Monday, February 8, 2016

Third Time is a Charm for Portland (BoS World Series)

The Boys of Summer APBA Baseball League came to a close with a much-anticipated series between the top seeds of the Amercian & National League ball clubs. Both teams, the Chicago Nine (A.L.) and the Portland Microbrewers (N.L.) each had 98 wins. For Chicago, it was Stray Corrado's first post-season and he made the most of it -- while for Brad Stark he made an impressive 3rd World Series appearance in the 3rd year of the league's existence.

Both teams were evenly matched, and had solid rotations to face off against one another.

The Portland Microbrewers would jump off 3-0 series lead, including a Game 3 that went to extras (10 Innings) in Portland, that Portland would win. The Chicago Nine would fight back with victories in Game 4 & 5, until losing a close game in Game 6, 4-3.

Freddie Freeman continues his BoS Playoff success with a solid World Series that featured him, batting .333 (6-for-18) with a HR, 3 RBI & 2 runs; The face of the league, Mike Trout also had an excellent series, batting .292 (7-for-24) with 2 HR & 5 RBI, 4 runs & 3 doubles to take home World Series MVP honors.

Portland pitchers Matt Shoemaker and Kyle Hendricks had solid performances. Shoemaker went 1-1, 1.80 ERA, with 12 K's (5 BB) in 15 innings, while Hendricks went 2-0, 1.42 ERA, with 8 K's (5 hits allowed, with 5 walks) in 12.2 innings.

Justin Morneau may have set a World Series record 4 HR's [We'll have to do some research] in a losing cause for the Chicago Nine; Morneau was acquired during the season to help solidify Chicago's first base situation for their title run.

The Series - Game by Game
Game 1 (at Chicago) - PORTLAND 4, Chicago 3
Game 2 (at Chicago) - PORTLAND 3, Chicago 2
Game 3 (at Portland) - PORTLAND 5, Chicago 2 (10 Inn)
Game 4 (at Portland) - CHICAGO 5, Portland 2
Game 5 (at Portland) - CHICAGO 1, Portland 0
Game 6 (at Chicago) - PORTLAND 4, Chicago 3  

Morneau celebrates with Chicago teammates.
I couldn't be more happier for both team owners that made it a fun season to watch. I'm glad that Brad got over that hump, otherwise we would have to start comparisons to the Buffalo Bills -- At the same time, at least he reach the World Series, there is only 4 owners (of the 16 owners) in the league's three-year history that can boast about that. 

Now comes the off-season with a the biggest draft to come yet. We'll see who makes the best adjustments to be declared champion next season, but for now the defending BoS World Champions title belongs to the Portland Microbrewers, who bring a title to the Rose City.

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