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Atlanta's Slide and the Off-Season Aftermath (Part 1)

Ryan Klesko is greeted at home plate by Javy Lopez.

The Atlanta Braves made no trade deadline moves by July 31st, 1995, while the Los Angeles Dodgers landed starting pitcher Chuck Finley from California in exchange for prospects 1B Bill Ashley and 2B Bill Mueller.

Part of the reason that I made no moves was the fact that we are over-budget and the fact that I would have to trade big pieces for numerous smaller pieces. The big pieces were all putting up big numbers, while I really was limited with my roster flexibility.

The lack of moves would come back to haunt my 1995 Atlanta Braves, as we picked a lousy time to go on a 4-6 skid, while the Los Angeles Dodgers finished the season on a 12-game winning streak. Entering the last game, both teams were tied in first, and the Braves didn't show up in Houston, while the Dodgers won their game against the Giants.

The Los Angeles Dodgers would eventually defeat the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLCS (in 6 games) while defeating the Chicago White Sox in the World Series, 4-2. The Dodgers' playoff rotation was Tom CandiottiPedro Martinez and Finley.

The Braves' playoff streak from 1991-1994 came to an end, as we missed the playoffs with 104 wins... so now we know how the real-life 1993 San Francisco Giants felt like.

Our team depth, minor league depth & our bullpen depth have all taken a hit over time, and their needs definitely need to be addressed.

We have 1B/3B Jason Giambi knocking on the door for playing time, but there has not been any room for him to play with Chipper Jones at third & Fred McGriff at first. I did entertain the idea of Chipper playing short, but long term he would have to move over to third at some point, so I nixed that idea.

McGriff is signed through the end of the 1998 Season, but he can opt out at the end of this upcoming 1996 Season. McGriff currently makes $4.2 million per year, while Giambi is making $128,000 at the moment (the upcoming arbitration hearing will likely bump him to around $153 K).

While I truly love having McGriff on my team, despite his down-year (.272, 22 HR, 104 RBI & .783 OPS) in 1995, he could bring me a few players in return while slashing payroll. I believe Giambi is ready to take over.

Tony Phillips will likely be another roster casualty, he has not lived up to his three-year contract, I sacrificed fielding (playing him in center) for his batting eye (on-base machine), but he has not been on the field the majority of the time, while missing a combined 9 months over the last two seasons. Deion Sanders would become the regular starter again.

Phillips and McGriff are worth $6.8 million combined per year.

I am on the fence with David Justice, unlike Phillips and McGriff, I don't have a quality replacement to take over for him... the best option at the moment is Brian R. Hunter, who I rather have backing up Giambi at first & a quality outfielder in right.

Getting rid of both McGriff and Justice during the same off-season would be a huge loss of power taken out of that lineup, then again Ryan Klesko and Javy Lopez have both stepped up, while I expect big things out of Chipper and Giambi.

Justice currently has a annual salary of $3.4 million.

I actually thought about saving a measly $1.0 million by not offering arbitration to Mark Wohlers, his arm problems are already apparent, plus we all know that they don't get better. The great thing about Out of the Park Baseball is that the computer generator could create a better alternative history for Wohlers, but most often it will likely go down the same destined path. I decided that I will keep him for now as the closer, while Roberto Hernandez will be the 8th Inning setup man.

I decided not to offer arbitration to reliever Mike Stanton, and will save at least $1.3 million (his current salary). I will agree to Mike Timlin and Scott Radinsky's arbitration, although they both have not done much to this point, they do have a real-life track record of being consistent & reliable relievers in the Majors.

Decisions, decisions.... you will have to see what I decided what to do in my next post.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

1995 All-Star Break Report

The Atlanta Braves find themselves in familiar territory, first place while dealing with the usual untimely injuries.

Tony Phillips spent more significant time on the disabled list with a torn hamstring, missing two months (after missing nearly half-the-season, plus the entire playoffs during 1994). Phillips signed a three-year deal worth $7.8 million prior to the 1994 season (signed through 1996), while already spending a total of 7 months on the DL.

Mark Wohlers is also a repeat offender in the injury department, dealing with shoulder issues. Wohlers spent 9 months on the disabled list, while pitching only 11.2 innings (0.77 ERA & 8 saves) until his recent injury, his return status at the moment is 'unknown'.

David Justice fractured his wrist & was on pace for 38 HR & 116 RBI at the time of his injury, he returns in 6 weeks.

The team currently sits at first place (59-29), 3.5 games ahead of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the N.L. West. Atlanta has won the division for 3-years running, and have accomplished this with their stellar & consistent starting rotation.

Tom Glavine (12-1, 2.20 ERA), John Smoltz (12-4, 2.44 ERA) & Steve Avery (12-4, 2.54 ERA) have been excellent, while Greg Maddux (8-5, 3.76 ERA) has struggled a bit. Their 5th starter, Alan Benes (8-7, 4.49 ERA) has pitched pretty good considering that he's on the tail-end of the rotation.

On offense, the Braves' Ryan Klesko made his 1st All-Star Game, while hitting strong in all three triple crown categories, batting .341 with 20 HR & 77 RBI. Javy Lopez (.306, 16 HR & 64 RBI) was named to the All-Star Game for the second consecutive year.

It will be interesting to see what GM Shawn Summers (top right, handsome fella) will do in his quest for a 4th straight division title as we move forward.

Around the League....

Wade Boggs, who was leading the National League with a .371 batting average for the San Diego Padres, found himself shipped to the Oakland Athletics (June 28th, 1995) in exchange for SP Brad Radke and OF Ernie Young. Boggs joins a team that was very-much favored prior to the season, but has struggled badly, sitting in last place (44-45, 9.5 games out). The Athletics made a huge splash in the free agent market when they landed Larry Walker prior to the season.

Oakland's rotation has been disappointing considering that their top four starters are Kevin Brown, Mark Langston, Curt Schilling & Terry Mulholland.

Manny Ramirez (.339, 34 HR & 83 RBI) and Jim Thome (.348, 27 HR & 86 RBI) have the Cleveland Indians (winners of five straight games) looking good in first at 50-38, but the Toronto Blue Jays are nipping at their heals in the A.L. East. Ramirez only needs 2 HR to already match his 1994 season total of 36 dingers, while reaching his 1st All-Star Game.

The St. Louis Cardinals' Al Leiter is having a breakout year as he leads the Majors with an outstanding 1.48 ERA (13-3 record), which is totally eclipsing last season's 3.56 ERA. The Cardinals lured Leiter away from Toronto via free agency.

The Houston Astros' Darryl Kile has a 10-5 record, 1.80 ERA, with league-leading 0.89 WHIP.

The Detroit Tigers own the league's worst record with 30 wins, while they have won no more than 69 games during the last three seasons... finishing 7th each time. It is rumored that the Tigers' young superstar Alex Rodriguez is marking his days in Motown on the locker room wall at Tigers Stadium in the same way as a prisoner serving life in prison.

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'Gunboat' Gumbert Smacks 2 HR (Vault #2)

From the BoS Blog Vault - Originally posted on April 25th, 2013 - It was the first time that I ever had a pitcher hit two home runs in a single game, he was also very effective with his arm as well. Plus other Crazy 48's highlights.

'Gunboat' Gumbert smacks 2 HR's & 6 RBI's
Not a bad day for Harry "Gunboat" Gumbert.

                           R   H   E
1937 Giants       12  13  0
1934 Cardinals   2    6   1     F

New York (2-2) / St. Louis (2-2)

WP- Gumbert (1-0)
LP- B.Walker (0-1) 

The 1937 New York Giants won the last two games to finish in a 2-2 split with the 1934 St. Louis Cardinals, with a record setting performance by the Giants' starting pitcher Harry Gumbert, but not with his arm, but with his bat, as he tied the 2 HR's in a game & 6 RBI's in a single-game marks. The single-game RBI mark would later be broken by Darren Daulton during the day for the 93' Phillies. His nickname "Gunboat" is fitting, batting 3-for-5.

                         R   H   E
1946 Red Sox  4    8    3
1912 Giants     10  16  4     F

Boston (1-3) / New York (3-1)

WP- Ames (1-0)
LP- J.Dobson (0-1)

The Giants' Red Murray & Larry Doyle each had 3 hits; Murray fell a HR short of the cycle while driving in 3 runs, Doyle had 2 RBI.

