Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Crafted APBA Cathedrals

The Reds' Crosley Field 
Before you dive into all of these wonderful pictures of custom-made stadiums, do know this, I do not know any of these people or know how to make or purchase these stadiums. I always hear a name from time to time in George Adams (I believe that's the name, right?) -- but have as much knowledge as you guys do on how to acquire or do any of these stadiums.

I do know about this video out there, this cool video & stadium by our fellow APBA Facebook Group member Kenn Tomasch, click on the link below

Now here is some of the other ballpark pics...
Back-side of Crosley Field.
Love the right field wall -- It's a reverse dimension Fenway!

Usinger's Park

A nice little STRAT nook setup in left-top corner, the Yogi Berra card is a nice touch.

A nice wooden stadium, like the big giant wall out in right with all the logos.
I'm thinking the original Expos stadium from expansion year (Expos logo on 3rd base dugout).

I got more to come... trying to place more pictures, but this post does not want to behave!


  1. To be fair, my Al Lopez Field bears no resemblance to the original, nor was it intended to. Tampa is just my hometown. My APBA league team is the Tampa Tarpons and I just named my (third) ballpark after the one I went to growing up. (The original had very large dimensions.) My first effort was just a couple of walls and a felt and foam surface, and my second was a Polo Grounds-ish construction. This one I quite like, though. Thanks formhe shout-out!

  2. I've got one I could share a photo of.
    I purchased a collection in 2003, and eventually had one version of every season put out by apba, had to sell it off after an accident, but I do still have the stadium
    Let me know


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