Monday, July 21, 2014

APBA Summer World Series Results

Here is the recap of the 2014 APBA Chicagoland World Series - Summer Tournament
brought to you by Doug Schuyler (co-creator).

APBA Summer World Series Re-cap!
Maddux Division Champion
Jim Saska 77 Phillies
Wild card; Eric Berg 08 Twins
Glavine Division Champions
Bradd Romant 82 Brewers
Wild card; Bob Eller 27 Yankees
Thomas Division Champions
Doug Schuyler 01 Mariners
Wild Card; Jim Welch 68 Cardinals
First Round Playoffs
77 Phillies over 08 Twins
68 Cardinals over 27 Yankees
Semi finals
68 Cardinals 5
82 Brewers 3
01 Mariners 4
77 Phillies 3
68 Cardinals 12
01 Mariners 3
The 1968 Cardinals slay the 27 Yankees, 82 Brewers and 01 Mariners in the playoffs en route to the title!
Craig Christian takes over as interim manager for the 68 Cardinals as Jim Welch had to make his Blake Shelton concert @ Wrigley Field! Craig Christian did an amazing job rolling for the Cardinals! It has been the year of the interim manager in APBA this sumner in both Chicago & Atlanta!
Both Jim and Craig's names will go on the trophy to be enshrined forever!

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