                       R   H   E
1929 Cubs      7   12   1
1940 Reds      4   12   1       F

Chicago (3-1) / Cincinnati (1-3)

WP- Blake (1-0)
LP- J.Turner (0-1)
SV- Carlson (2)

INJ: Werber (CIN) - 5 Games

Rogers Hornsby & Hack Wilson each hit HR's for the Cubs, as starting pitcher Sheriff Blake allowed only 1 ER during six innings against the Reds.

                              R   H   E
1944 Browns        13  20   2
1935 Crawfords     3    6   1     F

St. Louis (1-3) / Pittsburgh (3-1)

WP- Jakucki (1-0)
LP- Kincannon (0-1)

The St. Louis Browns finally win their first game, as Chet Laabs & Milt Brynes each had 4 hits (with Brynes reaching base all 6 times up / 2 BB's).

                            R   H   E
1983 Orioles       2    5    2
1993 Giants        1    4    3    F

Baltimore (1-3) / San Francisco (3-1)

WP- Morogiello (1-0)
LP- Burba (0-1)
SV- Tp.Martinez (1)

Ken Singleton hits the go-ahead double in the top of the ninth, as Orioles get their first win of the season.

Greg Vaughn hits HR #3 of the season.

                          R   H   E
1976 Dodgers   0    4    0
1998 Padres      2    4    0     F

Los Angeles (2-2) / San Diego (2-2)

WP- Hitchcock (1-0)
LP- T.John (0-1)
SV- T.Hoffman (2)

Greg Vaughn's 2-run HR (his 3rd HR) in the bottom of the first was the difference of the ballgame, as Tony Gwynn gets his first hit of the season.

                           R   H   E
1985 Blue Jays  5   10   0
1968 Tigers        6   10   0      F / 11 Inn

Toronto (2-2) / Detroit (2-2)

WP- Hiller (1-2)
LP- Lamp (1-1)

No starting pitchers would end up with decisions from either team this series, and each game ended with the home team winning in a walk-off; both teams' runs totals would equal out evenly at zero by series' end as well. Dick McAuliffe added 2 more HR's (putting his total to 3 for the season) as Bill Freehan, also hit his third HR -- but the big HR would be the walk-off by Willie Horton at Tiger Stadium. John Hiller would get his third decision of the series (this time being a victory).

                           R   H   E
1971 Giants       1    5    0
1993 Phillies      12  15  1     F

San Francisco (3-1) / Philadelphia (1-3)

WP- D.Jackson (1-0) /CG (1)
LP- Bryant (0-1)

Danny Jackson gave the Phillies bullpen a much-needed rest with a 5-hit complete game performance against the San Francisco Giants, to get Philly it's first win of the season. Darren Daulton would break the single-game RBI mark with 7, including two HR's (one of them a first inning Grand Slam).

                           R   H   E
1969 Mets         6    9    1
1925 Senators   8    9    0      F

New York (2-2) / Washington (2-2)

WP- Ogden (1-0)
LP- Cardwell (0-1)
SV- Marberry (2)

Despite a 4-for-5 performance by the Mets' Cleon Jones (HR, 2B & 3 RBI), the Senators would take the lead during the bottom of the eighth with Nemo Leibold's pinch-hit triple, and hold down the win with Firpo Marberry's 2nd Save.

                         R   H   E
1953 Dodgers  4    7    1
1912 Red Sox  5   12   1     F

Brooklyn (1-3) / Boston (3-1)

WP- Pape (1-0)
LP- J.Hughes (0-1)

After an explosive start to the series for the Brooklyn Dodgers, they would fizzle out with three straight losses, this one ending on a pinch-hit walk-off double by the Red Sox' Jake Stahl. All four Dodgers runs came off solo HR's by George Shuba, Campanella, and two by Duke Snider. Gil Hodges is now hitless in 15 at-bats for the season.
"El Duque" helps keep 98' Yanks perfect.

                         R   H   E
1986 Mets       2    5    0
1998 Yankees  3    9    0     F

N.Y. Mets (0-4) / N.Y. Yankees (4-0)

WP- O.Hernandez (1-0)
LP- S.Fernandez (0-1)
SV- M.Rivera (2)

Derek Jeter goes 2-for-4, with an RBI double, as Chad Curtis gets his first two hits of the season being switched to the lead-off spot for this game -- as the Yankees stay undefeated. Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez pitched seven solid innings of three-hit, one-run ball, including 7 strikeouts.

                           R   H   E
1999 Rangers    6   12   1
1962 Dodgers   14  16   1    F

Texas (3-1) / Los Angeles (1-3)

WP- J.Moeller (1-0)
LP- Fassero (0-1)

The Dodgers took it to Rangers' starting pitcher Jeff Fassero with 7 runs in the first inning, and they didn't look back as they win their first game of the season. Fassero, unfortunately had to stay in and eat up some innings due to the overworked Texas bullpen (during the first three games), he would allow 11 hits & 11 ER's, while walking 6 batters during 4 2/3 innings! Willie Davis & Tommy Davis of the Dodgers had four hits each.

                          R   H   E
1980 Royals      3    9    1
2007 Red Sox   2    9    0     F

Kansas City (3-1) / Boston (1-3)

WP- Pattin (1-0)
LP- J.Lopez (0-1)
SV- Quisenberry (2)

Darrell Porter goes 3-for-4 with all singles, his RBI single during the top of the eighth off of reliever Javier Lopez ended up being the deciding factor in this one. George Brett woke up from his slump with a 2-for-3 performance including a HR & 2 RBI. Curt Schilling for Boston got a no decision, striking out 6 & only allowing 2 ER's during six innings.
Gibson leading the charge, batting .350 for Detroit.

                       R   H   E
1984 Tigers    3    9   3
1995 Indians   1    4   0     F

Detroit (4-0) / Cleveland (0-4)

WP- Berenguer (1-0)
LP- Nagy (0-1)
SV- W.Hernandez (2)

The 1984 Detroit Tigers join the 1998 Yankees, as the only undefeated teams remaining out of the 24 opening series for the season. Kirk Gibson went 2-for-5 with a double, as Juan Berenguer allowed only 3 hits & 1 ER during seven innings. The Tigers are batting .369 with a 3.00 team ERA, as they swept the Indians by outscoring them by 22 runs.

                          R   H   E
2002 Athletics   6   11   0
1977 Phillies      2    9    1    F

Oakland (1-3) / Philadelphia (3-1)

WP- Lidle (1-0)
LP- Lerch (0-1)

Miguel Tejada hit his 2nd HR of the season, as he helped the Athletics get in the win column. The Phillies' Jerry Martin went 3-for-4, with 2 doubles during their loss.

                         R   H   E
1953 Yankees  4    9    0
1904 Giants     2    6    0     F

N.Y. Yankees (2-2) / N.Y. Giants (2-2)

WP- Sain (1-0)
LP- Wiltse (0-1)
SV- A.Reynolds (1)

Slumping Mickey Mantle had the deciding 2-run RBI single in the 8th, that helped the Yankees even up their opening series against the Giants.

                           R   H   E
1942 Cardinals   9    9   0
1927 Yankees   11  12   2    F

St. Louis (3-1) / New York (1-3)

WP- Pipgras (1-0)
LP- Lanier (0-1)
SV- M.Thomas (1)

The Yankees held on to a late surge from the Cardinals (who scored 4 runs in the 8th & another in the 9th) to win their first game of the season. The 1927 Yankees are considered by many to be the best team in MLB history, but haven't played up to that par as of yet -- their pitching staff has a horrid 8.08 team ERA.

                           R   H   E
1931 Athletics   7   14   1
1937 Yankees   6   10   1     F / 15 Inn

Philadelphia (3-1) / New York (1-3)

WP- Mahaffey (1-0)
LP- Chandler (0-1)
SV- Shores (1)

The Athletics surrendered a late 6-2 lead to the Yankees, who stormed back during the 7th inning. Tony Lazzeri tied the game in the bottom of the ninth with a solo HR off of Eddie Rommel. Al Simmons would smack in the stay ahead run in the top of the 15th with an RBI triple.

Westlake delivers big win for the Tribe.

