Sunday, October 4, 2015

This Is It (2007 DETROIT TIGERS Replay Update)

My 2007 DETROIT TIGERS Season Replay is heading towards dusk -- hopefully with a post-season dawn to follow. The Detroit Tigers enter their series against the Kansas City Royals at 87-66, we can only be able to lose 2 games tops! 69 losses and we are officially eliminated, 68 we force one game playoff for the A.L. Wildcard, against the New York Yankees.

I have been posting the team's progress on Facebook, so to save some time, I will re-post those postings on here...

One series remains for the Detroit Tigers, they now need to travel to Chicago and need to sweep the three-game series against the Chicago White Sox to force a one-game playoff against the Yankees. The Tigers are 9-6 against the White Sox, although in real-life the White Sox owned us.

Should be a good one...

One question remains, can the Detroit Tigers continue their latest rally?

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