Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Update on the Boys

Regular Season comes to an end.
Here is a quick update on my Boys of Summer APBA Baseball League for BBW. The Urbana Locomotives (N.L. East) and South Shore Fighting Imps (A.L. East) were the first two teams to clinch their divisions. The Imps finish with the league's overall best record at 110-52, while Urbana had the National League's best record with 104 wins.

The Portland Microbrewers clinched the N.L. West at 94-68, they went 3-3 in their last series against the Sacramento 66'ers, while the Seattle Rainiers won their series 5-1 over the King Road Kings to reach the playoffs as the N.L. Wild Card with an 86-76 record. In the American League, the Fairgrove Tigers clinched the A.L. West, and helped make sure the Boston Bravos (of the A.L. East) qualify as the wildcard by beating the Carolina Panthers, 5-1. The National League West had all four of the division's teams mathematically in the hunt, the last two series.

The Bravos still have a rescheduled game (due to rain) to play, with the Bronx Bombers visiting -- for the official final game of the regular season.

So the playoff picture looks like this...


Boston Bravos (92-69) at Fairgrove Tigers (95-67) for Games 1 & 2
Fairgrove at Boston for Game 3 & Game 4* (*if necessary).
Game 5* (*if necessary) at Fairgrove.

South Shore Fighting Imps get 1st Round (Bye)


Division rivals...
Seattle Rainiers (86-76) at Portland Microbrewers (94-68) for Games 1 & 2
Portland at Seattle for Game 3 & Game 4* (*if necessary)
Game 5* (*if necessary) at Portland.

Urbana Locomotives get 1st Round (Bye)

The Locomotives are hoping for a long series, so that Carlos "Chooch" Ruiz (and his .360 batting average) can play a part in the ALCS.

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