                         R   H   E
1954 Indians    4    4    0
1906 Cubs        2    9    0     F

Cleveland (1-3) / Chicago (3-1)

WP- Houtteman (1-0)
LP- Lundgren (1-1)
SV- Mossi (1)

Wally Westlake's two-run triple was the big hit of the night for the Indians, who finally win their first game. Art Houtteman gets the win in relief, with a fantastic 6 inning start by aging Bob Feller. Carl Lundgren would end up getting a win, loss & save during this series for the Cubs. Jimmy Slagle had three hits for the Cubs in a losing effort.

                       R   H   E
1995 Braves   2    2    1
1975 Reds      1    3    0      F

Atlanta (3-1) / Cincinnati (1-3)

WP- Smoltz (1-0)
LP- Gullett (0-1)
SV- Ligtenberg (1)

Walt Weiss keeps playing well for the Braves, with an RBI triple. The "Big Red Machine" is having mechanic issues with their lousy .176 team batting average. Tony Perez is batting .308, HR & 2 RBI for the season (leading the Reds in all three categories).

                        R   H   E
1914 Braves    7   9    0
1971 Athletics 11 17  0    F

Boston (3-1) / Oakland (1-3)

WP- Odom (1-0)
LP- Crutcher (0-1)

The Athletics woke up out of their slumber with a 7-run explosion during the first inning, smacking 4 HR's that inning alone. Reggie Jackson's first hit of the season was a solo shot (he would get 3 hits) and later in the inning, the fans were treated to back-to-back-to-back HR's by Dick Green, Curtis Blefary and starting pitcher Blue Moon Odom. Sal Bando would hit a 2-run HR later in the 4th inning (his 2nd HR of the season).

                           R   H   E
2001 Mariners   3   11   1
1969 Orioles       2    9    1     F / 11 Inn

Seattle (2-2) / Baltimore (2-2)

WP- R.Franklin (1-0)
LP- Hardin (0-1)
SV- Sasaki (2)

Ichiro Suzuki had four hits & a steal, as John Olerud had the go-ahead RBI single in the top of the eleventh to help the Mariners walk away with a series split. The Orioles' two runs came off of Frank Robinson's 2-run HR during the bottom of the third.
Big day for Nemo Leibold!

                            R   H   E
1960 Pirates        2   10   2
1917 White Sox  7    14   2    F

Pittsburgh (3-1) / Chicago (1-3)

WP- Danforth (1-0)
LP- Haddix (0-1)

Nemo Leibold who had a big triple for the 25' Senators today, was the hero for the 1917 White Sox as well -- with a 3-for-5 performance, 3B, 2B, steal & 2 RBI! The White Sox starting pitcher Dave Danforth kept the Pirates hitters at bay, with five innings of 1 ER ball, allowing six hits & 3 walks.

                          R   H   E
1981 Expos       7   12   0
1971 Pirates     5   15   2     F

Montreal (3-1) / Pittsburgh (1-3)

WP- Burris (1-0)
LP- Lu.Walker (0-1)
SV- Reardon (2)

A sloppy 13 hits allowed win for Ray Burris (Expos); as both teams scored 9 of their combined 12 runs in the first inning alone. Andre Dawson had his best game of the season, 3-for-5, HR & 3 RBI -- while the Pirates' Roberto Clemente has been on fire, going 4-for-4, 2B, 3 RBI, while batting .588 for the season (10-for-17)!

*** LEAGUE STANDINGS Tommorrow ***

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Nelshoppen for APBA Hall of Fame

Nelshoppen (left) and myself at the Chicagoland APBA Tournament (Summer 2016). 

I feel we need to seriously stop overlooking Thomas Nelshoppen (above left), year-after-year, the fact that he's not in the APBA Hall of Fame is a true crime & shame in the APBA community.
His blog, the APBA Blog has been with the up-and-up with everything APBA from leagues forming, cards, excellent discussions of the game itself & the formulas that go into the game. He keeps us up on up-coming tourneys and knows all the important people involved in the game, info on the company itself.
His blog has also inspired bloggers such as myself (The Boys of Summer) while he has contributed more to the game of APBA than quite a few of those names that are already in the APBA Hall of Fame, for example such as two former Presidents that happened to play the game or people simply winning tournaments. I won a tournament, but I would feel really silly accepting a plaque before someone more deserving than Mr. Nelshoppen... that's just me, and these are my personal opinions (with no intent to offend the ones that are in). My point is that the game goes deeper than just playing the game. I'm a passionate person, writer, and APBA roller, I just feel really strong about this subject, and will be willing to file a more-in-depth nomination email to the company on why he should be in. His lifelong contributions to the APBA community are quite impressive, it's time to get him in.
I know I am not the only one that feels this way in the APBA community & would love to see APBA Baseball honor this stand-up guy in our APBA community.

P.S.- By the way, I do think its really cool that former Presidents have enjoyed APBA & I also enjoy hearing about former ballplayers playing this great game as well.

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Satchel Paige's No-No vs 1942 Cards (Vault #1)

From the BoS Blog Vault - Originally Posted on May 10th, 2013: This post was from the early days of the Crazy 48's League in which Satchel Paige pitched a no-hitter against the 1942 St. Louis Cardinals. The Crazy 48's was the first project that got the Blog rolling, in which it would lead to me connecting with other APBA fans.

I took the last week off, the wife an I had a lot of important things to take care of, and I didn't want to get invested in APBA -- when I needed to have 100% focus elsewhere. Now that everything has been taken care of, I finished the last five games (of this batch of 24 games) during the night.

I forgot to mention it on the APBA Baseball Group, the other night, but it was mentioned on my Boys of Summer Facebook Page. On April 28th, Satchel Paige of the 1935 Crawfords no-hits the 1942 St.Louis Cardinals.


Satchel Paige of the 1935 Crawfords delivers the second no-hitter of the season. A few games ago, "Seattle Bill" James of the Boston Braves delivered the league's first-ever no-hitter. This is also now back-to-back record performances for Paige as well, after setting the strikeouts (single-game) record with 10 strikeouts, he now has delivered the league's second no-no. The amazing thing is that the 42' Cardinals have Hall of Fame outfielders Enos Slaughter & Stan Musial, plus Whitey Kurowski, Walker Cooper & Terry Moore.

                              R   H   E
1942 Cardinals     0    0    0
1935 Crawfords   4     6    2    F

St. Louis (3-2) / Pittsburgh (4-1)

WP- S.Paige (2-0)/ CG (2)/ SHO (1)
LP- M.Cooper (0-1)

The Remainder of Game #5's ("Crazy 48's)

                              R   H   E
1986 Mets            4    6    3
2007 Red Sox       6   11   0    F

New York (0-5) / Boston (2-3)

WP- Buchholz (1-0)
LP- R.Anderson (0-1)
SV- Papelbon (1)

INJURIES: Pedroia (BOS) - 6 Games.

Wally Backman (.412 AVG) collected 2 hits for the Mets, but seems to be the only one able do anything with the bat -- as the Mets remain winless. The Red Sox snap their 3-game skid, as David Ortiz went 3-for-4, with 2 doubles & 2 RBI's.

                            R   H   E
1975 Reds          4     7    0
1999 Rangers     2     3    1     F

Cincinnati (2-3) / Texas (3-2)

WP- Nolan (2-0)
LP- Helling (0-1)
SV- McEnaney (2)

Cesar Geronimo led the charge with a 2-for-3 performance, featuring his first HR of the season; lifting his batting average to .313. The Rangers' Todd Zeile became the fourth Ranger with at least 2 HR's for the season (hitting both solo shots in this game).

                           R   H   E
1998 Yankees    1    8    2
1976 Dodgers    3    4    1   F

New York (4-1) / Los Angeles (3-2)

WP- E.Sosa (1-0)
LP- Mendoza (0-1)
SV- Hough (3)

Davey Lopes comes into the ballgame in the bottom of the eighth (pinch-hitting for Sizemore) and hits a solo HR off of reliever Ramiro Mendoza; later in the inning, Reggie Smith would hit the go-ahead 2-run HR (his 2nd) that would seal the deal.
Maddux was in charge for Atlanta.

                        R   H   E
1998 Braves   4     9    1
1971 Giants    0     2    0     F

Atlanta (4-1) / San Francisco (3-2)

WP- Maddux (1-1)/ CG (1)/ SHO (1)
LP- G.Perry (0-1)

Greg Maddux's bid for a no-hitter was broken up in the bottom of the 7th by Bobby Bonds. Chipper Jones tied the record for 3 steals in a single ballgame.

