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2014 BoS Playoffs: What a Game! (Game 6 - NLCS)

Fisk & the Red Sox won an amazing game that would become the measuring stick in MLB Playoff history.
You are in for a treat, when BoS owner/manager Brad Stark sent the APBA script provided by APBA BBW to our Boys of Summer APBA Baseball League Facebook Group, he would go on to say this...

After he finished the game, he posted the following, and here was a couple of our reactions without spoiling anything for everyone...


Now before we dive into the action of Game 6 of the NLCS, let's explain to all of you just joining us, how we got to this point. The Portland Microbrewers nearly broke the BoS (Boys of Summer APBA Baseball League) record of wins in a single-season with their 108 wins (The record is held by last season's World Champion - South Shore Fighting Imps with 110 wins); Portland lost the World Series to South Shore, last season, 4-1. South Shore just suffered a 4-1 series loss in the A.L. to the Fairgrove Tigers. Fairgrove awaits the winner of this series between Portland and the Traverse City Panthers.

The Traverse City Panthers was the only remaining wild card & non-100+ game winner left in the final four this season: Portland led the pack, while Fairgrove had an A.L. best 107 wins, with South Shore winning 104 games (South Shore has won 214 games in two seasons). The Panthers are one year removed from setting a league-worse 46-116 record, ending up with the top overall pick (Yasiel Puig), making a big trades that mid-season last year that landed Hunter Pence and Corey Kluber, plus the emergence of players like Josh Donaldson and Matt Carpenter have made the Panthers, a remarkable 44-game improvement in victories over one season. 

Portland had a first-round bye (given to teams with the league's best record) while the other two teams in the league would battle in a best-of-five in the League Division Series; the Panthers would defeat the team that won their division (the N.L. East) Hannibal Cavemen, 3-1. Portland, of course, had home-field advantage over T.C. for the National League Championship Series -- they would win the first two games, 3-1 & 3-0, behind great pitching performances by Bartolo Colon & Hisashi Iwakuma. The Panthers would battle back in their home confines by edging Portland by a run in both Game 3 (4-3) and Game 4 (3-2); Portland would jump off to 4-0 lead in the first inning of Game 5, but those pesky Panthers would scratch back, only to lose 4-3.

Now the series comes back to the great northwest, as the Portland Microbrewers send out Hisahi Iwakuma to the mound to battle Traverse City's Julio Teheran

GAME 6 (at Portland)

The game in the early part would play out like most other games, 

Bottom of the 2nd - Freddie Freeman lines a single to right, for only his 5th hit of the series, he's been much quieter in this season's post season (compared to his epic series against Urbana in the NLCS last year). Jhonny Peralta facing Julio Teheran, bangs a single to left center that drops between Giancarlo Stanton and Yasiel Puig, Freeman rounds third, the throw comes into Brian Dozier, and Portland is holding Freeman, as Peralta pulls into second with a double. Runners on 2nd & 3rd, no outs, for Juan Uribe, as T.C. pulls in the infield -- the pitch, strike three! Teheran gets the much-needed strikeout. Infield still drawn in, the pitch to Alfonso Soriano, it's grounded hard to short, Brian Dozier fields it, fires it to home, and Freeman missed getting in -- Two outs, as Soriano is on first. Runners on 1st & 3rd now, with two outs for Colby Rasmus, hits a liner to left center, base hit, Puig is over, Peralta will score, Soriano is well around second, but will hold. Russell Martin would hit into a fielder's choice, as Jordy Mercer flips it Dozier at second. Portland strikes first; Portland 1, Traverse City 0

Top of the 3rd - Giancarlo Stanton ropes a single to right. Jordy Mercer squares & bunts it down the first base line, Freddie Freeman is there & flips the ball to first where second baseman Jason Kipnis is covering, one out, Stanton to second. Brian Dozier hits a bullet right at Jhonny Peralta - caught! Two down. Tying runner still one second, the pitch to Matt Carpenter, grounds it into the hole, and it goes by Peralta into left, Stanton is well around third, they're waving him, he's in standing, tie game! Hisashi Iwakuma would strike out Yasiel Puig for the third out. 
Portland 1, Traverse City 1

Top of the 4th - With one out Josh Donaldson would hit a deep fly to left, giving Colby Rasmus a good run after it, Rasmus would get there barely, to make a great catch. Jason Castro makes a mistake swing, a slow roller to the left side, forcing Jhonny Peralta to make a wild throw (E6 on Peralta), runner on first, with two outs. Hisashi Iwakuma would record his 6th strikeout by putting a K on Hunter Pence

Bottom of the 5th- One out, bases empty for Jason Kipnis, the game still tied 1-1, and the rain starts to come down; The umpire calls time, and we got our selves a rain delay folks!


