Monday, October 19, 2015

Beau's Big APBA Adventure

Well, it's been a little while since I wrote a blog piece, and there is plenty to come while I'm getting situated at my new job -- so most of my energy is a bit spent after getting off my new job. The energy that I have had has been with my wife, kicking back watching Netflix, getting caught up on Once Upon A Time and watching American Horror Story.

So instead of me, writing a piece, I thought that I would share someone else's blog piece -- a fun piece by one of my friends, a look forward to meeting this friend one day, face to face.

For all that are on the APBA Facebook Group, you probably have the pleasure of knowing Beau Lofgren, he's a third grade teacher & the head varsity Baseball coach up in Hawkley, Minnesota. He has this wonderful APBA blog named minnesotaapba 

Beau Lofgren (left) with Bill Lilley at Twin Cities.
For the record Beau did better than I have done in my two APBA tournament experiences, I have a combined record of 5-7, playing with the 1912 New York Giants and 1917 Chicago White Sox. This March, I plan to go more modern by taking the 1993 Atlanta Braves to Jackson, Michigan.

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