Friday, October 9, 2015

Twin Cities Tourney Results

The Neil Ess Memorial Twin Cities APBA Tournament is in the books!

A few last minute cancellations did not dampen anyone's spirits, they were still 23 members strong -- this tournament's strongest showing yet!

The tournament had brothers face off against one another, while the tournament featured APBA tourney vets like Bill Lilley and Craig Christian, while for others such as Beau Lofgren -- this was their first time. Regardless if it's your 100th or 1st time, one thing always remains the same... everyone always has a blast.

It's always fun meeting new people at these tournaments, sharing the same game that everyone loves.

Brother vs Brother: Beau (89' A's) and Ben Lofgren (89' Cubs) go at it.
A score sheet of Eric Berg's 1906 Chicago Cubs (going 8-1 in opening round)

The playoff results for the Twin Cities tourney.

Some participants showed off their new custom-made APBA stadiums.

New Friendships: Beau Lofgren and Bill Lilley had a blast!

The tournament was won by Leroy Arnoldi's 1937 New York Yankees, winning in a best-of-three championship, of 2-0 over the 1905 New York Giants; This was Arnoldi's second Twin Cities title. The tournament happens biannually and will return in April, with many of these recent contestants already impatient for the next tournament!

Good job to Jim Fraasch, Darrell Skogen and Craig Christian for making this possible.

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