Game resumes, we'll see if these starting pitchers are still fresh. Panthers' starter Julio Teheran comes to the plate with the heater, Kipnis grounds it towards second, Jordy Mercer dives, and it scoots by him, base hit. One out, Mike Trout to the plate, Kipnis is off and running with the pitch, the ball is rocketed over Josh Donaldson's head at third, to left, as Kipnis will reach third -- Trout rounds first & holds; Trout's 6th hit of the series. Runners on the corners, one out for Carlos Gonzalez, the pitch, bouncer to Mercer, goes to second for one, back to first for two... oh, double play & Traverse City gets out of trouble, as Teheran pumps his fist in satisfaction.

Carpenter putting together a great series for T.C.
Top of the 6th - Matt Carpenter hits a fly ball off Hisashi Iwakuma, to right center, Mike Trout is on his horse, but he won't get there, it's off the wall! Carpenter will reach second easily, his 2nd hit of the game & 2nd double of the series -- that gives Carpernter, 8 hits for the series. Yasiel Puig follows by hitting a single to left, Colby Rasmus is right there, Carpenter rounds third, but holds, as the relay throw comes in. Runners on the corners, with no outs, for Brandon Belt; Belt rips one down the left field line, fair ball! Carpenter will score, Rasmus tracks the ball down quickly, Puig is around second, as the strong throw comes into Jhonny Peralta; Puig holds at second. Runners on 1st & 2nd, no outs, and Traverse City owns a 2-1 lead -- with Josh Donaldson coming to the plate. Iwakuma pitches a ball outside for ball one, as Portland's manager Brad Stark decided to go to the bullpen, calling on Alfredo Simon; Iwakuma exits with 5 innings of work, two runs (so far) on 5 hits, plus 6 K's -- he's responsible for the runners. Simon gets Donaldson to pop out to second for out number one. Jason Castro would hit into a inning-ending double play to prevent any more damage to Portland. 
Traverse City 2, Portland 1

Bottom of the 6th - One out, Jhonny Peralta bruises a Julio Teheran heater to the gap in left center, but Giancarlo Stanton is there to flag it down on the first bounce, Peralta dares not to stretch it, and holds with a single; That was Peralta's second hit of the game. Juan Uribe hits a one-hopper back to the mound, Teheran is up with it, to first, for the second out, as Peralta moves up to second. Alfonso Soriano bounces one up the middle, as it sneaks by Brian Dozier and Jordy Mercer -- Peralta is around third, they're waving him in, here's comes the throw home, and he's in standing... tie ballgame! Soriano holds at first with a single. Colby Rasmus hits a deep fly to right, for the third out. Portland 2, Traverse City 2

Hunter Pence smacks solo HR in the 7th.
Top of the 7th - Hunter Pence leads off the 7th with a deep solo blast off Alfredo Simon to left field. With one out, Jordy Mercer hits a single to right that had eyes, splitting Jason Kipnis & Freddie Freeman. Brian Dozier would go down on strikes for out number two. Matt Carpenter collects his 3rd hit of the game, a soft blooper to right, as Carlos Gonzalez cuts it off on the bounce, Mercer is well around second, they are waving him in, here comes the throw, and he's safe... ahead of the throw. Runners on the corner, and Portland's manager has seen enough, and calls on reliever Nick Vincent, the right-hander to face Yasiel Puig; Vincent has 1.1 innings of work for a 0.00 ERA this series, while Simon goes 1.2 innings this game in relief, one earned run (so far), on 3 hits, a HR & K -- he is responsible for the runners. Vincent with the pitch, fastball, and it hits him right in the helmet, Puig is down, but he seems to be okay, as he wanders down to first in a daze; The bases are now loaded! The Panthers would fail to capitalize as Brandon Belt flies to left for the final out. 
Traverse City 3, Portland 2

Bottom of the 7th - Julio Teheran exits after 6 innings of work, the kid allowed 2 runs on 9 hits, with 4 strikeouts on the night. His relief will be Brandon Kintzler, his 3rd appearance of the series, in which the other two games combined for only one-third of an inning & a generous 54.00 ERA to go with it. Kintzler would cruise through a 1-2-3 inning.

