting .378 with 39 HR & 126 RBI) is intentionally walked -- White Sox looking for a double play to get out of the inning. Gary Sheffield would hit into a force, and just reaches first safely, while Granderson scores from third to give Detroit the lead. With runners on 1st & 3rd again, Placido Polanco who has been coming up with big hits of late, collects an RBI single. The White Sox pull Bukvich, and send reliever Ehren Wassermann (Grade B-Z, making him a Grade A-Z against first batter Guillen). Carlos Guillen hits into inning-ending ground out. Tigers lead 6-4

Bottom of the 7th - Zach Miner returns for some more action in the 7th, but this inning would not be as successful for him -- giving up back-to-back singles to Toby Hall and Jerry Owens, runners on 1st & 2nd. Josh Fields who has been a dangerous foe of the Tigers all season, hits into a double play, as the Tigers get the lead runner Hall; Owens on second, two outs. The Tigers have a conference on the mound, discussing their strategy again Jim Thome, who also has lit up the Tigers this season -- They decide to pitch to Thome, but they don't give up any give-me pitches, as Thome draws a walk. Runners on 1st & 2nd, two outs, and the Tigers pay the price against Paul Konerko -- Paulie hits a three-run HR that sucks the wind out of the Tigers' dugout. It appears the Tigers' luck is running out, as the White Sox take 7-6 lead. Jermaine Dye, 2-for-3 with 4 RBI, grounds out to finish the inning. Miner has been a very effective reliever for the Tigers, 87 appearances with an ERA staying in the flat 3.00 ERA range, he has been a bit prone to the long ball (especially of late) with 12 HR's allowed in 109 innings. White Sox lead 7-6

Konerko delivers nail in coffin?
Top of the 8th - Sean Casey leads off with a single against Ehren Wassermann, but the Tigers would do nothing after that, as Brandon Inge, Ivan Rodriguez & Curtis Granderson (who has 3 hits) goes down in order.

Bottom of the 8th - The Tigers switch from Jason Grilli to Tim Byrdak, after Grilli gives up one-out double to Juan Uribe. Brydak retires Danny Richar and Toby Hall to keep the White Sox from adding more damage.

Top of the 9th - Things are starting to look bleak for the Detroit Tigers as Bobby Jenks, the White Sox closer (Grade A-XZ) takes the mound; Tigers do have Ryan Raburn, Magglio Ordonez, and Gary Sheffield coming to the plate though... then again Jenks has collected 5 saves against the Tigers this season. Raburn leads off with a single, but Magglio would fly out for out number one. Gary Sheffield, leading the team with 127 RBI, would get plunked by a pitch, he trots down to first while staring down Jenks. 1st & 2nd with one out, Placido Polanco (batting .297) comes to the plate, and makes his 200th hit of the season, a big one -- Three-run homer by Polly! Can you believe it?! Their backs against the wall, once again, and they come through yet again! Jenks is in shock. Jenks recovers by retiring Carlos Guillen and Sean Casey, but the damage is done. Tigers lead 9-7

Polanco: Once again, clutch.
Bottom of the 9th - Bobby Seay trying to convert his 20th Save, since taking over for Todd Jones as the team's closer, he will have hit work cut out for him: Jerry Owens, Josh Fields and Jim Thome (with Paul Konerko and Jermaine Dye following if White Sox can get a few hits on the board) are up this inning. Seay would strike out Owens, and then Fields would fly out, for two quick outs. Thome decides not to make it easy for Seay, as he hits a double to right; White Sox decide to pinch-run for Thome with Luis Terrero. Tying run is at the plate in the dangerous Paul Konerko, who hit a clutch go-ahead three-run HR in the bottom of the 7th inning. Seay reaches back, delivers, Konerko takes a huge swing, but strikes out! Bring on the Yankees! The Tigers have forced a one-game playoff against New York.

The Tigers have now won 6 straight games, and stand at 94-68


So while I was doing the write-up today on this game that I actually finished about two weeks ago, I realized that I did not just made my playoff hopes a potential -- but that I actually made the playoffs, and actually won the division!

In real-life, the Indians went 12-6 against the Tigers, they only went 9-9 against me in the 2007 Detroit Tigers Replay season. At one point, likely the end of August sometime, probably right after my final series with the Yankees, I thought with the way the Indians would end the season by going on a tear in real-life, that I had only a shot at the wildcard spot held by the New York Yankees.

The 2007 Detroit Tigers celebrating their amazing season.
So I was just checking to see how many games that I lost the division to the Indians, when I forgot about my +3 differential against the Indians, and did not take in the effect that I finished 6 games better than the actual Detroit Tigers led by Jim Leyland. I was so obsessed in matching 94 wins that I did not even think I was in the running for the division.