                         R   H   E
1995 Indians   12  14   3
1980 Royals     5    5    0    F

Cleveland (1-4) / Kansas City (3-2)

WP- J.Tavarez (1-0)
LP- Quisenberry (0-1)

The Indians looked as if they were heading to a 0-5 start, after trailing 5-1, entering the top of the 7th. The Royals' suffered an injury to starting pitcher Dennis Leonard who was looking pretty good, his start next series will be bumped a game -- but the Royals bullpen imploded, especially Dan Quisenberry, who didn't look like himself, by walking 4 batters & allowing 4 hits & 5 runs in one inning of relief. Julian Tavarez earned the victory for the Tribe with 2 solid innings of relief.

                           R   H   E
1931 Athletics   3    6    1
1937 Giants      10  12   1    F

Philadelphia (3-2) / New York (3-2)

WP- Hubbell (1-1)
LP- Grove (0-2)

Lefty Grove got knocked out early again, as his record falls to 0-2 with a 5.73 ERA in two starts -- he has also allowed 9 hits & 5 walks in eleven innings of work, while striking out six. Mel Ott went 2-for-3, 2-run HR & 2 BB's.

                          R   H   E
1904 Giants      10  16   4
1971 Athletics   5     6   0    F

New York (3-2) / Oakland (1-4)

WP- McGinnity (2-0)
LP- Blue (0-2)

Vida Blue got rocked again, he has now allowed 12 ER's (9.82 ERA) & 6 walks in 11 innings of work. Billy Gilbert & Dan McGann each had 4 RBI for the Giants.

                         R   H   E
1968 Tigers     3     6    1
1981 Expos     2     5    1     F

Detroit (3-2) / Montreal (3-2)

WP-McLain (1-0)
LP- Gullickson (1-1)
SV- D.Patterson (1)

Bill Freehan hit HR #4 of the season, a 2-run HR at the top of the 6th off of Bill Gullickson that would be the difference-maker. Willie Horton added HR #3. Montreal's Tim Raines swiped his 7th bag.

George Caster (Browns)

                          R   H   E
1927 Yankees   0    4    0
1944 Browns     1    2    0    F

New York (1-4) / St. Louis (2-3)

WP- J.Kramer (1-0)
LP- Hoyt (0-1)
SV- Caster (1)

During the first round of the APBA Tournament of Champions, the Yankees swept these same Browns, 3-0 -- this time, the Browns turned the tables, as Milt Brynes' solo HR was the difference. The Yankees' team ERA is 6.80 after five games.

                            R   H   E
1971 Pirates       1     4    0
1985 Blue Jays  2     6    0    F

Pittsburgh (1-4) / Toronto (3-2)

WP- Stieb (1-0)
LP- Blass (1-1)
SV- Lamp (1)

The Blue Jays like to play close games, they are now 3-2 with a score differential of 1 run. George Bell's 2-run blast in the bottom of the fourth was the decisive factor.

                        R   H   E
1984 Tigers     8    8    1
1998 Padres    1    6    1    F

Detroit (5-0) / San Diego (2-3)

WP- J.Morris (2-0)
LP- K.Brown (0-2)

Kevin Brown & the Padres were in countrol, up 1-0, with 2 outs on the Tigers during the top of the 6th -- with Barbaro Garbey on first, Lance Parrish knocked in a 2-run HR to take the lead in which they never looked back. Tigers would score 6 runs in the top of the 8th as well, including a 2-run triple by Howard Johnson (who leads the Tigers with 7 RBI's). Greg Vaughn hit HR #4 of the season.
Medwick delivers clutch single against Yanks.

                           R   H   E
1937 Yankees    2    3    0
1934 Cardinals   3    8    1    F

New York (1-4) / St. Louis (3-2)

WP- Haines (1-0)
LP- I.Andrews (0-1)

Frankie Frisch tied the game with a RBI triple off of reliever Ivy Andrews, in which Joe Medwick followed that up with the go-ahead RBI single. Myril Hoag had 2 of the Yankees' three hits (including a 2-run double).

                         R   H   E
1977 Phillies    6    7    0
1993 Giants     1    2    2    F

Philadelphia (4-1) / San Francisco (3-2)

WP- Garber (1-0)
LP- Mi.Jackson (0-1)

INJURIES: Ro.Thompson (SF) - 5 Games.

Tim McCarver put the game further out of reach with his pinch-hit Grand Slam off of Mike Jackson, during the top of the ninth.

                          R   H   E
2002 Athletics   1    3    2
1983 Orioles     3    6    1     F

Oakland (1-4) / Baltimore (2-3)

WP- McGregor (1-1)
LP- Zito (0-2)
SV- Tp.Martinez (2)

INJURIES: T.Cruz (BAL) - 1 Game

Replacing the injured Todd Cruz, Gary Roenicke hit the deciding 2-run HR in the bottom of the fifth. Scott McGregor was spectacular, allowing only 2 hits & a ER in 8 innings (4 strikeouts).
Brown (Cubs) sets 'K' mark with 11.

                      R   H   E
1906 Cubs     9   12   0
1969 Mets    1     3    1     F

Chicago (4-1) / New York (2-3)

WP- Mo.Brown (2-0) / CG (2)
LP- Seaver (1-1)

Mordecai Brown breaks the single-game strikeout record held by Satchel Paige & Denny McLain, with the new mark of 11 strikeouts, as the Mets were no match for the Cubs. Chance & Steinfeldt each had 4 hits, while Steinfeldt also had 4 RBI.

                              R   H   E
1917 White Sox    3    7    1
1953 Dodgers       4    5    0     F

Chicago (1-4) / Brooklyn (2-3)

WP- Erskine (2-0)
LP- Cicotte (0-2)
SV- J.Hughes (1)

Carl Erskine pitched another good outing, as the bullpen also contributed by holding off the White Sox. Billy Cox smacked in a 2-run pinch-hit double, as the Dodgers score 3 in the bottom of the fifth. Chick Gandil had 2 RBI's for Chicago.

                             R   H   E
2001 Mariners     3   12   1
1962 Dodgers       2    8    2     F / 11 Inn

Seattle (3-2) / Los Angeles (1-4)

WP- R.Franklin (2-0)
LP- Roebuck (0-2)
SV- Sasaki (3)

Ichiro smacked in Carlos Guillen with a single, for the go-ahead run at the top of the 11th, as Kasahiro Sasaki comes in for his third save. The Mariners' bullpen has been phenomenal, allowing no runs in 21 innings of work.

                             R   H   E
1954 Indians        11  13  0
1925 Senators       1    6   1    F

Cleveland (2-3) / Washington (2-3)

WP- Lemon (1-1)
LP- Coveleski (0-2)

The Indians would go on and score 7 runs in the third off of Stan Coveleski, including a 3-run triple by Vic Wertz & RBI double by Indians' starting pitcher Bob Lemon. Bobby Avila hit his 2nd HR of the season.

                            R   H   E
1969 Orioles       5    8    0
1993 Phillies       3    5    2    F

Baltimore (3-2) / Philadelphia (1-4)

WP- Cuellar (1-1)
LP- Schilling (0-1)
SV- D.Hall (1)

Don Buford of the Orioles fell a triple short of the cycle, going 3-for-5, 2 RBI's, while scoring twice. Frank Robinson hit HR #2, while the Phillies' Lenny Dykstra smacked in his first of the season (2-run HR).
Back-to-Back complete games for Root.

                            R   H   E
1946 Red Sox     1    5    1
1929 Cubs           5   12   1    F

Boston (1-4) / Chicago (4-1)

WP- Root (2-0)/ CG (2)
LP- Ferriss (0-2)

After allowing a RBI double (to Dom DiMaggio) with no outs in the first, Charlie Root of the Cubs settled down and shut down the Red Sox with a complete game, allowing only 5 hits -- He also contributed to his cause with a 2-run HR in the bottom of the sixth inning. The Cubs' Rogers Hornsby went 4-for-5, 2 doubles, RBI & 2 runs. 

                          R   H   E
1912 Giants      3    4    1
1940 Reds        4    7    0     F

New York (3-2) / Cincinnati (2-3)

WP- Vander Meer (1-0)
LP- Wiltse (1-1)
SV- Beggs (1)

The Giants appeared to have this game under control, until Hooks Wiltse blown the good game that Christy Mathewson got started, allowing a 3-run HR to Frank McCormick -- The inning started with an error by Fred Snodgrass. Joe Beggs came into the game to get his first save in his first appearance of the season.