Top of the 8th - Portland's Nick Vincent strikes out Josh Donaldson, leading off the 8th. Brad Stark, the Microbrewers' manager will come to the mound & signal to the pen. The southpaw Tony Watson will come into the game; Vincent goes 0.2 innings, no runs, no hits & a K. Watson walks the first batter in Jason Castro. Stark is back out, asking Watson for the ball, Watson doesn't get the job done, as Portland will call on Joaquin Benoit; Benoit has worked 0.2 innings with a 4.50 ERA this series -- He's looking for the double play. Hunter Pence strides up to the plate, pounds it on the ground, Jason Kipnis stops it on one hop, to Jhonny Peralta for one, leaps over Castro, guns it to first, not in time! Pence is safe, but they do get the lead runner, two down. Giancarlo Stanton steps to the plate, the pitch from Benoit, Pence is sprinting toward second, the throw from Russell Martin, it's too late as Pence dusts himself off with his second stolen base of the series. The Brewers decide now that first base is open, to not take their chances with Stanton, as he is intentionally walked. Ends up being a good decision as Benoit gets Jordy Mercer to fly out to Carlos Gonzalez in right center. Panthers still lead, 3-2.

Bottom of the 8th - Sean Doolittle, the lefty, takes over for Brandon Kintzler on the mound. Doolittle's first task is to face lefty Carlos Gonzalez, which he strikes him out. Doolittle would rack up another K in Jhonny Peralta, two at-bats later, through a quick 1-2-3 inning.

Bottom of the 9th - The Panthers call on their closer Dan Otero. Otero was drafted by Traverse City, with the pick they acquired from Boston in the Matt Garza trade; He led the Panthers with 22 Saves, while posting a 1.28 ERA with 31 K's in 42.1 innings this series, he has 2 saves this series (not allowing a run) -- he earned the closer job from Cody Allen. The Panthers have also made some defensive changes, Jean Segura is now playing short, Jordy Mercer moves to second, Devin Mesoraco is now catching.

Dan Otero to face the first batter, Juan Uribe, the pitch, grounded to the right side, Jordy Mercer is up with it, throws to first, in time for the first out. Alfonso Soriano comes up, and drives the ball to the gap in right, Hunter Pence can't get there, it falls in, Soriano is off to second, digging, the throw from Yasiel Puig & he's SAFE! A double for Soriano, he is now the tying run as Portland is in business; Soriano's 2nd double of the game (4th of the series). Portland's manager checks out his score sheet, he'll have Coco Crisp run for Soriano, that will not make Crisp the DH. Crisp has a big lead at second, Otero comes home with it, swung on by Colby Rasmus, base hit down the right field line, Pence is after it, has it, Crisp rounds third, they are waving him in, the throw to the plate, and he's SAFE! Safe, just under the tag, it's all tied up! This Portland crowd is going crazy after a huge hit for Rasmus, who holds with a single. Russell Martin comes to the plate, the pitch, it's slapped towards second, Mercer to Segura covering second for one, Jean Segura over to first, double play! We go to extras!

Rasmus delivers a huge hit in the bottom of the 9th for Portland to keep the game alive.

Top of the 10th - Looking like a quick inning after a great defensive play, long throw by Jhonny Peralta to get Josh Donaldson out at first & Joaquin Benoit striking out Devin Mesoraco -- Hunter Pence hits a double to the right center gap. Portland changes pitchers again, and goes with the right-hander Mark Melancon. Melancon intentionally walks Giancarlo Stanton to face Jordy Mercer; Traverse City counters with the lefty Alejandro De Aza to face Melancon. The pitch to De Aza, he grounds it to short, Peralta to Jason Kipnis at second for the force & they get him to retire the side.

Bottom of the 10th - Dan Otero still in the game, retires the side, in which Mike Trout strikes out a third time. 