For all that may be lost, I played only the Tigers games for the 2007 Detroit Tigers Season Replay, what ever differential that I create in my Tiger match-ups with those teams in those games, would only be different. The rest of the teams' records would not be effected, so whatever the Mariners did against the Angels would remain exactly the same, etc etc...

So I went on a September tear of 21-6, not thinking anything of it, or the fact that I was 6 games better than actual Tigers, I was just trying to match Yankees' 94 wins. The Indians in real life won 96 games, but subtract 3 wins, due to the fact that I had a +3 win differential against them, and it appears that in Game #161 when Cleveland lost to K.C. in real-life, while I won a close game against the White Sox that I ACTUALLY took the division lead.

Now back to Game #162...

If I lost this game, we would be playing a one-game playoff actually against the Cleveland Indians for the division -- due to the fact that Cleveland did beat Kansas City on last day of season... but we won...

and apparently we won the American League Central! 

Which means the Cleveland Indians are out, and that the New York Yankees, the A.L. Wildcard will face against the Boston Red Sox in the ALDS, while my Tigers would have to play the Los Angeles Angels -- Angels own home-field against us, due to having a 5-3 record against us in season play.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Beau's Big APBA Adventure

Well, it's been a little while since I wrote a blog piece, and there is plenty to come while I'm getting situated at my new job -- so most of my energy is a bit spent after getting off my new job. The energy that I have had has been with my wife, kicking back watching Netflix, getting caught up on Once Upon A Time and watching American Horror Story.

So instead of me, writing a piece, I thought that I would share someone else's blog piece -- a fun piece by one of my friends, a look forward to meeting this friend one day, face to face.

For all that are on the APBA Facebook Group, you probably have the pleasure of knowing Beau Lofgren, he's a third grade teacher & the head varsity Baseball coach up in Hawkley, Minnesota. He has this wonderful APBA blog named minnesotaapba 

Beau Lofgren (left) with Bill Lilley at Twin Cities.
For the record Beau did better than I have done in my two APBA tournament experiences, I have a combined record of 5-7, playing with the 1912 New York Giants and 1917 Chicago White Sox. This March, I plan to go more modern by taking the 1993 Atlanta Braves to Jackson, Michigan.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

You know how when Christmas and New Years comes around, there's that one song "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year..." and everyone who's in love with that time of year falls into this happy trance of everything Christmas, you know what I'm talking about?

Well, that's how I feel about October...

The reasons why I love October?

1) My wife and I got married October 7th, 2006 -- Best day of my life, and the beginning of many more...

2) I was born in October. I am a Bicentennial baby, born on October 28th, 1976. 

3) The colors of autumn, watching the sun bounce off the changing leaves, the cool breeze -- not too cold, not too hot.... ahhh, perfection! The smell of burning leaves, kids are back to school, the calm after the summer tourist storm, back to normal. That good ol' Country feel.

My wife and I love autumn so much, if we were able to have children, we would have named our second daughter Autumn.

4) John Lennon was born in October, October 9th.

and last but, certainly not least....

5) BASEBALL!!!!!!

Yes... It's that wonderful time of year for us Baseball nuts.

Already, the Chicago Cubs find themselves trailing in a series, 1-0 (they have never came back from a 1-0 deficit in 12 other opportunities).

John Lackey is doing what John Lackey does this time of year, and that's winning post-season games, he has now won a Game 1,2,3,4,5,6 & 7 -- no other pitcher in MLB history has done that.
The Cardinals players are doing what Cardinals players usually do this time of year, every man, even the unusual names jumping to the task -- in which the casual MLB fan would say Tommy who? (Tommy Pham).

The Los Angeles Dodgers are meanwhile doing what the Los Angeles Dodgers like to do, and that's lose when you have your best pitcher in the game on the mound (Clayton Kershaw).

The New York Mets are in the playoffs for the first time since 2006, to put it in perspective that year was the year that my Detroit Tigers returned to the playoffs after a 19-year absence; The Tigers would be in the playoffs from 2011-2014, and there should have been a couple other times as well. Jacob deGrom quickly put himself in Mets' playoff history with a 13-K performance, shutting down the Dodgers.

deGrom posted 13 K's against the Los Angeles Dodgers.
For baseball fans it was nice to see former great franchises like the Kansas City Royals, Pittsburgh Pirates & Baltimore Orioles return to the post-season in recent years, along with the Mets, Cubs, Houston Astros & Toronto Blue Jays for this season. It's been 22 long seasons until the Blue Jays have finally broke into the post-season, for their fans it may have been more frustrating than that of the Pirates' long drought (which was snapped in 2013), because Pirate fans expected to lose, while the Jays didn't always have terrible teams, just down-right frustrating teams.