                          R   H   E
1912 Red Sox   0    5    0
1960 Pirates      5    8    1     F

Boston (3-2) / Pittsburgh (4-1)

WP- Friend (2-0)
LP- J.Wood (0-2)

Pirates snap the Red Sox' three-game winning streak, as Bob Friend pitched 7 scoreless innings, allowing only one walk & 4 hits. "Smokey" Joe Wood has yet to pitch to his potential, allowing 16 hits & 5 walks in 10 innings of work this season, with a 12.60 ERA.

                         R   H   E
1953 Yankees  0    3    0
1914 Braves     1    5    0    F

New York (2-3) / Boston (4-1)

WP- D.Rudolph (2-0)/ CG (1)/ SHO (1)
LP- W.Ford (0-2)

Dick Rudolph's excellent pitching (3 hits allowed) & Butch Schmidt's RBI single in the first inning was the difference in this one.

*** This concludes this week's BoS Blog Vault post. A few last words, I believe the "important things" that the wife and I had to take care, was us finalizing our bankruptcy, I can't believe that has already been 5 years ago. ***

Friday, August 17, 2018

Tale of Two Dickeys

Now.. now.. let's keep it mature fellas...

I am of course speaking of the knuckle-baller R.A. Dickey.

In my Boys of Summer APBA Baseball League (APBA Baseball for Windows), my Traverse City Panthers acquired R.A. from the South Side Spartans in exchange for a 2019 6th Round Draft Pick. I paid a little hefty for a guy who is pretty-much retired, but he will be of big help with the innings he still has in the tank & his Grade C upgrades the back-half of my rotation.

At the time of the trade, my Panthers currently own the league's best record 76-35 (.685). We have been excellent at home (39-12 / .765 pct), while winning many one-run games (22-7 / .759 pct) and going 10-4 in extras.

We also added some relief depth in Craig Stammen & lefty Jerry Blevins, who both had productive years in the majors during the 2017 MLB Season.

The back-end of the rotation & pen depth were my only concerns going down the stretch, and all it cost me was draft picks and reliever Micheal Lorenzen.

In the Ultimate APBA League (UAL) which I joined earlier this summer, my team the Traverse City Fighting Tigers, made their first trade by trading away R.A. Dickey to the Tennessee Titans in exchange for outfielder Keon Broxton. The league also uses real-life salaries and salary caps, so by trading away Dickey, I am also shedding $7.0 million in the trade (Dickey $7.5 / Broxton $0.5), my team happened to be $7.4 over the cap, so now I am only $0.4 million over the cap. Both players will provide their teams as decent one-year rentals for their ball clubs. Broxton is not much, but he will serve a better purpose for my team than Dickey would have, I needed one more outfielder to add to its depth, he batted only .220, but he has 20+ HR & 20+ steals... so say hello to pinch duties there, Keon.

I also have a player to cut before the roster cuts deadline (August 22nd). We can have 29-32 players on our main roster, while keeping as many non-carded XC's.

By the way, I ended up going with Traverse City Fighting Tigers, due to the fact there was another team named the Tigers in the opposite league. I will also be using the logo that I used for the Traverse City Tigers during my Mid-West Winter Baseball days.

2007 Detroit Tigers Season Replay (Go to List)

You all may remember when I played this project, here is a quick go-to-list for all the posts I have done with the 2007 Detroit Tigers done (in order of play)...

[Click on any of these below to check it out]
The Detroit Tigers would lose in the ALCS to the eventual World Champion Boston Red Sox.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Stars Align! (Integrated MLB 1921-1922)

Thanks a ton to the endless possibilities of Out of the Park Baseball 19, I can integrate Negro League stars into the Major Leagues.

I plan to do an in-depth blog story to further illustrate the magic of a what-if world where the greatest players of the Negro Leagues and some of their minor stars got a chance to play along with MLB superstars and stars.

When I originally did my Negro League Selection Draft, I was basing the draft order off of the 1919 MLB records, the worse teams got the best picks... I must have read it wrong, we were starting with the 1921 season.

1921 Negro League Draft
  1. SP - Bullet Joe Rogan (Philadelphia Athletics)
  2. SP - Dave 'Lefty' Brown (Philadelphia Phillies)
  3. OF - Oscar Charleston (St Louis Cardinals)
  4. SS - Dick Lundy (Washington Senators)
  5. SP - Dick 'Cannonball' Redding (Boston Braves)
  6. SP - Jose 'The Black Diamond' Mendez (St Louis Browns)
  7. SS/3B/C - John Beckwith (Boston Red Sox)
  8. C/2B/3B - Biz Mackey (Brooklyn Dodgers)
  9. CF - Cristobal Torriente (Pittsburgh Pirates)
  10. SP - Andy Cooper (Detroit Tigers)
  11. OF - Bernardo Baro (Chicago Cubs)
  12. P/1B - John Donaldson (New York Yankees)
  13. 1B - Edgar Wesley (Cleveland / Boston Braves)*
  14. 2B/SS - Dobie Moore (New York Giants)
  15. RF/1B - Ben Taylor (Chicago White Sox)
  16. SS - John Henry 'Pop' Lloyd (Cincinnati Reds)
  17. 1B/RF - George 'Tank' Carr (Philadelphia Athletics)
  18. C/OF - Dan Kannard (Philadelphia Phillies)
  19. 2B/OF- Clint Thomas (St. Louis Cardinals)
  20. C/OF/2B- Elias 'Country' Brown (Washington Senators)
  21. OF - Charlie Blackwell (Boston Braves)
  22. OF - Clarence Smith (St. Louis Browns)
  23. OF - Fred Long (Brooklyn Dodgers)
  24. RP - Bill Force (Pittsburgh Pirates)
  25. OF/1B - Pete Hill (Detroit Tigers)
  26. 1B/OF - Bill Pierce (New York Yankees)
Some players are long done like catcher Louis Santop, while 'Pop' Lloyd and Pete Hill are in their twilight years. Players were picked due to team needs and potential left in the tank, some players like Clint Thomas and Edgar Wesley are going to enjoy it as long as it lasts, even though it most likely will be brief.

* Edgar Wesley was traded to the Boston Braves in exchange for OF Roy Powell, RP Ira Townsend & a 1922 1st Rd Negro League Draft Slot. 

1921 Negro Leaguer Highlights
  • The Boston Braves' Charlie Blackwell and Edgar Wesley each tied for the National League lead in home runs at season's end with 19 each.
  • The Philadelphia Athletics' Bullet Joe Rogan, the league's 1st Overall Negro League Pick, wins the American League Cy Young & A.L. Rookie-of-the-Year Award; Rogan led the league in wins (23), WHIP (1.12) & Innings Pitched (338.1), with a 2.53 ERA & 295 strikeouts.
  • Dave 'Lefty' Brown of the Philadelphia Phillies, wins the N.L. Cy Young & N.L. Rookie of the Year Award; Brown had a 17-12 record with a 2.57 ERA, 1.15 WHIP & 250 K in 322.1 innings.
  • Oscar Charleston (.290, 8 HR, 59 RBI / .755 OPS) & Clint Thomas of the St Louis Cardinals are the first Negro Leaguers along with John Donaldson (New York Yankees), to play in the World Series (Yankees won series, 5-2). Charleston led the N.L. in triples (22) and stolen bases (48).
  • The Chicago American Giants won the 1921 Negro League World Series, 4-1 over the Indianapolis ABC's.
  • Doc Dudley of the Indianapolis ABC's led the league in HR (21) & RBI; Announced his entry into the 1922 Negro League Draft.