Bottom of the 11th - Freddie Freeman hits a lead-off double to the right field corner, off of Dan Otero, he thought about going for third, but will hold, the winning run is on second; Freeman's second hit of the game. Jhonny Peralta is now up, and the Panthers are putting him on first, they rather take their chances with Juan Uribe. Now the Panthers' manager Shawn Baier is out to the mound, he signals to the pen, they are calling on "Mr.Consistency" Luke Gregerson to take over for Otero; Otero pitched 2 innings in relief, one earned run.. so far, on 3 hits, a strikeout & walk -- he's responsible for the runners. We have a pause in the action, as Portland will have Charlie Blackmon pinch-run for Freeman at second. Gregerson delivers the pitch to Uribe, it's hit right back to the mound, Gregerson is up with it, turns & fires to second for one, over to first -- bang, bang! double play for the Panthers, but the Brewers' winning run (Blackmon) is now on third base. Coco Crisp's turn to play hero, but the Panthers have other ideas as they intentionally walk him, taking their chances with Colby Rasmus -- the same Rasmus who tied the game in the bottom of the ninth. The Panthers' manager is walking back to the mound again, as the southpaw Tim Collins comes out of the pen to face the lefty Rasmus; Rasmus hits an easy bouncer to Ryan Raburn (now playing second for Mercer), flips it to Jean Segura at second for the force -- out number three, runner stranded!
Traverse City 3, Portland 3

Freeman delivered a lead-off double in 11th.
Top of the 12th - Adam Lind will take over at first base for Freddie Freeman, Charlie Blackmon is out of the game. Mark Melancon, still in the game, strikes out Josh Donaldson. Devin Mesoraco, gets a hold of this one, deep to left field, has plenty of carry... fair or foul? FOUL! by a foot or two, too close for comfort for Melancon. Melancon with another pitch, its pulled hard, into the hole, past Juan Uribe at third, Jhonny Peralta is there, spins, the long throw to first, OUT! Two down, who is this guy, playing short?! He has now made two web gems here in extras. Hunter Pence is no challenge to Melancon, as he strikes out a third time.

Bottom of the 12th - Tim Collins still on the mound for Traverse. Jean Segura flashes some leather, stealing a base hit from Russell Martin. Jason Kipnis hits a single to center. Collins throws it over to first a few times, keeping tabs on Kipnis. Mike Trout fails to deliver, by striking out a fourth time. Carlos Gonzalez comes to the plate, the pitch, taken for a strike, Kipnis is off-and-running, Devin Mesoraco strong-arms it down there, the sweep tag & he's SAFE! Late throw, that's his 2nd steal of the series, 2nd steal of the game for Portland -- the winning run is now on second. The Panthers & Collins decide to give Carlos, the free bag -- they rather have Collins take his chances with Adam Lind. Collins with the pitch, it's a hard liner to Ryan Raburn at first -- CAUGHT! Three down; another failed opportunity for Portland.

Top of the 13th - Giancarlo Stanton facing Mark Melancon, drive pitch to the gap in right, Carlos Gonzalez can't get there in time as it falls in, Stanton is headed for second, digging, Mike Trout has it, guns it to second, lays the tag on him, SAFE! The ump signals safe, a double for Stanton, the go-ahead run is now at second; Stanton's second hit of the game & series. Ryan Raburn grounds it towards second, no play at third, the flip to first, in time, that's one out -- Stanton is now on third. Jean Segura is now up, the Portland infield has been pulled in, the pitch, the squeeze is on, bunted on & missed, Russell Martin fires to third, Stanton dives back towards third, SAFE! Just gets back in there. Another pitch to Segura, Segura again squares, Stanton breaks for the plate, fouled away, strike two. The two-strike pitch to Segura, swung on, strike three -- Big K for Melancon & the Brew Crew. Matt Carpenter lifts a rain bringer down the right field line, Gonzalez has it all the way, out number three.
Stanton delivers a double in the 13th, reaches third base, before being stranded.
Top of the 14th - Mark Melancon still in the game for Portland, gets Yasiel Puig to fly out to right. 
Brandon Belt hits a high and deep ball to center, Mike Trout is on the run, it's starts to tail away from him & it drops in, Belt headed for second, he's into second safe ahead of the throw. T.C. now has the go-ahead run on second, that's the 12th hit of the ballgame for the Panthers, 6th hit & 2nd double for Belt. With one & a man on second, Portland's manager heads towards the mound, he'll make a switch, who are you going to call? It's Glen Perkins, last season's N.L. Fireman of the Year; Melancon pitched 3.2 innings, yielded 3 hits, a walk, fanning four -- he's responsible for Stanton on second. Perkins will have to first get through Josh Donaldson, and he does as Donaldson flies out to center, no advancement by the base runner. Devin Mesoraco does nothing as well, popping up for the third out. We are still tied up, 3-3!

