Sunday, February 16, 2014

Quakes Shake It Up in Extras!


Top of 1st - Quakes' Ozzie Smith hits a single to left, Barfield boots the ball to the wall, Smith makes it all the way to third (a single & two bases on the error), King then walks Randolph. Darryl Strawberry steps up to the plate & strikes out. The Tigers decide to intentionally walk George Brett (batting .321) and face .178 hitter Dale Murphy. Murphy hits it over Joe Carter's head in right, Ozzie scores easily, Randolph is trying for home on Carter's arm & he's... out! Brett moves to 3rd (runners on 1st & 3rd). Pat Borders flies out to finish the inning, the Quakes could have added more, but they lead 1-0.

Bottom of 2nd - Molitor leads off with single & steals second base. Joe Carter singles in Molitor to tie the game up. Joe Carter steals second on Pat Border's arm. Rafael Ramirez hits an RBI single to score in Carter for the go ahead run. Tigers 2, Quakes 1

Top of 3rd - Ozzie leads off with a single. Eric King issues his 3rd walk of the game already, walking Willie Randolph once again. King loads up the bases, walking George Brett. One out, Dale Murphy laces a single to right, scoring in Smith to tie it up 2-2, Randolph holds, as the relay comes in to Pete O'Brien. Pat Borders smacks one to right, Randolph scores, Brett rounds third, the relay comes into O'Brien who cuts it off to second to catch Borders trying to stretch it to two, Murphy moves down to third. Quakes lead 4-2 after three innings.

Top of the 4th - The Tigers make a pitching change for Ken Dayley, Eric King was just out of sync, he walked 4, allowed 4 runs & 5 hits in only 3 innings (only 1 strikeout).

Plesac closes down T.C, stops streak.
Bottom of the 5th - Lead-off double by Tim Raines, Johnny Ray follows up with a double of his own to score in Raines. The Quakes would get the other batters to go down in order, as Tigers shave the Quakes lead down to a 4-3 lead.

Bottom of the 7th - Lead-off triple by Raines, Johnny Ray is unable to get him grounding out to second. Dave Stieb strikes out Pete O'Brien, can Dave Winfield get the tying run across the plate? RBI single as the ball gets past a diving Terry Pendleton, Raines scores easily.

Bottom of the 9th - Lead off single for Rafael Ramirez, which ends the night for Dave Stieb, who went 8 innings, striking out 4, while allowing 12 hits. Dan Pleasac comes in for the Quakes with a 2.95 ERA & 8 Saves.

Top of the 11th - still tied 4-4, Juan Agosto comes in to relieve Brian Holton after three innings of relief. Darryl Strawberry gets walked earlier, and moves to second on ground out. With one out, Dale Murphy hits an RBI double for his 3rd hit & 3rd RBI of the ballgame.

Dan Pleasac stays in the game & finishes off T.C., as California breaks up the Tigers' 10-game winning streak!

FINAL SCORE: California 5, Traverse City 4 (11 Innings)


Starting off as a pitcher's duel between Traverse City's Dave LaPoint & California's Jack Armstrong.

Bottom of the 6th - Two-out single for Pete O'Brien, with Dave Winfield coming up to the plate. The Tigers pinch-run Felix Fermin for Pete O'Brien. Winfield connects with classic hit & run, now runners are on the corner for Paul Molitor. Molitor delivers a single to right, Fermin scores, Winfield decides to not force it on a run to third, stays at second. Wild pitch by Jack Armstrong, who was pitching a dandy entering this inning, runners advance one base. Carter hits it up the middle, Armstrong settles his nerves & tosses the ball to first, side retired. Tigers lead 1-0.

Top of the 7th - George Brett gets walked by LaPoint. Glenn Braggs hit one to the wall in right, that could be trouble, but Carter picks it clean, Brett back to first. Pat Borders executes the hit & run, as the Quakes now have runners on the corners with one out. The Tigers decide to have the lefty LaPoint stay in the game to face Pendleton hitting from the right side. Big mistake, this ball is over Barfield's head in center, caroms off the bottom of the wall, Brett scores easily, Borders is going for home, he scores in standing up, Pendleton now goes for third, and he's safe. Score this as a two-run double, Quakes lead 2-1. Runner on 3rd, with only one out -- and the Tigers will go to the pen. LaPoint pitched 6.1 innings, 4 hits, 1 run so far, with 2 K's & a walk. Tigers will go with Scott Terry. Dale Murphy hits it deep to Ramirez at short, Pendleton goes for home, Ramirez decides to go for lead runner, and Pendleton is safe! The Tigers would get out of the mess, but they are down 3-1 to the Quakes.

