Saturday, April 25, 2015

Rain [Adapter] Delay

My custom made card of Cobb & "Shoeless".
Sorry, that's it's been awhile since my last post. On Thursday morning, April 16th, I had problems with my A/C Adapter for my computer. Just got my new adapter, but it turns out my battery may be bad already due to the previous bad adapter -- so I'll have to stay plugged in, and will be ordering a backup batter during my next pay period.

I'm taking this time also to vent about a few things. I'm finding out how precious life is, and how valuable it is to have my down time. I'm realizing how much of a job & chore APBA has become, when in reality it should be a release. I'm learning to balance it all, and wish that other people realize this as well.

APBA is not my life!

I may write about the game of baseball & APBA with so much love for both games, but it becomes a damper when you are not able to enjoy it in the way that you want to enjoy it.

I sometimes wonder what is this blog even for? I keep getting tons of hits on the site, while I only supposedly have 5 members?! Why do I bother than? Is it that difficult for my friends who say they are my APBA friends to not take a few seconds of their time to become "members", the more members, the more exposure to share the game of baseball & APBA Baseball. Plus I'm members of some of their blogs, only seems fair to scratch my back as well.

Also, I love this blog. For me, this is where it all began again for me, taking my writing and merging it with something that I love in APBA Baseball & Baseball. I did have a successful Batman blog, which was about things in life & entertainment as well, but I started using too much negative energy on it that I hated what the site became. So for me, this is my pride & joy, and now that I took on a bunch of APBA projects when I really want to do my own solo projects as well, this blog has punished for it.

My blog has always came first before anything, when that loses direction, I feel the other projects and leagues that I am in, lose their meaning.

I guess I'm reflecting on many things, and yes I may sound pretty frustrated -- I guess I'm getting tired of trying to please every single person. I told my wife this yesterday morning...

"Why am I too busy trying to please other people, when I don't please myself?"

She said "good point"

Slowly but surely, I will be getting some satisfaction out of this, even if it means it costs me friendships along the way.

When it rains, it pours....

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