Bottom of the 14th - Colby Rasmus facing Tim Collins, it's a blast to center, Yasiel Puig runs straight back, turns & reaches -- one away! Just a loud out. Russell Martin hits a nubber to the left of the mound, Jean Segura charges in, bare-hands it, fires to first for out number two. Collins with a fast one upstairs, Jason Kipnis doesn't offer & Collins gets the call -- strike three! Third out, as Kipnis shakes his head in disbelief at the ump; That is back-to-back 1-2-3 innings for Collins, who has done more than his part for the Panthers. 
Crisp makes things interesting in the 16th.

Bottom of the 15th - The Panthers will go with a new pitcher in right-hander Tanner Scheppers, Tim Collins goes 3.1 innings, allowing no runs on only one hit & one walk, with 4 strikeouts for the night. Scheppers' first assignment? Mike Trout; Trout strikes out for the 5th time of the night -- you won't see that often. Scheppers gets through Carlos Gonzalez and Adam Lind with no problem.

Bottom of the 16th - After one quick inning by Tanner Scheppers, the Panthers call on Cody Allen here in the 16th. Allen strikes out Jhonny Peralta & gets Juan Uribe to fly out to center. Coco Crisp hits a two-out single right, for his 1st hit of the series -- the winning run is on first. Coco with two full strides off first, Allen delivers, Crisp breaks hard for second, Devin Mesoraco digs it out & fires, SAFE! That's the 3rd stolen base in this game for Portland. Traverse City's defense has been breached, the winning run is now on second. Allen intentionally walks Colby Rasmus, runners on 1st & 2nd with two outs -- They rather face the .150 hitter in Russell Martin than Rasmus, who is batting .292. The Microbrewers will counter with pinch-hitting lefty Eric Chavez to bat against the righty Allen; the offering to Chavez, well hit fly ball, left center, Giancarlo Stanton and Yasiel Puig converge, Stanton calls him off, makes the catch. The game will now head towards the 17th!

Top of the 17th - A.J. Ellis will now be doing the catching behind the plate for Portland, Russell Martin and Eric Chavez are out of the game. Glen Perkins cruises through the Panthers, 1-2-3.

Bottom of the 17th - Cody Allen strikes out the side, Mike Trout strikes out a 6th time in the ballgame. 

Top of the 18th - Glen Perkins racks up two K's in a 1-2-3 inning, striking out Giancarlo Stanton & Ryan Raburn to end the inning. 
Lind sparks a lead-off double in 18th.

Bottom of the 18th - Cody Allen against Adam Lind here in the 18th, the offering, it's ripped to right center, base hit, Yasiel Puig is chasing it down, he'll have to hurry, Lind is trying for two, the throw, and he's safe at second -- The winning run is on second for Portland with no outs; That's the 15th hit for the Microbrewers in this game. Allen intentionally walks Jhonny Peralta, and will take their chances with Juan Uribe. Uribe hits an easy bouncer to Ryan Raburn, could be two, flips it to Jean Segura at second, over to first -- bang, bang! double play, but the lead runner is now on third. Coco Crisp steps to the plate, Allen once again is putting a batter on this inning, he'll take his chances with Colby Rasmus. Allen cranks it up, another easy bouncer to Raburn over to second for the force, third out. Just like the Energizer Bunny... this game keeps going and going.

Top of the 19th - Jean Segura leading off against Glen Perkins, hit in the air to right, Carlos Gonzalez is there with the easy catch, one down. Matt Carpenter comes to the plate, grounds into the hole, Adam Lind to his right, and it's through -- that's the 4th hit of the game for Carpenter, his 10th hit of the series. First baseman Lind is holding the runner on, the pitch, strikes out Yasiel Puig, that's two outs -- Puig has now struck out 3 times. Brandon Belt comes to the plate, who has had some big hits in the NLDS, the pitch, swung on, and it's pulled hard to right, base hit, "CarGo" has a long way to go, he's there, Carpenter's around third, Gonzalez sets and fires, as they're waving Carpenter in, the play at the plate, and he's OUT! Just missed getting in, what a throw by Carlos Gonzalez

