Saturday, December 29, 2018

Latest on Projects

Here is the latest on most (or all) my APBA, Out of the Park & DK Sports projects...

  • The APBA Tournament of Champions
The 64-team tournament, the opening rounds are set in a best-of-five series format, then becomes a best-of-seven from the Final Four onward. The tournament is not necessarily all World Championship teams, it's just the name of the tournament.

I am half-way through the first round, with 16 more opening round series to play. Once the first round is completed, I will post a tournament recap to catch things up for my readers.

  • UAL (Ultimate APBA League) / Traverse City Fighting Tigers
My Traverse City Tigers are currently at the All-Star Break, sitting at 52-28 (27-13 at home), we are currently in solid shape for the playoffs. Jose Altuve is my team leader, batting .369 with 11 HR, 59 RBI, 58 runs, 30 steals & .955 OPS for the season.

Earlier in the month, I put out a flyer for two new owners wanted for the league, I am happy to say that the league found two new owners to take over the franchises.
  • The Debut League
The Debut League is a project that I am conducting with the wonderful Out of the Park 19 game. The premise, what if every player stays on the team that they made their Major League debuts with? For example, Babe Ruth is a Red Sox player for life! I have so far finished two seasons, starting with 1920 (and then 1921). The seasons are simulated, otherwise it will take me forever to get to current time.

1922 Results to come soon...

  • 93' No Expansion League / 1996 MLB Playoffs Update
A couple years back through Out of the Park, I did the 1993 MLB Season with no expansion Florida Marlins and Colorado Rockies, which also means no upcoming expansion teams in the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays.

The team that I have been running through this project are the Atlanta Braves, we are currently in the 1996 N.L. Championship Series (up 2-1) against Barry Bonds and the Montreal Expos... Yes, Barry Bonds signed a huge deal with the Expos, I know, right?!

  • The Boys of Summer APBA Baseball League (BoS)
My Traverse City Panthers fell short in the NLCS, losing 4-1 to the eventual World Champion Portland Microbrewers. For Portland, it's the 2nd World Championship for owner Brad Stark. Stark has also appeared in 4 World Series in 6 years.

Brad also did an amazing job as the new commissioner of the BoS, taking over for me.

The league prepares for the off-season, as we prepare for our 7th Season!

  • 1981 Detroit Tigers Season Replay
Currently at the half-way point for the Tigers, we won the first-half A.L. East Division title.

* * * More to come on all these projects * * *

Happy New Years to everyone from Boys of Summer, 
Many 66's for you and your families in 2019!


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