Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Streaky Stuff

Found out some interesting little information on the 1916 New York Giants while looking at teams records in Baseball Reference.Com while doing research on teams being sold on E-Bay.

John McGraw's Giants started off 2-13, and then got hot winning 17 consecutive games to get their record to 19-13.

During the season they would start sagging again and would find themselves at 59-62, in which they would go on a even bigger winning streak, a 26-game winning streak (if I remember right, is the MLB record that the 2002 Oakland Athletics threatened during their 25-game winning streak that set an A.L. Record)!

Speaking of which, the 2002 Athletics finished that season on a 35-8 tear, reminiscent of the 1984 Detroit Tigers' 35-5 start.

Just interesting, streaky stuff that caught my eye.

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