Bottom of the 19th - Game of course, is still tied 3-3; A.J. Ellis leads the inning off against Cody Allen who is still on the mound for the T.C. Panthers -- the pitch, and Ellis goes down swinging, one away. Allen against Jason Kipnis, the pitch, checked swing, they check with the third base ump, he went around, a pair of K's for Allen here in the 19th! Kipnis has now struck out three times. Mike Trout comes to the plate, has struck out an unbelievable 6 times tonight, the pitch, hit hard towards the gap in right center, Yasiel Puig is racing back, he won't get it, bounces off the wall, he's up with it, as Trout cruises into second with a two-out double -- Portland is once again, in position to finish victorious, but have yet to follow through. The pitching coach comes out to the mound, chats with Allen; Allen sets against the next batter Carlos Gonzalez, and they are putting him on first, they rather face the .200 hitter in Adam Lind, even though Gonzalez is only batting .217 this series. The Panthers' manager starts heading to the mound, that will be it for Allen, he pitched a long stretch tonight, with 3.2 innings, allowing 3 hits, 4 walks, while striking out 6 Brewers -- while falling into all kinds of good luck, but he's responsible for the runners on 1st & 2nd; The Panthers call on Tyler Clippard, who has a 5.40 ERA in 1.2 innings of work in this NLCS. Clippard sets up against Lind, and strikes him out for the third out, more Brewers stranded!

Top of the 20th - Josh Donaldson steps into the box, to face Glen Perkins -- Perkins winds and fires, Donaldson bounces one toward short, grabbed on two hops by Jhonny Peralta, the throw to first, for out number one. Perkins delivers to Devin Mesoraco, whistled to right, in there for a hit, Carlos Gonzalez momentarily bobbles the ball, but Mesoraco will stick with the single -- his first hit of the series. Perkins strikes out Hunter Pence for out number two, Pence has now struck out 5 times! One man on first, as Giancarlo Stanton heads for the box -- Perkins sets, the pitch, Stanton hangs out a frozen rope, left field, Colby Rasmus charges in for it, but he'll have to short-hop it, Mesoraco around second, but he'll hold, as the third base coach flashes the stop sign. Stanton who missed quite a bit of this series, has three hits here in Game 6 -- he's trying to help the Panthers tie up this series, and force a Game 7. Runners on 1st & 2nd for Ryan Raburn, facing Perkins, the runners take their lead, the pitch is on the way, half swing, strike three! No, wait, the bat hit A.J. Ellis's mitt, the ump calls interference on Ellis and Portland, and Raburn is awarded first, loading up the bases -- The Brewers now have committed 2 errors. Glen Perkins sets against Jean Segura, the runners take their lead, Perkins deals, Segura whacks it into right field, Gonzalez is over, he takes it on the bounce, Mesoraco scores, Stanton is well around third, Raburn's around second, they are waving in Stanton, the throw home, and he's safe ahead of the throw -- The Panthers have broke the stand still here in Portland, the first runs in the game since the bottom of the 9th, almost 11 full innings ago! Panthers up, 5-3, and Matt Carpenter, who already has 4 hits in this one, strolls to the plate with runners on 1st & 2nd, two outs; Perkins delivers, strikes out Carpenter. Traverse City 5, Portland 3

Raburn gets some love from teammates in dugout, after interesting game-altering moment during top of the 20th.

Bottom of the 20th - Jhonny Peralta facing Tyler Clippard, Peralta strikes out a fourth time in the ball game. Juan Uribe is up now, Clippard delivers, and Uribe goes the other way, slashing a single through the hole -- that is Uribe's 7th hit of the series. One on first, with one out, Clippard rocks & fires, jams Coco Crisp on the hands, it rolls slowly toward short, and Crisp picks up a scratch base hit, the 18th hit for the Brew Crew, with the tying run on second. The next batter is Colby Rasmus, who delivered the big hit in the bottom of the 9th to keep Portland alive in this game, can he do it again? The pitch from Clippard, it's popped up behind the plate, Devin Mesoraco tosses his mask away, back towards the screen, and makes the catch, two down, with two on! A.J. Ellis is now Portland's last chance, Clippard brings it, it's a line drive off the bat of Ellis, Giancarlo Stanton running to the gap, it stays up for him, he gathers it in, while Ellis thought he had himself a big hit.

The Portland Microbrewers had far more opportunities here in extras, to put this series away, and now the Traverse City Panthers live for another day. This one certainly goes down as an instant classic in the Boys of Summer APBA Baseball League's young history.
FINAL SCORE : Traverse City 5, Portland 3

Stay tuned for Game 7 NLCS Results... Who will go on to play the American League Champion - Fairgrove Tigers? The Panthers or the Microbrewers? Game 7 is in Portland, series knotted up.

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