1922 Negro League Draft
  1. CF - Cool Papa Bell (Boston Red Sox)
  2. LF/3B- Jud Wilson (Philadelphia Athletics)
  3. 2B/3B - Newt Joseph (Brooklyn Dodgers)
  4. OF/C - Lewis Hampton (Philadelphia Phillies)
  5. 3B - Tubby Scales (Chicago White Sox)
  6. SP - Jose LeBlanc (St Louis Browns)
  7. LF - Doc Dudley (Boston Braves)
  8. 2B - John Henry 'Pop' Lloyd (Detroit Tigers) - was released by Cincinnati Reds following the 1921 MLB Season.
  9. C/3B - Buck Ewing (Chicago Cubs)
  10. 1B/OF - Robert Hudspeth (Pittsburgh Pirates)
  11. 2B/OF - Clint Thomas (Cincinnati Reds) - was released by the St Louis Cardinals following the 1921 MLB Season.
  12. OF - Clarence Smith (New York Giants) - was released by the St. Louis Browns following the 1921 MLB Season.
  13.  RP - John Donaldson (Cleveland Indians) - was released by the New York Yankees following the 1921 MLB Season.
RF Ben Taylor signed with the Indianapolis ABC's while OF/1B Pete Hill signed with the St Louis Stars prior to the 1922 MLB Season.

1922 Negro Leaguers Highlights
  • 1st mid-season trade that involved a Negro League star: The Philadelphia Athletics traded SP Bullet Joe Rogan to the Boston Red Sox in exchange for 1B Stuffy McInnis, RP Harry Hulihan, SP George Abrams & a 1st Rd 1923 Negro League Draft Slot. 
  • John Beckwith of the Boston Red Sox has been consistently good his first two seasons for Boston: .296 BA, 21 HR & 150 RBI (.796 OPS) total.
  • Cool Papa Bell led the A.L. with 71 steals, while hitting .277 with 6 HR & 44 RBI (99 runs) for the Red Sox... Oh... and he won a A.L. Gold Glove as well.
  • Jud Wilson showed tons of power in brief playing time for the Philadelphia Athletics, hitting .302 with 6 HR & 16 RBI (1.089 OPS) in only 86 at-bats.
  • George 'Tubby' Scales was huge for the Chicago White Sox (.269 BA, 20 HR & 105 RBI / .822 OPS).
The Boston Red Sox were nipping on the heels of the New York Yankees when they pulled off the trade for Rogan, but the team suddenly went south & had the 2nd overall pick in the upcoming 1923 MLB Draft.

Tigers Upgrade Infield (1915 Tigers)

During my previous post on this subject (1915 Detroit Tigers), I mentioned that my 3B, SS, 2B positions have been a bad case of musical chairs.

A day after writing that post, my off-season 2B acquisition Jack Barry, who has yet to play a single out for me this season, got some bad news, a setback to his injury with an additional 5 months to repair that torn back muscle with surgery.

So I went out and acquired 2B Bill Wambsganss from the St Louis Cardinals in exchange for RP Bernie Duffy, 3B/1B Mike Mowrey, RP Allan Travers & RF Dan Costello.

The Yankees came a calling, offering SS Donie Bush straight-up for RF 'Gloomy' Gus Williams, who has been a huge favorite among Detroit fans. The problem is, although I needed a serious upgrade at short, I had no right fielder or outfielder for the most part to replace Williams, so I asked if their RF Harry Wolter was available & he was, than I figured why not ask for some catching depth, so I added C Otto Miller to the mix. The Yankees' GM was more-than-willing to make the deal, so it was a done deal.

Real-life Tiger fans would recognize Donie Bush as a real-life member of the dead ball era Tigers.

Our team has now upgraded all three areas (we upgraded at third earlier in the week with the acquisition of Milt Stock) while we are feeling much better about this season's chances and the progress of the franchise moving forward.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Strapped for Cash (1995 Braves)

My previous off-seasons have all led up to this situation, I am strapped for cash, and really was quiet in this past off-season following the 1994 season, while entering 1995.

The signings of Fred McGriff, Greg Maddux, Tony Phillips, Bob Tewksbury among plenty of smaller deals have all mounted up through the years. We recently got some relief & catching depth through the Rule 5 Draft, while we couldn't tender Ron Gant with a contract, letting him go sign with the New York Yankees.

We do have a few options, we have Jason Giambi (acquired in the Tewksbury / Oakland trade) is currently backing up Chipper Jones at third, I thought of the possibility of letting Chipper play short, but he fits better at third, while we have Jeff Blauser at short.

McGriff is signed through the 1998 MLB Season & could be a trade option to a big market team that would take his contract off our hands ($4.2 million per year), but we don't plan to get rid of him until our season & franchise seems to go in a negative direction... no need to surrender when we have been knocking on the door for a world championship for four seasons now.

The eventual plan is to move Giambi over to first to succeed McGriff.

We should be making a strong push for another chance at the title this season, we will have a healthy Phillips and Mark Wohlers, while our rotation is easily the best in the National League.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

1915 Tigers Stay the Course

After a long letter from my owner, I thought hard about what direction to go with the franchise & have decided to stay on course, which means Tyrus Raymond Cobb will remain with my Tigers.

After all, it's not my fault that we have been plagued with injuries... here is a list (below) of the injuries my team is dealing with as of July 16th...

  • SP Hugh Bedient (Out 9-10 months) - Torn UCL
  • SS Tom Downey (Out for 2 months) - Severe Hip Strain
  • SP Jack Quinn (Out for 6 weeks) - Elbow Ligament Reconstruction Surgery
  • P Rube Waddell (Out for 5 weeks) - Torn Meniscus (Knee)
  • 3B/2B Hans Lobert (Out for 4 weeks) - Shoulder Tendinitis
  • 2B Jack Barry (Out for 3 weeks) - Torn Back Muscle
Quinn: One of a handful of hurt players for Tigers.
I conducted one trade with the Brooklyn Dodgers recently by acquiring third baseman Milt Stock, while saying goodbye to popular catcher William Fischer in a straight-up one-for-one deal. It was a pretty fair deal really, both are three-star players right now, while I acquired a guy three years younger (22) while he can now take over full-time third base duties, Hans Lobert will still get some playing time once he comes off the disabled list, but will be backing up Stock (at third) & Barry (at second).

Our backup shortstop Bill Stumpf has surprised with the bat, by hitting .280, while getting on base 33% of the time, he was better known for his glove entering this season, but due to injuries he has gained some experience.. so he may be sticking around as he is making a case for next year's roster spot.

My three infield positions of 3B, SS & 2B has been a bad case of musical chairs for the most part during my tenure, so if I can start establishing more stability in those areas that would make our team stronger in the long run.

We currently hold a 2.5 game lead over the St. Louis Browns in the A.L. West, which is a pretty good accomplishment considering all the injuries we have had to deal with.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

1995 MLB Off-Season (No Expansion)

Schilling is one of a handful of players that Oakland landed.


  • The Oakland Athletics acquired SP Cal Eldred from the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for SS Mike Bordick and CF Jason McDonald.
  • The Oakland Athletics signed OF Larry Walker to a 8-year deal worth $48.7 million (just under $6.1 million per year). 
  • The Oakland Athletics signed SP Curt Schilling to a 6-year deal worth $25.68 million ($4.28 million per year).
  • The Toronto Blue Jays signed SP Erik Hanson to a 6-year deal worth $32.4 million ($5.4 million per year).
  • Tom Candiotti returns to the Los Angeles Dodgers (after two seasons with the Rangers), signing a 2-year deal worth a total of $8.48 million.
  • The Texas Rangers signed SS Barry Larkin to a 4-year deal worth $21.78 million (just under $5.5 million per year).
  • The New York Yankees signed OF Ron Gant to a 4-year deal worth worth $11.52 million ($2.88 million per year).
  • The Montreal Expos signed RP Dennis Eckersley to a 2-year deal totaled at $4.4 million.
  • The Chicago Cubs acquired 1B Tino Martinez from the Seattle Mariners in exchange for C Don Slaught and minor league RP Terry Adams.
  • The Detroit Tigers traded 1B Cecil Fielder and 2B Bill Mueller to the Los Angeles Dodgers in exchange for minor league LF Lorenzo De La Cruz
  • The St Louis Cardinals signed OF Rickey Henderson to a 3-year deal worth $6.48 million ($2.16 million per year).
  • The Chicago White Sox traded OF Tim Raines and minor league OF Willie Romero to the St Louis Cardinals in exchange for 1B Geronimo Pena and minor league RP John Frascatore.
  • Bob Tewksbury opted out of his contract with the Oakland Athletics (a deal he signed as a member of the Atlanta Braves) & signed a 5-year deal with the Texas Rangers at $4.44 million per season.
  • The Montreal Expos sign RP Randy Myers to a 3-year deal worth $6.24 million. 
  • The San Diego Padres sign SP Bill Swift.
  • The Cincinnati Reds sign SP Ramon Martinez.
  • The Minnesota Twins traded P Brad Radke and RP Tony Fossas to the Oakland Athletics in exchange for 1B Dave Magadan
  • The Atlanta Braves acquire RP Scott Radinsky and C Guillermo Garcia via the Rule 5 Draft. 
  • The Cincinnati Reds sign RP Lee Smith to one-year deal.
  • The Montreal Expos signed RP John Franco to a 3-year deal worth $3.6 million ($1.2 million per year).
Oakland acquiring Larry Walker, Curt Schilling and Cal Eldred are already causing aftershocks across Major League Baseball, early projections have Walker batting cleanup in between Mark McGwire & Jose Canseco in the lineup. The additions of Schilling & Eldred have the five-man rotation easily being the league's best with Kevin Brown, Mark Langston, Curt Schilling, Terry Mulholland, and Cal Eldred

Pretty solid for a team that is already coming off a 103-win season & A.L. League Championship Series berth.

