Saturday, June 13, 2015

2007 Tigers at the All-Star Break

Mags had one of the best seasons in Tigers history in 2007; In APBA he is taking it one step higher.
It's been awhile, but here is an update of my 2007 Detroit Tigers Season Replay, my goal is to make the difference in wins (especially face-to-face with Cleveland) to see if we could have won that division that year. We are ahead of pace, but it's going to be tough to keep it up, we have slumped before, and got behind the May portion of the schedule -- but looking at everything, I do believe the true team did win the division that year. Cleveland probably should have not choked against Boston as well.

Here is the standings at the All-Star Break.

If the season ended today, these would be the four playoff teams (the ones in red), with today's new setup, Cleveland would be the 5th team in the scenario -- if that happened to be the playoff setup then, that is.

The Minnesota Twins have been a pain in our butts, winning 6 of 9 so far from us. They also beat us in some heart-breakers, we have played them in extras three times already, in which they have a 2-1 record against us there as well. I do know that we love playing the Texas Rangers, we are 5-1 against them.

Magglio Ordonez has been on fire, I really can do no wrong with this card of his. In real life, he won the 2007 A.L. Batting Title (.367); In my replay, he's batting .397, 23 HR & 71 RBI with a 1.182 OPS! He is on pace for 43 HR's & 134 RBI's, while flirting with .400 right now -- We'll watch that carefully. Gary Sheffield, like many of the Tigers, tore it up in June -- Currently is batting .297, 20 HR's, 79 RBI & (the biggest surprise stat) 23 stolen bases! "Sheff" hit 11 HR's in the month of June alone, and could become the newest member of the 40/40 club if he keeps at the rate he's going.

By the way, back to "Mags", he has 230 total bases, while on pace for 433. 400+ total bases has only happened 29 times in MLB history by 19 different players; Led by Lou Gehrig, accomplishing the feat five times!

The remainder of July is going to be rough, the Tigers will be on the road 17 of their next 20 games, only hosting the Kansas City Royals for 3 games at Comerica Park. They kick off the second half in Seattle to play the Seattle Mariners for 4 games, and then those blasted Twins at the Metrodome.

More to come, since I will have more time to finish this project.

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