Saturday, May 9, 2015

More Gotham Dark Nights

Newly acquired Lincecum has been a bright spot this week, is there more to come?

Every time that things start looking up for my Gotham City Rogues in my fantasy Baseball league, things get turned upside down.

I have kept Alex Cobb on my DL list, thinking he will be worth the wait once he's back, word came Friday (May 8th) that he is done for the season & will be undergoing Tommy John Surgery.

Glen Perkins is suddenly raking in all these Saves since the Twins have suddenly become one of the league's surprises for now, as they have had a good stretch. I drafted Perkins, released him, which eventually became my great pickup of Jeurys Familia. Someone else picks up Perkins once he starts collecting the Saves, I was like 'go figure'. He just got released, I picked him up & sent Craig Kimbrel to the bench until Kimbrel can get that ERA down -- Not going to release Kimbrel though, I would be a damn fool to do so.

I was down nearly 100 points, losing this week's match-up 168-84, and now have closed the gap within 35 points (299-264) as of 7:05 p.m.-- with the rest of today & tomorrow to go. Picked up Tim Lincecum, who was coming off a terrific start on May 3rd, a three-hit, no ER, 8 inning performance against the Dodgers; Lincecum scores big for me with 25 points Friday, no ER's & 8 K's, including the win against Miami.

Is Tim Lincecum back? Here is a very encouraging article by SB Nation.

Andrew McCutchen appears to be possibly getting over his cold snap, 6-for-his last 13 at-bats, earning 12 points the last two days & lifting his average to .219. Todd Frazier for most part has been a success for me, since he's leading the National League with his 10 HR's, but it would be nice if he improves his .240 batting average.

Placed Yordana Ventura, Anthony Rendon, and Alexei Ramirez on trading block. Ramirez should have been on that almost all season, he's been lousy -- Ventura and him, may find themselves on their butts before someone could offer a trade. If I can get something for Rendon that would be nice, his injury has no specific timeline, and sounds like he will likely miss the first-half of the season, due to the way the injury report is reading.

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