The Montreal Expos are putting together a bullpen worthy of causing hitters plenty of nightmares, they have signed relievers Randy Myers, John Franco & Dennis Eckersley, all to multiple-year deals.

The St Louis Cardinals seem to be seeking older vets with speed by acquiring both Rickey Henderson & Tim Raines, both players combined have 1,874 stolen bases.

In a head-scratcher of a trade, the Detroit Tigers traded 1B/DH Cecil Fielder and 2B Bill Mueller to the Los Angeles Dodgers for minor league outfielder Lorenzo De La Cruz. The deal would have made a little sense if the deal was a salary-dumping deal, but it's reported that the Tigers will retain the majority of Fielder's remaining contract. 

Beltran: Baseball's 1st Overall Pick in 1995 MLB Draft.

Notable 1995 MLB Draft Selections...
  • OF Carlos Beltran (1st Overall / Detroit Tigers)
  • 1B Todd Helton (#2 / Boston Red Sox - Failed to sign)
  • OF Darin Erstad (#3 / Milwaukee Brewers)
  • OF Vladimir Guerrero (#4 / New York Mets)
  • SS Miguel Tejada (#5 / San Francisco Giants - Failed to sign)
  • SP Hideo Nomo (#6 / Kansas City Royals)
  • SS Carlos Guillen (#7 / Philadelphia Phillies)
  • C Jason Varitek (#8 / Chicago Cubs)
  • OF Geoff Jenkins (#9 / San Diego Padres)
  • 1B Sean Casey (#10 / Kansas City Royals)
  • 3B Mike Lowell (#16 / Texas Rangers - Failed to sign)
  • SP Roy Halladay (#18 / Cleveland Indians - Failed to sign)
  • SP Jarrod Washburn (#23 / Chicago White Sox)
  • SP Kerry Wood (#28 / Seattle Mariners)
  • SP Russ Ortiz (#29 / Cleveland Indians)
  • SP Ryan Dempster (Sup 1st Rd - #33/ Seattle Mariners)
  • SP Freddy A Garcia (Sup 1st Rd - #34 / Cleveland Indians)
  • OF Jose Cruz Jr (Sup 1st Rd - #36 / Oakland Athletics)
  • SP A.J. Burnett (Sup 1st Rd - #38 / Montreal Expos)
1995 Hall of Fame Inductions
  • 3B Mike Schmidt (98.3 % - 1st year)
  • C Ted Simmons (84.7% - 2nd year)

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Oh, Canada! (1994 No Expansion OOTP Update)

My Atlanta Braves injury woes kept mounting as we lost Jeff Blauser to a fractured elbow in Game 1 of the 1994 National League Championship Series against the Montreal Expos. We can't seem to get over that hump and win the World Series. We came close on a couple occasions, losing close World Series to the Minnesota Twins in 1991 & 1992, while we have got knocked out of the NLCS two years straight by the Montreal Expos (The Braves and Expos played for the 3rd consecutive year in the NLCS from 1992-1994).

The Toronto Blue Jays edged the Oakland Athletics to make it an all-Canadian World Series between them and the Expos.

Before moving onto that, a little brief info on Oakland...

The Oakland Athletics' franchise has stayed strong (compared to their real-life counterparts) while Jose Canseco (.283, 38 HR & 136 RBI) and Mark McGwire (.261, 40 HR & 101 RBI) have stayed healthy. The team also had a strong rotation in Kevin Brown, Bob Tewksbury, Mark Langston & Terry Mulholland. It will be interesting to see what happens with them moving forward as Rickey Henderson & Bob Tewksbury have both filed for free agency.

The Montreal Expos repeat as World Champions, as they defeat the Jays, 4-1 (Montreal won it in 1992 over Oakland); Montreal has won two now, while Toronto is still looking to win their first... Toronto's luck is just as bad as the Braves right now.

Eric Karros was a post-season beast for the Expos, while winning the Most Valuable Player Award in both the National League Championship Series & World Series.

Off-Season Awards News....

  • Erik Hanson (SEA) wins the A.L. Cy Young Award, with 24*-5 record, 3.08* ERA, 160 K & 1.16 WHIP in 254.1 IP; Hanson is currently a free agent & will likely see big offers.
  • Greg Maddux (ATL) wins his 1st N.L. Cy Young Award with 18-6 record, 3.42 ERA, 203 K & 1.12 WHIP in 242.1 IP.
  • Bret Saberhagen (MTL) was the runner-up to the N.L. Cy Young Award, while being my choice on the ballot for the award... 19-9 record, 2.99 ERA, 178 K & 1.05 WHIP in 264.2* IP.
  • John Olerud (TOR) won the A.L. Most Valuable Player Award, batting .350 with 27 HR & 114 RBI to go along with 210 hits & 137 runs. Olerud's on-base percentage was an incredible .471, while he sported a 1.055 OPS.
  • As predicted, Larry Walker won the N.L. Most Valuable Player Award, batting .338 with 41 RBI & 118 RBI, he also had 208 hits & 135 runs. The Expos' bid for a three-peat all hinge on whether or not, Walker resigns with them, he's an unrestricted free agent, and will likely haul in a lot of money. This was Walker's 2nd MVP Award, winning his first in 1992.
  • Top Rookies: SS Kevin Stocker (CLE) wins the A.L. rookie crown, while 2B Adam Riggs (SF) wins the N.L. award.
  • Cito Gaston (TOR) and Tom Runnells (MTL) wins the Manager-of-the-Year Awards. Gaston has won the A.L. award back-to-back now, while Runnells has won the N.L. award for three straight seasons now (1992-1994).

Off-Season transactions to come next...

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Ladies & Gentlemen, Your 2019 Detroit Tigers...

Sure the 2018 MLB Season isn't over yet, but for those that have been reading this project would know that I took over the Detroit Tigers prior to the Trade Deadline during the 2018 season, while I made a couple big trades that saw some Tiger fan favorites say goodbye to Motown.

Those trades again, were as follows...
  • Acquired SP Patrick Corbin from Arizona in exchange for OF Melky Cabrera.
  • Acquired 1B Jesus Aguilar, minor league OF Tristen Lutz & minor league SP Corbin Burnes from Milwaukee in exchange for OF Nicholas Castellanos, RP Shane Greene & minor league 3B Kody Clemens
  • Acquired the following prospects from Toronto: OF Victor Victor Mesa, SP Adam Kloffenstein (2018 MLB Draft Pick / 3rd Rd - 88th overall), SS Logan Warmoth & C Danny Jansen in exchange for SP Michael Fulmer
  • Released DH/1B Victor Martinez.
This off-season I had $50 million to use towards free agency, I was definitely out of the Bryce Harper and Josh Donaldson sweepstakes, both were demanding at least $25 million-a-year, while they would probably not look in this direction anyways.