Great start to Series for Murphy.
Bottom of the 7th -- With 2 outs, Johnny Ray draws a free pass, which Rafael Ramirez smacks a single to left, Ray holds second. Armstrong then loses the count to Mookie Wilson, bases are now loaded for a visibly upset pitcher, with Nick Esasky stepping up. The struggling Esasky strikes out -- big K for Armstrong! Quakes still lead 3-1.

Top of the 8th - The Tigers elect to go to Jose Rijo for some relief work, as Terry sits down after 2/3 of an inning. One-out single for Darryl Strawberry, who then steals his 13th base of the season on Bob Boone's strong arm. Tigers get out situation.

Bottom of the 8th - The Quakes keep Armstrong out there, and he issues his 5th free pass to Dave Winfield. Paul Molitor executes the hit & run for his 3rd hit of the game, as Winfield makes it to third, no outs. Joe Carter appeared to have a walk, he tosses his bat down & makes a stride towards first, and the ump calls a strike -- he struck out, Carter gives the ump a disgusted look, as he walks back to the bench. Bob Boone steps up to the plate, strike, and Molitor is off and running, and he's safe (his 15th steal of the season). Boone flies to left, but no advancing runners. Jesse Barfield hits a ball sharply down the 3rd Base line, and Pendleton snags it, fires to first! Out! Tigers come up empty. Quakes still lead 3-1.

Top of the 9th -- Tigers opt to go with Brian Holton & his 2.67 ERA, they got what they wanted out of Rijo. The Quakes will pinch-hit Rick Leach for Pat Borders to counter the righty with his left-hand bat.

Bottom of the 9th - Jeff Bittinger comes in for the Quakes to close out the game, with a 2.25 ERA. Armstrong pitched 8 innings, 7 hits, 3 K's & 5 walks. Bittinger issues a two-out walk to Mookie Wilson, Wilson then steals second. Nick Esasky hits one to the left-center gap, Pettis' arm will not get Mookie as he scores, Esasky is on first. Dave Winfield hits a ball into the left corner, Strawberry is up with it, Esasky rounds third, coming to the plate & he's safe! Tie game at 3-3, winning run on 2nd.  Bob McClure comes in for relief  & intentionally walks Paul Molitor. Joe Carter flies out to right, end of the inning, but not before the Tigers knotted things up, another game going to extras between these two teams.

Top of the 10th - Otis Nixon pinch-hits for Willie Randolph. Nixon grounds out for the 2nd out. The Tigers elect to have Juan Agosto come in to face Darryl Strawberry. Agosto pulls the string. Ron Washington would come in the bottom of the 10th to field in Randolph's spot.

Top of 11th - George Brett is safe at first on a throw by Ray that pulls Esasky off the base to lead off the inning. Brett tries to steal second on his former Royal teammate's arm, and he's out! A bloop single over second baseman Ray's head, as Glenn Braggs gets himself a single. Carlos Martinez comes in to pinch-run for Braggs at first. The Quakes decide to test Boone's arm out again, and Martinez is out!

Bottom of the 11th - Rafael Ramirez leads off with single. Mookie squares, and moves the potential winning run to second. Scott Garrelts comes in to try to get the Quakes out of trouble. The Quakes intentionally walk Esasky to face the much more dangerous Dave Winfield. Garrelts gets Winfield to hit it to Washington, Washington shuffles the ball to second for one, Ozzie to first -- Double-play & Quakes are out of the inning!

Top of 12th - Agosto rakes up a strike out, but then walks Murphy. Quakes pinch-hit Glenn Wilson for Terry Pendleton. Wilson is on with a single, go-ahead run is on second, with one out. Ron Washington delivers a ball into the left-center gap, Winfield's throw is late, as the Quakes take the lead 4-3. Wilson at 2nd, Washington at first.

Bottom of the 12th - Strawberry moves to center, Glenn Wilson is in left, and a defensive upgrade with Tom Foley at second, Garrelts will try to lock this one up for the Quakes. Molitor leads off with his 4th hit of the ballgame, as the Quakes head to the bullpen & calls on Trevor Wilson. Molitor steals second for his 2nd steal of the game, as Joe Carter is up to the plate. Carter grounds out, and fails to advance the runner. Bob Boone strikes out, and it's all up to Jesse Barfield. Or is it? Tigers trying to stir up some magic, with Tim Raines coming up to the plate, Barfield has been 0-for-5 in this one. Raines grounds it deep to first & Brett hustles over, steps on the base & the Quakes win another one in extras!

FINAL SCORE: California 4, Traverse City 3 (12 Innings)

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