Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Can't Break Even

Who knew?! Kimbrel suddenly looking like odd man out.

The Gotham City Rogues can't seem to ever break even, every single time. We started the season 0-2, but then evened our season up at 2-2, but then lost to go 2-3, then won a big week against a tough opponent to even 3-3.

I thought my opponent for Week 7, would be a easy victory because their team has been struggling, and I just came off a big win against the Brownbeard's Drunken Pirates -- but I got my butt whooped 440-292!

Recent activity: I released Gregory Polanco -- I happened to have the starting outfield for the Pittsburgh Pirates this season, but Polanco finally had to go. Marcell Ozuna (Marlins), you need to step it up, you may be next! Picked up Josh Reddick; Released Nathan Karns - SP (TB) for Jered Weaver of the Angels.

Placed Craig Kimbrel on the trading block, who would have imagined that?! He was my team's 3rd overall pick I believe (after Andrew McCutchen & Max Scherzer)... but he's only my 3rd best reliever out of 3 relievers, plus heading down the road when Jose Fernandez comes back from the Disabled List, I will have to certainly go with two relievers only. Kimbrel is being outplayed by my other two relievers, Jeurys Familia and Glen Perkins (who I drafted, released at one point & signed him back).

Kimbrel, by the way, as of press time, had 12 Saves, but a 5.00 ERA & 1.39 WHIP -- a WHIP that is mediocre or average at best for a starting pitcher -- Relievers' WHIPs are generally not higher than 1.000, especially a good one like Kimbrel, whose career WHIP as of this moment & due to the 18 bad innings this year, is 0.930!

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