I documented in a article once (Over-Under 2007-2012) that documented the Blue Jays from 2007 to 2010, and how their actual record should have been better according to their Pythagorean Records.

The Houston Astros defeat the New York Yankees in the A.L. Wild Card Game.
Also, I'm a believer in uniforms, truly am. The Los Angeles Angels broke into their Cardinal Red uniforms in 2002, went on to win World Series. The Blue Jays a few years ago, finally converted back to the uniform that reflected their winning days. The Houston Astros changed their uniforms recently and their culture changed as well.

I remember in the 1980's when the Atlanta Falcons stunk, they then switched to all black, and suddenly they played well. Uniforms can have a psychological effect on the team itself and its competition -- another example, the Tampa Bay Bucs switched from their pansy Orange Cream-sickle uniforms to the bold red, copper & black (sporting the Jolly Rogers).

It's good to see the Jays back, and I really look forward to the possibility of a great potential ALCS in a Royals-Blue Jays matchup.

Now let's shift the conversation to same-old faces, it's good to not see October being dominated by either Yankees or Boston Red Sox, or both even. In recent years, or at least for the Yankees, October has not been automatic; Although this year's Yankees team was a good story for comeback players such as (hate him or love him) Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira -- most people want to see something fresh like the Astros moving on, especially since the Yankees outperformed their expectations all year... it's a good building block for New York moving forward, I do believe they should take advantage of their youth.

Chirinos and Odor deliver for Texas.
It's also good not to see the San Francisco Giants not in the playoffs (or for this year at least... remember they are the every-other year or even-year champion -- So Giant fans get ready for your championship parade in 2016). The Texas Rangers after a couple years off, have returned to the post-season, but seem to be a familiar face, I don't expect their ride to continue, even though it was impressive to see their smaller names like Robinson Chirinos and Rougned Odor take it to Toronto in Game 1.

I'm still sticking with my mid-season pick of the Kansas City Royals winning the World Series, and would not be surprised to see a all-Missouri World Series like what happened 30 years ago (1985) -- facing the St. Louis Cardinals. Cardinals are probably playing the best baseball of the entire bunch, but sticking with my pick, Royals in 7 (over Cardinals).

Oh, how I love this game!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Twin Cities Tourney Results

The Neil Ess Memorial Twin Cities APBA Tournament is in the books!

A few last minute cancellations did not dampen anyone's spirits, they were still 23 members strong -- this tournament's strongest showing yet!

The tournament had brothers face off against one another, while the tournament featured APBA tourney vets like Bill Lilley and Craig Christian, while for others such as Beau Lofgren -- this was their first time. Regardless if it's your 100th or 1st time, one thing always remains the same... everyone always has a blast.

It's always fun meeting new people at these tournaments, sharing the same game that everyone loves.

Brother vs Brother: Beau (89' A's) and Ben Lofgren (89' Cubs) go at it.
A score sheet of Eric Berg's 1906 Chicago Cubs (going 8-1 in opening round)

The playoff results for the Twin Cities tourney.

Some participants showed off their new custom-made APBA stadiums.

New Friendships: Beau Lofgren and Bill Lilley had a blast!

The tournament was won by Leroy Arnoldi's 1937 New York Yankees, winning in a best-of-three championship, of 2-0 over the 1905 New York Giants; This was Arnoldi's second Twin Cities title. The tournament happens biannually and will return in April, with many of these recent contestants already impatient for the next tournament!

Good job to Jim Fraasch, Darrell Skogen and Craig Christian for making this possible.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Backs Against the Wall

The unlikely closer: Bobby Seay has done wonderful with the job.
My 2007 Detroit Tigers for my 2007 Detroit Tigers Season Replay, seem to play at their best when they absolutely, necessarily have to. On a few occasions they would fall to their absolute worse, and then suddenly spark a winning streak -- they continue to surprise me to a point where I am no longer surprised.

For those that may have not been following, here is a brief description how the season has played out. We put together a 53-33 record at the All-Star Break, we were only a game ahead of the actual team's record, but have fared better against out division rival Cleveland Indians -- Our goal was to reverse history and win the division from the tribe; We had a 5 game division lead at the break.

The rest of July was not so kind to the Tigers, and August started out far worse. At one point, we lost nine straight, and shortly after had a five-game losing streak that gave us a record of 64-56 -- meaning we went 11-23 since the break!

