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Baseball - Through the Eyes of my Wife.

My bride (Becky) and I - October 7th, 2006.
Let it be known, that I truly have the most amazing wife in the entire world. She completely supports my love for Baseball and for APBA Baseball -- She actually finds the sound of the rolling dice, soothing! Seriously, fellas... I'm not trying to rub it in, but she's the best.

A few months back, she wrote a post that I thought was intended for her blog, of all the things she learned from me & learned for herself on Baseball. 

This morning, she asked me if I ever sent out the blog piece.

I was like... "What blog piece?".
"My blog piece on what I've learned of Baseball", she replied. 

"No... I thought that was for your blog."

Anyways, she sent it via email to me & this is what she had to say...
By the way, she can sport the mouth of a sailor sometimes, but I felt changing any of the words would devalue her piece -- plus its fitting that she has a mouth of a sailor, when she ended up marrying a sailor (ex-Navy) in myself.

She is an excellent writer, she kind of came up with this all so quickly...

Here we go...

  • Very low-scoring games are often a pitcher's duel.
  •  When games go into 12 or 13 innings, it is less fun and more super annoying. 
  • Sometimes umps are dillholes who can't see straight. That being said, I think baseball needs to utilize the instant replay machine more often. Not on every call, I don't want to spend eight hours watching one game - but sometimes, there are obviously shitty calls that should be reviewed. Maybe each team can get three chances per game to request a replay check or something. 
  • Baseball is much more fun to watch if you have a book or a magazine with you. 
  • The angrier Jim Leyland would get, the funnier he was to watch.
  • I hate the Yankees. They just piss me off. However, I REALLY hate the White Sox. HATE. HATE. It must be some sort of chromosomal thing that happens to all Michiganders when we are born, only we don't know it until we start watching baseball. 
  • Justin Verlander has a nice butt. But Rick Porcello is all around better looking.
  • It annoys me when I don't get a say in the trades the Tigers make. 
  • When the count is 3-2, the batter can foul out on purpose and not get any extra strikes. Which is apparently an excellent way to increase a pitcher's pitch count, which is a big weakness for Verlander. 
  • A-Rod is an overrated fucktard and I have no idea why any woman would date him.
  • Valverde is a putz who could ruin any lead and I'm glad he's not playing anymore. 
  • Pete Rose should be allowed in the hall of fame. 
  • I find the Giants annoying.  
  • The American League has the DH, but the National League doesn't, which I think is kinda lame. One way or the other, people.
  • It is surprisingly fun to heckle players from the safety and comfort of my couch. Also, it is surprising how easy it is to get sucked in and scream at the TV when a pitcher is stalling, or a batter is pretty much throwing himself in front of the ball to get a walk, or when an outfielder can't catch a ball that my cat could catch. 
  • Some stadiums are designed in such a way that can give batters an advantage or disadvantage, based on ceiling color, where the outfield walls are, weather, etc. 
  • There is a statistic for everything. Having a low ERA is good. Having a low RBI is bad. WHIP is just a weird stat.
  • Whenever I'm trying to make a point to Shawn, baseball is the way to go.  Example: when he's getting frustrated because he can't sleep and psyching himself out even more for each minute of sleep he's losing, I tell him to remember Justin Verlander. Plays really well when he's relaxed, but the minute he starts getting worked up and psyching himself out, his performance goes downhill. So it goes with sleep. Just breathe and relax. Sometimes people will advise someone who is tired to imagine lying on a beach or in a meadow (whatever their happy place is) and all the wonderful sounds and smells. I tell Shawn to imagine he is lying in the outfield, and he can smell the peanuts and imagine he can hear the crack of the bat and this is his happy place. 
  • Major League is called "The Show" which likely accounts for the video game named: MLB: The Show.
And that concludes words from my wonderful wife, Becky.

Her work on her blog is quite humorous, and you really should check it out. Sure there are areas where she wants to talk about the best makeup or pretty purses on the planet, but there are other areas like pop culture that she will have you rolling on the floor.

Check her out at The United States of Becky .

A few of my favorite posts from her in the past....

Safe to say, someone got in a little trouble on that last one (wink!)

Another shot at our wedding.
Becky & I, at Comerica Park (2008).

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  1. It's good to have someone in your life that understand your needs and the things that makes you happy. You are very lucky to have a wife that has it all. Such an inspiring story of love and acceptance just like the ones I've read via dissertation.


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