Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Meanwhile.. Some Milestones for Site

As I am putting together a multi-post blog piece on the amazing Chicago Fantasy World Series APBA Tournament that took place this past weekend...

Here is a short post to keep you busy about this site's recent milestones...

  • A few weeks back (last month, I believe), The Boys of Summer hit 50,000 lifetime views... which I feel is pretty solid for just being over 3 years; June 2013 marked the first time, the site had a 1,000 views for a month, which now hits that regularly.
  • This month, with a few days to go, plus waiting on the Chicago tournament piece (which usually generates tons of hits), my site already set it's month record (currently at the time of typing... 2,593 hits) breaking old record of 2,526 set in November 2015. The buzz had a lot to do with the Pittsburgh tournament weeks back & people getting together in Chicago early, before the tournament (Golfing, ballgames, etc).
  • My most popular visited post "APBA Replays" has just hit the 1,000 mark on its own; This post has 4 times the amount of visits than any other post on this entire site -- out of 586 published posts. Personally, it's a good post at best, but I enjoyed my pieces on the Hall of Fame debates, which you can find on the right side -- under the Roberto Clemente picture, in the 'Labels' section -- Check those out, my debates why players such as Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker, Tim Raines, Ted Simmons, Jeff Bagwell, Albert Belle, Edgar Martinez, Harold Baines & Jack Morris deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.
Of course, this all would not be possible without the amazing support I get from my readers. I also want to thank Thomas Nelshoppen, Kenneth Heard & Doug Przymierski for inspiring me in my writing for this blog... your support has been reamarkable!

Also big love to the wife, Becky, who is the true writer & blogger in the house!

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