Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"The Stars & Stripes Game" Team Rosters (Crazy 48's)

The Crazy 48's is 28 games through its 48-game season, and have officially entered their All-Star Break. The official name of the league is known as the Stars & Stripes League, but over time during the project, I have often referred to it as the "Crazy 48's" (Due to being 48 teams & now a 48-game season); The league contains all of the teams from the two Greatest Teams of the Past sets I & II, plus 8 other teams that I own in APBA.

Like the Major League, the "Crazy 48's" is separated into two separate leagues - The Stars League and the Stripes League....

So this is why the All-Star Game is called the "Stars & Stripes Game". The winner will get home-field during the World Series; Stripes are the home team for this event.

Let's take a look at the teams and players, who were elected to this All-Star Game; Each team in each league had at least one representative, which made the All-Star picks a little interesting as the teams were finalized.



The 1927 New York Yankees, I believe have the most players representing them on the Stars side, with 3 players in Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig & Mark Koenig (all in the starting lineup). I made a rule that no one player can be duplicated, otherwise Lou Gehrig would have his 1937 self there as well.

The Stripes team has 3 teams representing 3 players:
  • The 1953 New York Yankees with Billy Martin (starter), Yogi Berra & Hank Bauer
  • The 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers with Duke Snider (starter), Jim Gilliam & Clem Labine.
  • The 1906 Chicago Cubs with Frank Chance (starter), Harry Steinfeldt & Mordecai "Three-Finger" Brown.

The Stars Team has a tough lineup, from Hornsby through DiMaggio, the APBA cards are simply monster cards, while the Stripes Lineup has a few small ball-type bats. The Stars also have more A pitchers on the roster as well.

Both teams have some interesting players representing their teams as lone All-Stars. Wally Backman (86' Mets), Storm Davis (83' Orioles) and Jimmy Ripple (37' Giants) who are all playing for some bad-record teams -- Who would have guessed out of some of the stars on those teams, that these guys would be representing their ballclubs?

The Stars are favored over the Stripes, it's a good thing the Stripes are at home.

* * * The results of the game will be in the next post * * *

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