These are the players that I signed & acquired....
  • Acquired OF Aaron Altherr from the Philadelphia Phillies, in exchange for OF JaCoby Jones and minor league 1B Reynaldo Rivera.
  • Signed SP Charlie Morton to a 5-year deal worth $80 million ($16 million per season), which included a team option & player option.
  • Signed SS Freddy Galvis to a 8-year deal worth $117 million ($14,625,0000 per season), which included a team option & player option.
  • Drafted SP Mike Foltynewicz in the 2018 Rule 5 Draft.
  • Drafted P Randall Delgado in the 2018 Rule 5 Draft.
  • Signed International Free Agent SP Ekiken Tomita (Japan) to a 6-year deal worth $46.5 million ($7.75 million per season).
  • Signed RP Andrew Miller to a 3-year deal worth $18 million ($6 million per season).
  • Signed SP Cole Hamels to a 5-year deal worth $33.5 million ($6.7 million per season), which included a team option & player option.
  • Signed C Danny Jansen to a one-year extension worth $817,500.
  • Traded Jordan Zimmermann to the Baltimore Orioles, while retaining 100% of his contract, in exchange for minor league 1B Seamus Curran and minor league LF Josue Cruz.
We waived & designated the following players for assignment...
  • RP Daniel Stumpf  (claimed by the Chicago White Sox).
  • RP Warwick Saupold (claimed by the Minnesota Twins).
  • RP Jaye Chapman (claimed by the Minnesota Twins).
  • 2B/3B Dawel Lugo was drafted in the 2018 Rule 5 Draft by the Toronto Blue Jays.
Charlie Morton was my #1 target in the free agency market, and am pretty thrilled about acquiring him. OOTP has him currently as a 3.5 stars pitcher with most of his ratings at 60/80. Morton had a 14-8 record with Houston in 2018, with 168 strikeouts in 188.2 innings.

Acquiring Cole Hamels may have some of you scratching your heads, but hear me out, I feel the $6.7 million price tag was relatively cheap, there are far worse pitchers out there making about $10 million more. Plus I get Hamels out of Arlington, while bringing him to Comerica, which should only improve his numbers while hoping he can put it back together to finish his career in respectable fashion.

At a glance, Freddy Galvis' total of $117 million may appear to be a ton, but it is a 8-year deal, while winning out with the back-half of the contract when you consider the rate of pay & the game's inflation rate. Plus Galvis' glove is just short of gold glove caliber, while he consistently stays healthy. I was looking to make the middle infield stronger, other options included signing Brian Dozier, but he is pricey at $11.5 million after a season he batted .211... I also looked at Asdrubal Cabrera as a back-up option if Galvis didn't fall through, I would have moved Dixon Machado over to short, with Cabrera at second... but thankfully it went my way & I got Galvis.

The international signing of SP Ekiken Tomita was for depth in the rotation, I liked his attributes and ratings & felt he was a good fit for our team. 

I had a chance to draft Marco Estrada in the Rule 5 Draft, but went younger with Mike Foltynewicz, while hoping that Estrada would be there in the 2nd Round (Estrada was not). I drafted Randall Delgado in the 2nd Round, while I plan to use him in long relief, at worse if he does not fit in with us, he will be shipped back to the New York Yankees.

I really love the fact that I signed Andrew Miller with the Tigers for a $18 million deal over 3 seasons, for the price, I really don't think its a bad investment, and if he stays healthy this deal will make me look like a genius. He fits in with a up-and-coming bullpen that involves my 2019 projected closer Gerson Moreno, Joe Jimenez, Eduardo Jimenez & Zac Reininger.

I traded Jordan Zimmermann away, because I was simply tired of looking at his face.. also with all the pitching moves, I really don't have room for him. He will still be in our books, with the team retaining the $50 million ($25 per year) over the 2019 & 2020 seasons, while I added two prospects. I will admit most teams would have held on to him, or tried to get teams to take some of the money.

While I was signing all these guys, I was in talks of extending starting pitcher Patrick Corbin's contract, but he got lost in the haze, then after all the free agent frenzy, I noticed he was nowhere in our organization (whoops!), plus I can't find him in anyone else's, I guess we'll find out eventually.

My rotation appears to be as follows...
  1. Charlie Morton (14-8, 3.48 ERA & 168 K)
  2. Cole Hamels (10-16, 5.43 ERA & 154 K)
  3. Ekiken Tomita (Rookie)
  4. Daniel Norris (8-7, 3.46 ERA & 96 K in 125 IP)
  5. Mike Foltynewicz (7-8, 5.76 ERA & 132 K)
While my Triple-A rotation has the following guys knocking on the door...
  1. Corbin Burnes
  2. Franklin Perez
  3. Beau Burrows
  4. Grayson Long
  5. Kyle Funkhouser
2018 MLB 1st Overall pick Casey Mize will start the season in Double-A for a short period, then up to Triple-A Toledo. 

The lineup definitely has its holes, but I like our depth a lot better than what was on opening day 2018. The lineup is as follows...
  1. Jorge Bonifacio - RF / (V.V. Mesa - CF)
  2. Aaron Hicks - LF / RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera - 1B
  4. Jesus Aguilar - DH
  5. Jeimer Candelario - 3B
  6. Freddy Galvis - SS
  7. Victor Victor Mesa - CF / (Aaron Altherr - LF)
  8. Dixon Machado - 2B
  9. Grayson Greiner - C / James McCann C
I have a few players platooning, but this will be my overall lineup, it's not a great lineup, but feel its more rounded than last year's.

We should finish in 3rd place, best case scenario our players overachieve, some of these minor leaguers make an impact on the roster & we might be looking at a wild card... I still believe that is a huge stretch, then again the Oakland Athletics reached the playoffs as a wild card in 2018, finishing 3rd with 90 wins actually.

Clayton signs with the Dodgers' enemy.

Other MLB Transactions across the league...
  • Bryce Harper resigns with the Washington Nationals for 7-year deal worth $178.8 million (just over $25.5 million per season).
  • Josh Donaldson resigns with the Toronto Blue Jays for 5-year deal worth $120 million ($24 million per season).
  • A.J. Pollock signs with the Kansas City Royals for 6-year deal worth $108 million ($18 million per season).
  • Clayton Kershaw signs with the San Francisco Giants for 7-year deal worth $161 million ($23 million per season).
  • Yasmani Grandal signs with the Oakland Athletics for 7-year deal worth $112.1 million ($16 million per season).
  • The Los Angeles Dodgers acquired SP Jake Faria and minor league LF Dalton Kelly from the Tampa Bay Rays in exchange for C Austin Barnes. The Dodgers would also acquire C Robinson Chirinos in exchange for OF Andrew Toles
  • The New York Mets acquired 1B Jose Abreu and minor league 2B Trey Hair from the Tampa Bay Rays in exchange for minor league SS Luis Guillorme and minor league OF Ronnie Taylor Jr. (Abreu was traded to Tampa Bay back on July 13th in exchange for SP Yonny Chirinos & CF Nathan Lukes). 
  • The Chicago White Sox made two more separate deals in December with the Tampa Bay Rays that brought in SP Matt Andriese and RP Chaz Roe in exchange for prospects.
  • Logan Forsythe resigns with the Los Angeles Dodgers for 5-year deal worth $69.5 million ($13.9 million/season). 
  • Adrian Beltre signs with the Philadelphia Phillies for 3-year deal worth $33.6 million ($11.2 million/season).
  • D.J. LeMahieu signs with the Los Angeles Angels for 7-year deal worth $29.68 million ($4.24 million/season). 
  • Daniel Murphy returns to the New York Mets, signing a 5-year deal worth $68.5 million ($13.7 million/season).
  • Andrew McCutchen signs with the Toronto Blue Jays for a 5-year deal worth $71.5 million ($14.3 million/season).
  • Craig Kimbrel signs with the Milwaukee Brewers for a 3-year deal worth $32.7 million ($10.9 million/season).
  • Gio Gonzalez signs with the Texas Rangers for a 5-year deal worth $70.5 million ($14.1 million/season).
  • The Chicago White Sox acquire 1B Eric Thames from the Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for minor league RHP Tyler Johnson, minor league RHP Jimmy Lambert & minor league CF T.J. Hopkins
  • The Cleveland Indians sign DH Nelson Cruz and CF Adam Jones to one-year deals.
When I was updating the mid-season trades, and I placed Manny Machado with the Los Angeles Dodgers I wasn't aware that the computer-version of Baltimore's front office actually signed Machado to an extension through 2023.

The consequences of acquiring Machado may have led to the Dodgers not resigning Clayton Kershaw, which resulted in him signing with the Giants. The Dodgers also made moves by acquiring C Robinson Chirinos & SP Jake Faria to deal with the departures of Kershaw & both of their catchers in Yasmani Grandal and Austin Barnes.

More to come....

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