Wednesday, August 23, 2017

New Negro League Set

I'm currently in the middle of creating my "Negro League Stars" Set, it will feature plenty of the cards that APBA came out with for their Negro League Set, while usually featuring the players' best Negro League seasons. There will be players featured in this set, that were not featured in previous APBA sets such as Alejandro Oms, Red Moore & John Beckwith, among many others.

Plus logos from the well-known Negro League teams, plus logos from little known Negro League Teams.

I found myself drawn to this idea of late, due to the fact, that I love Negro League Baseball, and due to all the unnecessary nonsense that has took place of late, in Charlottesville, Virginia -- there seems to be no better time to start creating a beautiful Negro League set. 

Not going to get too political here, but one thing is for sure...  Hate, Racism & Bigoty has no place in this society, it is acts like this that delayed Negro League players a chance to play in the Majors. This country has come so far, we can't afford to have this country revert to a dark area in our nation's history.

More news to come on these cards & how you may be able to acquire this set through trades...


  1. Shawn, I soundly APPLAUD what you are doing and keep up the good innovations.

  2. Great idea! See my website at


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