Friday, October 2, 2015

Crazy 48's - Batting Leaders (STARS LEAGUE)

The entire league of 48 teams are 28 games through their 48-game season. These are the league leaders at the All-Star Break; The final 20 games are all against division rivals.


Gehrig is all over the leaders boards for both 27' & 37' teams.

Ruth leads league in HR (14) & RBI (33).
Slaughter ranks 2nd in Runs Batted In (32).
Combs ranks 3rd in BA (.358) and ranks high on hits & runs charts.
Raines has been off & running: 28 steals in 28 games.
Boone is among the HR, hits & doubles leaders.

Palmeiro is present on all the leader boards in the Stars League.

McCormick is having a quiet, huge season for 40' Reds.

Pitching Leaders will be out soon for Crazy 48's (STARS LEAGUE).

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