Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Last winter 12'/13' -- with Isabelle (on the left) and her cousin Sufi.
It's the time of year to be thankful and I would just like to take this time to thank everyone who has supported me & my blog.

I am thankful for all the fans of this site that keep tuning in... I say thank you, my main goal is just to share my passion & love for the wonderful game of baseball, and my love for APBA Baseball. So thanks to everyone, for the people who may be interested in the statistical side of the site, here are the results.

My blog started to really take off about the time I started my Crazy 48's League in March. March doubled it's previous month with a total of 780 views, and the site would see an average of 768 views per month between March & May.

Then in June, Boys of Summer did the unimaginable when it doubled to 1,519 views. The summer months (June-Aug) ended up averaging 1,463 view per month (almost double the average of the previous three-month span). The best month so far has been July (1,646 views). Currently, just under the 12,000 mark all-time -- which didn't get rolling until March (The introduction of the Crazy 48's).

I'm continuously surprised on the number of site views, and when people message or tell me how much they love my blog, I will admit, it's a good feeling -- it really caught me off guard when a few of the guys at the Chicagoland APBA World Series Tournament told me they love reading my blog -- I was extremely flattered.

In the beginning the site, barely had a heartbeat, I was trying to figure out where it was all going; but with everyone's encouragement and their enjoyment in the site, the blog really suddenly has created a life of it's own... and in that I thank everyone for their love & support. Without you, this wouldn't all be possible.

I'm also thankful for my beautiful wife, who has inspired me to write my passions and to start blogging. Blogging has been an incredible outlet for the artist in me, and I'm realizing I'm not too bad at writing as I originally thought -- everything flows out more naturally then at the beginning. She has been an amazing inspiration, my best friend, and has always stuck by my side through good & bad -- and I thank her for that, I love you Becky.

Thanks to everyone,
God bless everyone & God bless Baseball & APBA,


P.S. - Happy Holidays from my family to yours! : )

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