Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Altuve's UAL Rankings in Top 10

Jose Altuve won the A.L. Most Valuable Player Award (and rightfully so) for the Houston Astros in 2017. He is playing just as well, if not possibly better for my Traverse City Fighting Tigers during the 2018 UAL Season (2017 Season cards).

Here is where he ranks among the top 10 in some of the UAL categories at the All-Star Break...

  • Batting Average (.369) - 1st
  • Hits (117) - 1st
  • Stolen Bases (30) - 1st
  • On-Base Percentage (.428) - 2nd
  • Runs (58) - 5th
  • Total Bases (167) - 10th
He also ranks just outside of the top 10's in RBI (58) and OPS (.955) this season.

For those that don't know, Jose Altuve is my favorite position player in the game today, while he plays on the same team with my favorite overall player in the game - Justin Verlander, who joined the Astros midway through 2017 on their way to a World Series title.

I acquired this team in the UAL from my friend Ken Schulz, who put together the majority of this team. He did an excellent job in trades that acquired pitchers Jeff Samardzija and Taijuan Walker among a few other deals. Samardzija by the way is 3rd in wins with 10, while on pace for 20 as a Grade C-XZ... He did have a 2.83 ERA through the first 2 months, but fell back to Earth in the ERA department after getting roughed up in December.

The Fighting Tigers are currently in a three-way tie in 1st place with a 52-28 record, tied with the Ephrata Diamond Dogs and the Durham Bulls.

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