Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Portland Evens Up Series, 2-2

WTCN- Channel 19 -- TRAVERSE CITY Sports Network presents PANTHERS BASEBALL!

Welcome back to Izzy Productions Panthers Park!

"CarGo" is fitting in with the Brew Crew.

Bottom of the 1st -- Runners on 1st & 3rd, after a perfectly executed hit & run by Josh Donaldson; Matt Carpenter reached earlier on a single. Two outs, Cliff Lee will now have to face Ryan Raburn playing for Giancarlo Stanton in left. Raburn sends this one to the center field wall, Carpenter will score, Mike Trout is up with it, Donaldson is around third, but he'll hold. Lee to now face Hunter Pence, moved down a slot in the lineup in an attempt to get a spark out of him. the pitch, a rip and a miss by Pence, and he's out on strikes. Traverse City 1, Portland 0

Top of the 2nd -- A one-out homer by Juan Uribe, in his first start & at-bat of the season off of T.C.'s Alex Cobb. Adam Lind is way out in front, as he strikes out for the second out. Russell Martin nearly hit a second HR of the inning for Portland, but was robbed at the wall by Hunter Pence. Traverse City 1, Portland 1

Top of the 3rd -- Lead-off single by Brad Miller off of Alex Cobb. Cobb would strike out Jason Kipnis, and will have to face Mike Trout, who put a charge to the warning track in left, during his first at-bat; he's batting .125 this season, his only hit, a solo homer in the 2nd game of the series. Cobb sets up & delivers, stuck him out! The next batter, Freddie Freeman hits one up the middle, Panthers' shortstop Jean Segura gets to it, flips to second for the force, safe! Freeman is safe at first as well. 1st & 2nd for the newly acquired Carlos Gonzalez, Gonzalez was acquired from the Chicago Nine in a one-for-one deal, in exchange for the "Big Papi" David Ortiz. Gonzalez gets his pitch, slaps it past Brandon Belt at first, rolling down the line in right, Miller scores, Freeman is behind him, he'll score -- The relay throw is in, and Gonzalez is digging for third, and he'll slide in with a two-run triple! Charlie Blackmon would strike out for Cobb's 3rd K of the inning, but Portland takes their first lead in 15 innings. Portland 3, Traverse City 1

Bottom of the 4th -- A lead-off walk to Josh Donaldson, followed by a ground ball to the right of Freddie Freeman, hit by Ryan Raburn, the toss over to first, safe! Portland's pitcher Cliff Lee's foot came off the bag. Two on, no outs for Hunter Pence, the pitch, it's hit back up to the mound, Lee fires to second, over to first, double play! Donaldson makes it to third, while Portland has a chance to get out of this inning. Brandon Belt smacks a single to left, scoring in Donaldson. Wilson Ramos in his first start for the Panthers comes up trailing by one run, the pitch from Lee, it's a fly to center, and the side is retired. Portland 3, Traverse City 2

Top of the 5th -- Lead-off single by Jason Kipnis, his first hit of the season. Alex Cobb tries to be a little too perfect, and ends up walking Mike Trout, two on for Portland -- no outs. The dangerous Freddie Freeman will come to the plate, the pitch, it's smack to Brandon Belt behind first, over to second for one out, back to Belt at first, not in time! Runners on the corner for Carlos Gonzalez, the pitch, breaking ball, ball four -- bases loaded. Charlie Blackmon will step up to the box to face Cobb, the pitch, it's hit out to center, routine fly for Yasiel Puig. Kipnis tags up and is going for home, an excellent throw, and he's SAFE! Wilson Ramos drops the perfect throw, E-2! Kipnis plowed into him hard & knocked the ball loose. Gonzalez & Freeman held, so runners on 1st & 2nd, two outs. Panthers have seen enough of Cobb, they are going to go to the pen for Brandon Kintzler, he just needs one out. Cobb went 4.2 innings, allowing 6 hits, 3 ER's (so far), a HR, 3 walks -- he just didn't have his stuff today. Kintzler will face Juan Uribe, who hit the HR earlier tonight; Kintzler sets & delivers, Uribe smacks a RBI single to left, scoring in Freeman on Raburn's throw, runners on the corners, still two outs. Kintzler would get the next batter Adam Lind to hit into a force.
Portland 5, Traverse City 2

