Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Long Hangover

So Happy New Years! Sorry for the long, long wait, on a new post presented by the Boys of Summer. My last post was December 30th, and I mentioned in my December 26th post that I planned to hit the new year running... So far, that running is about as pathetic as Cecil Fielder attempting to steal second, LOL!

During these last few weeks, I have been conducting league business with my Boys of Summer APBA Baseball League, while at the same time, the wife & I have been diving under the covers to stay warm from all this snowfall here in northern Michigan.

These last few weeks I have not been doing much APBA (even though I have been dying to roll the dice), but that has not stopped me from enjoying many of my APBA friends' wonderful APBA projects.

So here they are...
  • Doug Schuyler & company got together for the 2nd Cheese Bowl (Cheese Bowl II), among the attendees were Curt Bartel, Kurt Bergland, Jason Cox & Eric Griebenow playing APBA. Bartel, ended up repeating (they played with power teams), with his 1958 Oconomowoc Ball Buster squad, winning the championship game, 6-3 (led by Hank Aaron & Richie Ashburn). The Cheese Bowl usually consists of the APBA fellas from northern Illinois & Wisconsin to get together, after the holidays... looks to be a wonderful tradition in the making.
  • Kevin Burghardt's APBA Season project... in the latest episode, Assistant to the traveling secretary, George Costanza had to break the latest news to George Steinbrenner on the 1978 New York Yankees falling to 28-28, as they were blasted by the 1979 Milwaukee Brewers, by the mammoth score of 14-3.
  • Drew Hogeland has been providing us wonderful in-depth game reports with pics, on his 1977 Season Replay. In his latest post, Steve Carlton improved to 17-5, while the Philadelphia Phillies keep rolling with a 74-48 record, while the Atlanta Braves, simply suck, at 39-85! He has also been provided excellent in-season stat sheets for each team.
  • I'm really digging Shay Simmons' 1969 National League Replay, on her Fireblossom's APBA Baseball. I really love her style, humor & excellent game write-ups on this site, if you have not had the pleasure of reading her blog, you must check it out!
  • My friend Beau Lofgren is doing a 1984 Minnesota Twins season replay, in an attempt to get those Twins to win the American League West crown; I didn't realize that those Twins only fell 3 games short of accomplishing just that in 84'. Currently his replay has a very close race for the division with the Twins clinging onto 1st place with a 76-69 record, with the Kansas City Royals one game out at 75-70 & the California Angels in 3rd at 74-70 (1.5 games out). Only 17-18 games remaining, should be an exciting finish!
  • Our friend Rich Zawadzki is at it again, with his super-teams, this time in the Brewster Bashers, he started his latest project in late November. The Bashers are currently 20-1, and contain superstar players from the BATS#2 set. His upcoming Greater Michigan APBA Baseball Tournament has 36+ attendees for this March, while one of my other friends, Ken Schulz has locked in 36+ attendees as well for this summer's upcoming APBA tournament in Pittsburgh (3rd Annual Linda B. Schulz APBA Baseball Tournament).
There are many more fun projects from many friends & other APBA Facebook Group, so to those, if I left you out, that's my bad, I am sure I have enjoyed many of your replays in the past. 

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  1. Thank you! and I'll be checking out all of the others. :-)


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