Thursday, December 26, 2013

My 26-man Negro League Team Roster

My 26-man NEGRO LEAGUE Roster
Hall of Famers - *
1 C Josh Gibson*
2 C Louis Santop*
3 1B Buck Leonard*
4 2B/3B Tubby Scales
5 SS Pop Lloyd*
6 SS Willie Wells*
7 3B Judy Johnson*
8 3B/1B Jud Wilson*
9 OF Cool Papa Bell*
10 OF/1B Oscar Charleston*
11 OF Pete Hill*
12 OF Turkey Stearnes*
13 OF Christobal Torriente*
14 OF/1B George Suttles*
15 OF Willard Brown*
16 SP1 Satchel Paige* A-XYZZ
17 SP2 Joe "Cyclone" Williams* A&C-XZ
18 SP3 Willie Foster* A-XYZ
19 SP4 "Bullet Joe" Rogan* A-Y
20 SP5 Leon Day* (2B/OF) A-X
21 RP Jose Mendez* C/B*-YZ
22 RP Hilton Smith* C/B*-Y
23 3B/C Biz Mackey*
24 OF/SP Ray Brown* A-Z
25 2B/IF Bingo DeMoss or Grant Johnson
26 MGR/1B/OF Buck O'Neill

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