Raburn did an excellent job in Stanton's absence. 
Bottom of the 5th -- Lead-off double by Brian Dozier to the right-center gap, Mike Trout's throw nearly got Dozier diving into second. Jean Segura drops a successful bunt to move Dozier over to third. Matt Carpenter draws his first walk of the season, runners on the corners, one out. Cliff Lee will now have to face the young Cuban import Yasiel Puig, the pitch, it's popped up behind the plate for the second out. Josh Donaldson will have to be the man, they don't want to come up empty. Lee sets & delivers, and Donaldson goes down swinging! T.C. leaves them stranded.

Top of the 6th -- A one-out double by Brad Miller knocks reliever Brandon Kintzler out of the game. Luke Gregerson will get his first action of the season, Kintzler is responsible for the runner, he pitched 2/3 of an inning, allowing two hits, plus a strike out. Gregerson to face Jason Kipnis, the pitch, he pops up behind third base. Gregerson's pitch is just on the corner, no, it's a bases on balls to Mike Trout. Runners on 1st & 2nd, two outs, and it will be Freddie Freeman coming up to the plate. Freeman ends up flying out to right.

Bottom of the 6th -- A lead-off home run by Ryan Raburn, his 3rd hit of the ball game, as Cliff Lee shakes his head in disgust. Hunter Pence flies out to left. Brandon Belt steps up, 4-for-9 (.444) for the season, but goes down swinging, two away. Wilson Ramos flies to right, side retired.
Portland 5, Traverse City 3

Top of the 8th -- Jordy Mercer stays in the game, who pinch-hit for Brian Dozier in the bottom of the 7th. Anthony Varvaro gets his first action of the season, so now the entire Panthers bullpen has got some work in the first three games. Varvaro to face Adam Lind, strikes him out, one down. Portland Manager Brad Stark calls on Scooter Gennett to pinch-hit for Russell Martin. Varvaro strikes out Gennett & gets Brad Miller to fly out to left.

Bottom of the 8th -- A.J. Ellis comes in to catch for the Brew Crew, while Coco Crisp takes over in left for Charlie Blackmon. Portland is keeping Cliff Lee out on the mound. Yasiel Puig sends a deep drive to center, this might have the distance, it's off the wall, Mike Trout gets the ball in quick, as Puig slides into center; Puig's first career hit. Portland will go to the pen for Nick Vincent to face Josh Donaldson (.444). Donaldson goes down on strikes, for the first out. Vincent to face Ryan Raburn, 3-for-3, the pitch, the ball pops out of the catcher A.J. Ellis's mitt, Puig will race down to third. Raburn hits a fly to shallow center, Puig decides to test Trout's arm, it's going to be close... and he's OUT! Double play! Two of the league's brightest stars in Trout & Puig -- in a play that may decide the game.
Trout makes defensive play that makes a mark on the game.

Bottom of the 9th -- Mark Melancon gets the call to close out the game for Portland. The Panthers decide to have the left-handed Alejandro De Aza face Melancon, instead of the struggling Hunter Pence (hitless in 8 at-bats). De Aza is called out on strikes. Brandon Belt hits a looper to the gap that gets chased down & caught by Mike Trout, two away. The Panthers will call on lefty Yonder Alonso, his second at-bat of the season. Melancon rocks & fires, and he strikes out Alonso! Portland wins their first game of the season, 5-3!

FINAL: Portland 5, Traverse City 3


Brad Miller had some big hits for Portland.

