Friday, September 7, 2018

The Sum of All Fears (2019 Hall of Fame Results OOTP)

The Hall of Fame Results came back during my 2019 MLB Season via Out of the Park 19, with two players being inducted into Cooperstown, those two players are Mariano Rivera (94.1%) and Roy Halladay (78.7%), accomplishing the goal on their very 1st ballot.

Just missing:
  • 1B Todd Helton (74%) on his first ballot, a bit of a surprise that he came that close on his first ballot, I put him on my ballot, but was not expecting the high percentage.
  • SP Mike Mussina (66.3%) - 6th year
  • OF Barry Bonds (64.8%) - 7th year
  • SP Roger Clemens (62.1%) - 7th year
10 ballots & your out...
  • DH Edgar Martinez (64.5%)
  • 1B Fred McGriff (19.8%)

This is one of my real-life fears, Edgar Martinez not reaching the Hall, that would just be sad. You can check out my views on Edgar & other deserving players like McGriff in the following posts...
Sure eventually, Edgar and McGriff could have to depend on the Expansion Era committee in the same way as Morris & Trammell, but it really should not have to come down to that.

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