Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Managing the NXPL Detroit Tigers

Parrish, Trammell & Rozema are some of the recognizable faces from the 1984 team that I own.
I have recently joined the NXPL (No Expansion Professional League), a computer (BBW) APBA Baseball League that features 16 teams. The league is a league that never expanded from 16 teams, we just finished the 1981 NXPL Draft.

I am taking over a strong Detroit Tigers team who has plenty of core members from the 1984 MLB World Championship team. I have Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker, Lance Parrish, Kirk Gibson, Dan Petry & Dave Rozema. I don't have Jack Morris, Willie Hernandez or Chet Lemon, but I do own Tom Seaver, Mario Soto, Mookie Wilson & Bill Madlock. Morris was involved in the deal to acquire Seaver from Seattle.

The league was commissioned by Chris Strovel, who I am already friends with, and was the commissioner also for an APBA Online League, which the BoS (Boys of Summer) was part of as well; Of course, we all know that the APBA Online thing has been a huge disaster. Strovel recently handed the Commissioner reigns to Peter Kilmarx, who I also know from Stray Corrado's Mid-West Winter League & Midwest Baseball League. Kilmarx, like myself, is a team owner in those leagues. Both Strovel & Kilmarx will be American League rivals of my Detroit Tigers, as Strovel heads a very strong Baltimore Orioles team, Kilmarx manages the Boston Red Sox franchise.

Madlock batted .341 with 6 HR, 45 RBI & 18 steals (.912 OPS) in 1981.
My lineup appears to look like this...

1. Mookie Wilson - CF
2. Bill Madlock - 3B 
3. Kirk Gibson - RF
4. Jason Thompson /
Rusty Staub - 1B
5. Ben Oglivie - LF
6. Lance Parrish - C
7. Lou Whitaker - 2B
8. Alan Trammell - SS
9. (Pitcher)

My rotation...

1. Tom Seaver
2. Mario Soto
3. Dan Petry
4. Pete Redfern
5. Steve Trout

This is the league's 20th season, and I like the idea of making the Detroit Tigers a force to reckon with in the 1980's, it will be much more of a balancing act when the 90's comes around though. I will mention more about the league in the future.

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