Also after Game #120, we were 2 games behind the actual Tigers. The fact that we also played poorly against the Minnesota Twins, at Game #130 we fell to 3rd place! Something the actual 2007 Tigers did not do no later than April 29th.

Than just when we thought things were not looking good at 68-62, my Tigers would win 11 straight! While looking over at Cleveland's record the rest of the way, I realized that the division was definitely lost to Cleveland...


I could still have a shot at that American League Wild Card spot.

I could no longer do any damage against the New York Yankees, we both split the season series at 4-4, just like they did in real life -- which means no difference in their win differential, which means no matter what the Yankees will finish 94-68.

To at least force a one-game playoff against these Yankees, and just coming off my 11th consecutive victory (defeating the Mariners) after Game #141, putting my record at 79-62... I would have to go 15-6 the rest of the way, mind you we just done this same 15-6 stretch after sitting at 64-56 --- so basically I had to win 30 of my last 42 games to force a one-game playoff, or win 31 (going 16-5 in my last 21 to win the spot outright)!

I think prior to the 11-game winning streak, shortly after our series with Tampa Bay is when I decided to go with a four-man rotation here on out (giving more opportunities for my ace Grade B-X Justin Verlander), and give Bobby Seay the full-time closing job over Todd Jones. This strategy helped me get in the neighborhood of trying to pull off what seemed impossible at one point.

I remember posting this situation and goal to others on APBA Facebook Group -- Everyone agreed, including my brother Chris, that I had a tall task to accomplish. Worst come to worst, I can try to do better than Jim Leyland at least.

Inside the first three games, it appeared the team stumbled, the 11-game winning streak came to an end, and I would lose 2 of my next 3 -- losing to Toronto, in a 14-0 (Roy Halladay was excellent) pounding, put our record at 80-64 (We can only lose 4 games tops at this point).

We would sweep Texas, that included a tough extra inning win in Game #147. We would then win 2 of 3 from Minnesota, and surprisingly we would win 2 of 3 from Cleveland. With 9 games left, we would have to win 7 of our last 9 -- than Kansas City did the unfortunate against us, and won their series 2-1... Leaving us no margin of error, one loss and we are officially eliminated.

Our backs, once again against the wall...

I would chronicle our series against KC and then the rally we started in my previous post called This Is It -- click on it and check it out, if you haven't (or just scroll down).

We had to face the Minnesota Twins for another three-game series in Detroit, and then go to Chicago and sweep them as well -- to finish 6-0 to force the one-game playoff. If you read the above link, you would notice we pulled off the sweep against the Twins, now the White Sox.

One more game, one more win & we force what seemed to be the impossible at one point... but for now, you'll have to wait and see...

I will give away one spoiler, it was quite the see-saw match-up!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

This Is It (2007 DETROIT TIGERS Replay Update)

My 2007 DETROIT TIGERS Season Replay is heading towards dusk -- hopefully with a post-season dawn to follow. The Detroit Tigers enter their series against the Kansas City Royals at 87-66, we can only be able to lose 2 games tops! 69 losses and we are officially eliminated, 68 we force one game playoff for the A.L. Wildcard, against the New York Yankees.

I have been posting the team's progress on Facebook, so to save some time, I will re-post those postings on here...

One series remains for the Detroit Tigers, they now need to travel to Chicago and need to sweep the three-game series against the Chicago White Sox to force a one-game playoff against the Yankees. The Tigers are 9-6 against the White Sox, although in real-life the White Sox owned us.

Should be a good one...

One question remains, can the Detroit Tigers continue their latest rally?

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Crazy 48's - Pitching Leaders (STRIPES LEAGUE)


Red Sox' Buck O'Brien is among many leaders charts for pitching.

Ashby is 3rd in ERA (1.34) with 5 wins for 1998 Padres.

Pfiester leads the entire Crazy 48's with 60 K's.

"Three-Finger" Brown: 5 wins, 1.86 ERA, 51 K's & 6 complete games.

Crazy 48's - Batting Leaders (STRIPES LEAGUE)


Steinfeldt currently leads Stripes League in BA (.387) & hits (41).

Belle leads the entire Crazy 48's with 17 round-trippers.

Duke Snider: .304, 8 HR & 30 RBI.

Jim Gilliam is among many categories, including Batting Avg, Runs, and OPS.

Once Tris Speaker heated up for Boston, so did the 1912 Red Sox.

Billy Martin is high on the RBI list (26), among Doubles & Hits.

Joe Connolly of the 14' Braves is currently 4th in OPS (1.047).

George Brett is putting together huge season: .320, 11 HR & 28 RBI (1.119 OPS).

Pitching Leaders will be out soon for Crazy 48's (STRIPES LEAGUE).
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