Thursday, February 6, 2014

Shadow Shocked

Sorry, I saw my own shadow and decided six more days until blogging... or I could have used the other excuse that the Groundhog saw it's shadow, announcing six more weeks of winter, which made me too depressed to send out a post. Which by the way, the whole Groundhog Day is little silly don't ya think? Six more weeks of winter? My calendar says that anyways, plus I live in Northern Michigan, we get six months of winter normally, so there is no warm weather on it's way, at least outside is telling me that.

But the good news is that pitchers & catchers in MLB are reporting, so it tells my inner soul that regardless how the weather is outside, the warm weather is on it's way... slowly, but surely, on it's way.

Two new posts on their way on the Traverse City Tigers in the Mid-West Winter League, as we inch closer towards the All-Star Break in that league.

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