Thursday, March 17, 2016

NXPL Update: Tigers at Top

After 20 brief games, and too early to get overly excited about, my 1982 Detroit Tigers in the NO-EXPANSION BASEBALL LEAGUE (NXPL) are in first place at 15-5. The league has no division setups and where we are in the old league set-up, in which we actually fight for the pennant.

Lance Parrish has been a beast on offense (.377, 5 HR & 14 RBI), while my pitching has been lights out (1.72 ERA)! I don't really have a designated closer, kind of doing the reliever by committee deal; Dave Rozema currently leads team with 3 Saves, while 4 others have contributed a save each.

My batting has raised its average up (after sluggish start) to .239 -- while players like Bill Madlock have started to heat up; Madlock is batting .282 with 2 HR & 9 RBI -- last series against Boston, he went 10-for-23 (.435), including a game where he went 5-for-5, with 2 doubles & a RBI.

A look at my pitching staff, I highlighted my top 3 starting pitchers, they are red-hot as you can tell...

Next we host the California Angels who happened to be in third place, only 2 games behind at 13-7 -- The Baltimore Orioles are just a game behind.

More news to come...

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