Top of the 2nd -- Lead-off single by Coco Crisp off of Traverse City's kid Julio Teheran. Crisp is off with the pitch, strike, and he has swiped second. Adam Lind would eventually strike out, for out number one. Russell Martin singles in Crisp to score the game's first run.  Brad Miller follows with a double, moving Russell to third. Portland looking to crack this game open early, the righty Teheran will now have to face Scooter Gennett, who bats from the left side. Teheran sets & delivers, it's hit out to center, Martin scores, Miller slides & he's SAFE! Two-run single by Gennett, that is already the 6th hit off of Teheran. There is only one out, with Mike Trout stepping up to the plate, how much longer can T.C. go with Teheran? Another single -- Trout is now on first, Gennett moves up to second.

Panthers pull the plug early on Teheran, going to the pen for Adam Warren, a starter/reliever type, he will have to eat up some innings. Freddie Freeman hits one towards Brandon Belt, which makes a odd bounce off of Belt's glove, bases are loaded, as Belt is charged with the error. Colby Rasmus goes down on strikes, two outs. Eric Chavez, batting .222 in 9 at-bats, sat out last game, will get a shot at clearing the bases; Warren sets & delivers, a fly to left, Giancarlo Stanton catches it, it could have been far worse for the Panthers.

Bottom of the 2nd -- Two walks led to Josh Donaldson on second & Brandon Belt on first. Two on, one out, Anibal Sanchez would get back-to-back pop-outs from Jordy Mercer and Brian Dozier to get out of the inning.

Top of the 3rd -- Solo HR by Adam Lind off of Adam Warren adds to lead.

Bottom of the 3rd -- Hunter Pence collects his first hit of the season, while also collecting the Panthers' first hit of the game -- while the Microbrewers already had 8 hits for the evening. Anibal Sanchez plunked the next batter, Matt Carpenter, two on. Alejandro De Aza hits a ball to short, a bad throw by Brad Miller (E-6) loads the bases with only one out -- Portland will be rooting for a double play opportunity. Sanchez will first have to get by cleanup hitter Josh Donaldson first -- the pitch, it's a deep fly to right, Pence will tag up and score. Two down, runners on 1st & 2nd for the Giancarlo Stanton, who led the Panthers in 2013 in home runs. Sanchez sets, delivers, and Stanton is caught looking, three down. Portland 4, Traverse City 1

Top of the 6th -- After a fielder's choice, a RBI triple for Brad Miller off of reliever Tanner ScheppersScooter Gennett draws a walk. Scheppers facing Mike Trout, with one out, Trout laces a liner off of Scheppers' leg, Jordy Mercer runs after the ball, Trout reaches first safely, as Miller scores. Scheppers is coming out, he was injured on the play, Brandon Kintzler comes in to pitch. Kintzler gets the Panthers out of the inning from any more damage being done.
Portland 6, Traverse City 1

Bottom of the 6th -- Jordy Mercer hits a two-out, two-run HR off of Anibal Sanchez. The Panthers send Jarrod Dyson to pinch-hit for Brian Dozier, and gets his first hit of the season, a single to right. The Panthers' wheels still turning, they send Yonder Alonso to pinch-hit for catcher Devin Mesoraco. The lefty Alonso is a better hitter with hit & run situations, and proves that with a single to pass short. Portland calls on their bullpen in Joaquin Benoit. Benoit to face Hunter Pence, who has runners on the corners with two outs, Panthers elect for Juan Lagares to pinch-run for Alonso. Pence grounds out to first baseman Freddie Freeman to end the threat. Portland 6, Traverse City 3

Top of the 7th -- Brandon Kintzler will pitch another inning for T.C., while Wilson Ramos will replace Devin Mesoraco behind the plate, Jordy Mercer moves to second while Jean Segura will come in to play shortstop.

Freeman goes yard, to put final nail into Panthers.

Top of the 8th -- Freddie Freeman adds a two-run HR off of reliever Anthony Varvaro in a three-run inning as the Brewers break away from the Panthers. Portland 9, Traverse City 3

Portland would tack on another run, as they blow out the Panthers, 10-3. Anibal Sanchez picks up his first win, while Julio Teheran got rocked in 1.1 innings, allowing 7 hits & 3 runs. T.C.'s Giancarlo Stanton is still looking for his first hit this season, after three starts.

FINAL: Portland 10, Traverse City 3

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