Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dipping My Toes

So I decided to dip my toes in new APBA waters, with the newly announced APBA Online, hoping to hear from the league commissioner for the league I just applied for. It's really cool, of the few little things I have already witnessed. Plus if you start a league, you can purchase seasons & teams, and have them used for whatever particular format you choose your league to be -- ahhhh.... the possibilities!

Does this mean, I'm putting down the dice? No, not one bit, I'm an APBA fan that loves all the things that APBA has to offer, I just experienced my first tournament against other APBA fanatics at the 2nd Chicagoland APBA World Series Tournament, I have been in a APBA BBW league from 1997-2008 with my friends from the military, I have had a high school board-game league back in the day, I have my own blog that I'm personally proud of, and am in the middle of a couple projects, my Crazy 48's League, my 2007 Detroit Tigers Season Replay, and my Tournament of Champions tourney (that has been on pause, until I pick up GTOP Vol.III). Down the road I plan to start a board game league here in Traverse City, MI; also we may make plans for a Computer League, involving my friends from the BBW league, and the new friends I have met via Facebook & at Chicagoland.

Looking forward to the endless APBA possibilities!


1 comment:

  1. I'd love to hear a review of APBA Online. Keep us posted.



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