Saturday, December 14, 2013

How Crazy is That?!

CRAZY 48's Update
I have worked on a file that shows what each of the 48 teams in my board-game project has done through their first 23 games. I highlighted the team's good & bad streaks using green (for good) and red (for bad), for any streaks of 3-games or more, on a schedule format -- so that it will be easier as a fan of the Crazy 48's to follow. It took awhile, but you can see all the scores, how many times a team went to extras, and why teams like the 1986 Mets are struggling, when you look back at their schedule, and notice it's never easy kicking off the season against the 1998 Yankees.

I will be sending out these team schedules in individual posts, and then have a new Crazy 48's page, so people can just click on a team and check them out. 

Plus I plan to do a Power Rankings list of how I feel that they rank at this moment.

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