Monday, February 29, 2016

Tigers: Off to Good Start (NXPL)

Tigers' All-Star catcher Lance Parrish.
The NXPL's 1982 Season has started, and we are almost through 2 weeks (10 games into the season) -- We are still waiting on other people's files to come in to see the overall results.

For my Tigers, I am happy with the results so far -- There is so much steep competition in the American League that its not funny, in fact there is so much parity the last several seasons, that no team has won 90 games for some time... chances are, that will probably repeat. I like my team's chances, especially that the team is more healthy (than last year), but at the same time Baltimore, Toronto and California have to love their chances as well.

Nothing will be easy.

We opened the season with a 4-1 series victory over the Seattle Mariners, while Baltimore swept the Chicago White Sox; We lost our finale of the series to a great pitching performance by Eric Show. The next series, Baltimore took 3 of 5 from the Mariners, while the Tigers went on the road and took 4 of 5 from a very tough Toronto Blue Jays team -- In fact, I was a little shocked to win the series.

California entered their series with the 0-5 Chicago White Sox, at 5-0, but would have trouble with the Sox, losing 3 of 5 from them.

My pitching staff has a phenomenal ERA of 1.01 in 10 games, but our lineup needs some work (batting .213), Lou Whitaker was hot the first three games, as Alan Trammell was the first series, but both have been flat since; Bill Madlock also seems to be struggling, while Lance Parrish has been excellent with a .353 batting average, 3 HR, 8 RBI & 9 runs!

Here is the standings below....

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