Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Small Changes on Site

Just for everyone's information, I made a few changes to my site. I decided to delete my Heritage Baseball League page & Negros League Project page -- and placed the information of those two projects under a page called "Other Projects".

The Heritage Baseball League finished after only a 20-game season, and a tournament that watched the Buffalo Bison win the title. I plan to eventually return to a similar style league, involving the BATS 2, the seasons I have on computer, plus players here & there from all the World Series teams that I own on the computer. I want to make a league with 40 teams, where the emphasis on the league will have more role players than teams stacked with superstars. Each team will also have a payroll of $80 million each -- I will be using this site I found, that has great salary formulas of every player that has ever played.

Meanwhile, I have also been placing salaries on my APBA Baseball Cards, in case I ever do a face-to-face salary-based league, with friends locally -- that's a bit of a pipe-dream, worst comes to worst, I will play it solitaire or have some of my online friends be General Managers at least. I have a on-going APBA player card database in my Microsoft Excel program with players, duplicate options, their primary fielding grades with other fielding options, speed & injury ratings.

I know, right? Where do you find the time, Shawn?
Believe me, I dig for that time.

The Negro League Project was a fun, but brief project. I made two Negro League All-Star teams, in which they played each other once, and then played a few teams from the GTOP sets from APBA Baseball. The results of the exhibitions are in the Negro League section of the Other Projects page as well. I would like to get around and play a Negro League season eventually, involving the 20 Negro Leagues presented by APBA -- or at least a tournament.

* * * * * * * * * *

I will continue with a new post following this post, in a bit of a continuation on all the projects that I have been doing through APBA via cards & computer, which ones that are wrapping up, which ones will continue, as well as ideas for others.

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